Monday, February 7, 2011

From Henry @ Snook Nook-Jensen Beach

 Another week gone by and the fishing has continued to be great here in little Jensen Beach.  Anglers from all areas are catching good numbers of all species.  Whether it is the beach, the bridge, offshore, the flats or the inlet, you just need to get out and get a line wet.  I’ve never caught anything from my couch.
            Beach anglers, I don’t think we have talked about pompano enough.  These fish are holding anywhere from bathtub beach, up through tiger shores, and all the way to Ft. Peirce.  Clams, sand fleas, shrimp and Fish Bites have all caught fish this week.  Although we have had anglers report poor fishing in certain areas, most of them never move!  If you find the beach that you’re at is not producing, pick up and head north or south.  These fish do have tails and there’s a lot of beach out there, they may not be out back of your condo today, but tomorrow is a different story.  Of course the tackle shredding bluefish have been wreaking havoc on pompano fisherman as well.  Nice whiting and croaker up to Normandy beach and Herman’s bay.  Typical double hook whiting rig with a few pieces of shrimp should get you a bucket full.
            The trout bite has been incredible.  Between the Jensen Causeway and the south bridge in Ft. Peirce, pick a grass flat.  Live shrimp fans it’s a no brainer.  3-5 feet is where you want to start.  Have had a lot of anglers putting in at little mud creek so you can use that as a reference point.  Soft plastics in a pearl or glow have claimed numerous fish, although the Mirrolure mirrodines worked slowly has been a hot plug as well. 
            St. Lucie River has shown some good action around Hells Gate, and the Roosevelt Bridge, but what about the North Fork?  Dare I say it, Pompano.  Yes Pompano.  Anywhere from Club Med to Kitchen Cove, all the way up to Prima Vista.  Most of these fish are good size and hanging in the deep holes and channels.  3/8 to a ½ ounce jig will get you on the bottom.  Goofy Jigs, nylures, and gulfstream jigs in yellow or pink will catch them.
Well football season is over, so its time to get off that couch and get back on the water……..the fish are waiting. 

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