Wednesday, September 3, 2014

From Dee Kaminski @ - North Indian River / Mosquito Lagoon

August Fishing Report and September Forecast 
August was hot as usual, even if are moving into the fall season, the relentless heat will not be leaving soon. September 1 marked the beginning of snook season on the East Coast. Make sure you get your snook tag if you plan on keeping one. Slot sizes for this area is 28 - 32 inches. Good luck! September is also the beginning of the fall bait migration. The "bait run" will bring along with it the sucking pops and waterfall style runaway dances of mullet trying to evade snook, trout, reds and other species as they pass under mangroves and over drop offs during their move inshore. Fish early or later in the day. Concentrate under mangroves, in shady areas and deeper waters during the heat of the day. Fish like to find the coolest spots at that time. Slot trout will be found schooling in deeper waters and along drop offs while gator trout will be waiting to ambush finger mullet and other bait fish as they pass by under the mangroves and in and around grass pot holes and on edges waiting for their meal to enter their zone. Slot reds will be found in singles or doubles on the grass flats and under docks. The Sebastian Inlet, Haulover Canal and deeper waters in the IRL and Mosquito Lagoon will be filled with schools of breeder reds as they spawning. Snook have been found under mangrove with deep trenches where a good flow of water is present as well as areas where culverts are emitting a good flow of water and along lit docks. Juvenile tarpon continue to be ever-present and can be found rolling in and around many of the residential canals and by culverts.

Due to the heat, tackling up will be in the best interest of our breeders. They may look huge but they are very delicate, especially in the warm conditions they live in during the spawning season. The low dissolved oxygen level that the warm waters hold contribute to great fatigue during the battle. They are already tired from spawning. Land these fish as quickly as possible before exhaustion. Using heavier than normal gear will help. I like to use a seven and a half foot rod and a reel spooked with 15 - 20 lbs test braid. After landing your fish, try to keep it in the water as long as possible and get your camera ready for your "grip n' grin" shot. It is best to get out of your kayak to take your photo off the timer setting. Be sure to take your trophy shot as quickly as possible. Hold your fish horizontally as it puts less stress on the fish's organs. Take all the time necessary to revive your catch for a healthy release.

The Banana River south of the 520 Causeway to the Eau Gallie Causeway experienced a fish kill from an algae bloom cause by water runoff. I have been told that fertilizers from the homes and the golf course caused the problem. This area is not going to be fishable until the waters clear up.

The waters have been clear at the Sebastian Inlet with some sea grasses growing on the north flat. I have not fished the south flat in a while nor the Ft. Pierce area. Your best bet is pitching under mangroves or casting near drop offs and passes where there is a good current. I like to use the12 Fathom Fat Sam Mullet, SlamR and Buzz Tails in Greengo, Pearl White, Glow and Arkansas Shiner this time of year. If you cannot find these colors on the 12 Fathom site, try Change your retrieve speed as well as color if you are not able to entice the fish. When fishing the mangroves, I like to work a SlamR in Glow Shrimp rigged on a weedless Edje Joe jig attached to a 30lb fluorocarbon leader so you can bury your hook in order to get them to skip under and you can retrieve your lure without getting hung up on the branches. I have had success with snook using the Flats Creeper from Banks Lures as well. The Mosquito Lagoon's water clarity has been excellent in most areas. In the morning, use mullet patterned top waters such as the Tactical Angler Cross Over lure attached with a Tactical Anglers smart clip for easy lure changes and then switch to a soft plastics mid day. Rig your plastics on a weedless Edje Joe with no weight for skinny water and use a 1/16 - 1/8 oz weight in deeper water.

It was a great month for my clients! Just like last year, we were able to experience the bioluminescence at specific launch spots! For those of you who don't know what it looks like, here is a quote from a client. "Its like floating in the eerie electric green water, like the iridescent green from the Blue Man Group!" Every movement in the water produces light. You find yourself mesmerized by the swirl of your paddle, the drops that fall back in the water, the rush of mullet under you kayak. Just spectacular.

Enjoy some catches from charters this past month below. We all had amazing adventures on the water. 

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