Friday, October 28, 2016

Scouting Around Treasure Coast Area with Jayson Arman That's R-Man Land-Based Fishing Charters

Jayson Arman tells us that because of the recent high winds, your best chance at a Snook is probably going to come around the bridges at night. Live bait anglers are doing well by netting up some finger mullet, with the 6 to 7-inch size being the most productive. You will want to free line the mullet hooked in the mouth. Artificial bait anglers are doing well with first light jigs and with top water when things are calm.

Flounder are being caught around the jetties and bridges near the jetties. Live bait anglers are doing well with small finger mullet and shrimp on an unpainted jig head. Artificial bait anglers are doing well with Gulp shrimp on a jig head or a soft plastic without a paddle tail. The paddle tail adds some flutter to the bait and you want something that is going to work in more of a straight up and down motion.

Spanish mackerel are going to be found in the rivers blowing up on small pods of bait around the jetties on an incoming tide. Live bait anglers will want to use a smaller scaled sardine, free-lined into the commotion, rigged up on a long shank hook to help prevent bite offs. Artificial bait anglers are getting hooked up on flash minnows or gotcha plugs in the silver body yellow head color.

This is a great time of the year to do some bass fishing as they are on the move following bait. Lipless crank baits and spinner baits are probably going to be your best bet, but always make sure to have a soft plastic rigged up as a follow-up bait if they miss your faster-moving offering.

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