Friday, October 4, 2019

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  The mullet remain around in good numbers, and the snook and tarpon are taking full advantage of the plentiful food source.  Look for the most action to go down early in the morning, late in the afternoon, and at night.  The snook in particular are going to feed best at night.  Look for the snook to be in ambush points waiting for the tide to move mullet to them.  Bridge fenders, shadow lines, seawalls, etc that help line up the snook are great starting spots.  Present the baits up current and let the them flow back naturally with the tide.  In addition to the snook and tarpon; jacks, ladyfish, a few redfish, and others are mixed in the inshore action as well currently. 
  SURF/PIER:   Fall surf fishing is slowly setting in along the beach.  Bluefish, pompano, and sharks are all showing up in pretty good numbers.  The pompano are being caught in good numbers on the Juno Beach Pier on Doc's Goofy Jigs.  Along the beach sandfleas, clams, and Fishbites are the baits of choice for the pomps.  Bluefish are biting topwater lures, silver spoons, diamond jigs, and cut bait.  Spinner/Blacktip sharks are starting to show in good numbers as well.  Still some schools of mullet coming down with tarpon in them.  Should be a pretty good weekend along the beach, get after it! 

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