Tuesday, November 24, 2015

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

 A little rain, a little wind, a change of temps and all you had to do was wait twenty minutes and it would change.  It
has been one of those weeks with a mix of all but that did not stop the fish.   Over cast mornings made for excellent  river
fishing, plenty of Trout eating top water, that Mirrolure  16m has been the one.  We are all guilty of have to try and the cool
part is it is working and yes the Reds are blasting it out of the water and yes I still can  not catch catch one on a top water.
We have had reports of fish from the Sail fish flats to the Power Plant with enough other fish to keep you busy.  Blues, Jacks and
Lady Fish enough that you will change locations.  A few anglers were fishing that west wide and doing real well but the wind
would have me on the move and what can I say I am old.   A few Pompano off that east bridge, no particular time, just had to
be there.  Snapper from the bridges has been excellent  with plenty of Blues to keep you busy and the Snook for the late night
angler, busy.  Snook in the dark hours, it seems it it moves they will pick it up. Top water and sinking all are getting attention,
watch those slots and they will feed face into the current.
         When looking at the surf I just was not sure, look strong but I  was  wrong.  Many anglers coming in to tell me about
the fish.   Blues to four pounds  and the cool part of it they were there most of the day.  
Big Jacks, these fish will test your
ability and more big Whiting than you can count.  Out Blues make excellent table fare no mater what you have been told give
them a try.  Whiting need no help, hot of cold  make any dish perfect. Then there were a few pompano and they were big Pompano,
again no special time but worth the wait.  If you have not  tried cooking the fish whole, head on, then you filet the fish you
will not be disappointed.  The best part is the bite has been all day with all in the mix.  Do not forget the ice you are going to
need it.

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