Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sebastian Inlet Report



We have dense fog at the inlet this morning but it should burn off as the day progresses. Winds are blowing out of the East-Southeast at 6 mph, gusting to 10 and the water has a light chop. Winds are predicted to increase this afternoon. 

This morning the north jetty is crowded with anglers fishing for Snook, Pompano, Black Drum, Speckled Trout, Sheepshead and Reds. Anglers using sand fleas, shrimp and clams are attracting Pompano, Sheephsead and Black Drum. Live shrimp and bucktails are being used for Reds and Snook. Anglers fishing the rocks west of the A-1-A bridge have been landing medium sized Flounder. 

We received an update and some of today's photos from inlet regular Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach. Mike reported the first day of Snook season was crowded on the north jetty. Mike decided to fish for Pompano yesterday and landed two slot fish, plenty of other anglers were more successful. Sand fleas were the bait of choice with clams running a close second. Mike caught and released one undersized Sheepshead, four small Black Drum and one Bluefish. The beaches were packed with anglers who were Pompano fishing. Photos four and five are of the poles lined up along the beaches. 
  Our first photo today features Ryan McKay and Josh Gentile both of Satellite Beach. The young men were fishing the north jetty when the bite was excellent. Reds and Black Drum were hot and both guys landed some real nice fish. The men hooked up with giant Redfish simultaneously using bucktails in photo one.
 Photo two is of Ryan McKay with a 27.5" Black Drum he landed using clams. 
 Photo three features Josh Gentile with a 24" Black Drum he landed on clams.
 Photos four and five are of the many poles lining the beaches yesterday.

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