Friday, August 15, 2014

Palm Beach Report

INSHORE- Catch and release snook fishing remains the best game inshore.  Low light periods and nighttime are the time to look for the linesiders.  Try to fish the first of the outgoing tide for the best luck with the snook.  Small tarpon are hanging out in Lake Worth (mainly around Old Port Cove).  Look for the little tarpon to be active and rolling early and late in the day.  Small live baits and shrimp are a good choice to cast at the rolling baby silver kings.  Mangrove snapper fishing has been good at night around the bridges.  Small pilchards and live shrimp are the best bait choices for the snapper.

SURF/PIER- As August ticks away from us stay on the lookout for the mullet to start showing up on the beach.  The finger mullet will be the first to start trickling down the beach.  The snook and tarpon will the first to find the schools of mullet; and then the jacks, sharks, and bluefish shouldn't be far behind.  In the meantime, while we wait for the mullet, the snook fishing remains very good along the beach and at the inlets.  Bait schools are still around the Juno Beach Pier.  With the bait should be snook, bonita, jacks, and other assorted predators.  Still a few reports of some snappers around Jupiter Inlet
  report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

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