Monday, June 27, 2011

From Mike @ Native Tackle Supply-Sebastian

No one can explain it, but the flounder bite remains exceptional in and around the Sebastian Inlet.  The bite over the past few weeks has been as good if not better than anytime in December, the usual height of the flounder season.  Best bet is to fish a DOA CAL or Gulp bait on a 1/8-1/4 oz jig heads.  Use a slower retrieve and bounce the bait off the bottom.  

Over the past few weeks slot size reds have been a little hard to come by but recently they have been making a comeback and have been seen in some decent sized schools.  The only problem is they have been real picky making a chance for hookup on artificial nearly impossible.  Try using live shrimp on a jig head or cut ladyfish or pinfish.  Chum up the area pretty good and position the boat ahead of the school for the best chance for a hookup.

Trout bite has remained good with a real good early morning top water bite and use a late afternoon subsurface lure.  All in all this is the time where the water has reached its warmest temps with nothing more than afternoon showers to cool it down.  For this reason the fishing is always best in the early morning and late afternoon.   Also, with the summertime showers it is always a good idea to fish spots with a run off or spillways as fish are attracted


Choose the tides right and you are sure to catch a big fish of several different varieties at the Sebastian Inlet right now.  Snook are about to spawn and have been thick and very hungry towards the end of last week.  Be gentle as these species are spawning so please handle them with care especially when fishing and releasing them from the jetty.  Big schools of big jacks have also been moving in and out of the inlet busting on schools of greenies.  You can usually tell when the jacks show up as they will move in and destroy a school of bait making a huge show of it.  You can throw just about anything in the middle of that action and get ready for a hook up.  Besides snook and jack, some monster Tarpon have also been around as they make their way onto the beaches.  Expect to see the Tarpon over the next few months move in and out of the inlet as they continue to spawn offshore on new and full moons.  

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