Saturday, October 19, 2019

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Snook fishing continues to pop off pretty good on the inshore side of things.  Fishing live mullet around seawalls and boat docks during the day, and working shadow lines around bridges at night seems to be producing the best.  The snook are still keyed in on the mullet, so take advantage of that now.  It's a good time to throw the bigger plugs, swimbaits, and jigs to get good quality bites from the snook right now.  Before long it goes to the shrimp bite...and honestly that's just not as easy as fishing the big stuff.  Still some big jacks, and the occasional tarpon or two, cruising around the ICW as well currently.  Hobe Sound Flats are starting to come to life as well with slight drops in water temps.  Not red hot up that way yet, but it is improving.  

SURF/PIER-  Pompano fishing remains very good along the beach and at the Juno Beach Pier.  Sandfleas, clams, and FishBites are the bait of choice, while Doc's Goofy Jigs are the lure of choice.  The jig bite at the pier is as good as it has been for years.  No hot colors on the jigs, so keep a few different colors on hand.  The kingfish have also been biting at the Pier over the past few days.  Early morning and later afternoon is the ticket to get those king bites.  A sardine on a trolley rig or casting a Rapala X-Rap is the way to go.  Scattering of Spanish Mackerel around, but not in huge numbers.  Been some bluefish around as well.  A loud noisy topwater or silver spoon has been working well on the blues.  Sharks are staring to show in some pretty good numbers as well.  

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