Monday, February 7, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report

We're sure everyone is wondering what is going on with all the dead fish at the inlet. According to Park Rangers, the cold water mixed with a low tide and an enormous school of bait fish (menhaden), depleted the oxygen in the Indian River and the fish suffocated. It is not uncommon although we've not seen a kill in this proportion. Fishing was slow over the weekend but the dead fish seem to be clearing out. The outgoing tides are taking the carcasses out and making the air a little fresher! 

This morning Blues and a few Spanish Mackerel are biting. Blues aren't particular but spoons work well for both species. Gotcha plugs are a favorite of the Spanish Mackerel.
An angler reported the clear water on the eastern side of the tide line contained dead or gasping fish. On the other side, the fish apparently were in more oxygenated water and were very much alive.

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