Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 My son and myself took a short trip to the Skyway bridge fishing pier, on the west coast of Fla. We had planned to spend a few nights on the bridge, and do some night fishing. I’ve  heard a lot of good things about fishing there, but The COLD weather allowed us to only spend Fri. night on the bridge. We left West Palm Beach it was sunny and about 78 degrees. Skyway was in the 50s doing the day, and 40s at night with winds 15-20mph, we were in shock. Sat. finely warmed up to the 60s and sunny.
   We were told about a place called Fort Desoto, just a short drive away. What a “Wade Fishing Paradise”.........
By it being my first time there, I found the local bait and tackle shop --- “The Bait Bucket”--- One of the best tackle shops that I’ve ever been in, not because of their selection of merchandise, (they had everything you could ever want) but because of the people who work there.... Ms Jackie, Kevin, Joe, Les and the rest of the staff treated us like we had been coming there for years. They told us what was bitting, Hot spots and what to use them. We had a great fishing trip, we caught  grouper, flounder, redfish, and trout, (Good Eaten Slam), all  THANKS  to The Bait Bucket. I can’t wait to get back over there.

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