Monday, February 1, 2016

Scouting Around - Treasure Coast

                                    Zack Jordan with a trout caught along the power lines. 

Trout numbers will be off the chain, with 20 to 30 a day being the norm. Most will be 20-inches and under. Best bet is wading the flats and using shrimp under a popping cork. This way of fishing covers a lot of area and it’s a great way to catch a lot of fish. Top water is a great way to get the early morning bite and to see where the fish are. Plugs like Top Dogs and Skitterwalks work great. Just take your time, Cast over grass flats and holes, and twitch, twitch. Invest in some waders–the water will be a little cold so you will need something to keep you warm. Summertime you can get away with shorts and t-shirt, but in winter and fall, no. Do some scouting. Start at Midway Road if the wind is blowing from west. If the wind is blowing east, start around Middle Cove area on the east side.
Tide is more important than time of day. A falling tide is good but incoming is best. Redfish will be up close during a high tide so cast along the shore line with a shrimp under a cork. Be slow and take your time. Cast near docks and holes. Topwater plugs will work and soft rubber baits will get you your bite. D.O.A. C.A.L. lures work well and black and silver Rapala Skitterwalk topwaters can’t be beat. Atlantic snook season opens February 1 and the snook will be on the bottom where it’s warm. Best places are along deep holes and edges along the bridges and jetties. Flair Hawk’s red/white and green/yellow work great. Slow return and a jerk and drop will get you your bite. Night time is best, incoming moving water will get the bite turned on. Jensen Beach Causeway, Stuart Causeway and the Roosevelt Bridge and catwalks are great snook spots, just try to go when there is hardly any noise. Pompano bite has been hit and miss along the beach because of the weather, but let’s hope it calms down a little bit. Best bet is the little bridge in Jensen Beach. Just jig up and down, and wait for the schools to come through. If you ever need help, I have more than 300 how-to videos on the Beachwalker Fishing Show YouTube Channel. Tight lines!                                                                         Zack Jordan with nice redfish caught along the powerlines. 
report and photos courtesy of  Chris Sharp/Beachwalker Guide Service for Coastal Angler Magazine 

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