Friday, August 14, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I did not have the opportunity to put much time in on the beach this past week but here is the report. I fished with Kai and Bryce Jackson on Saturday and although we did not have a banner day , the kids had a great time and put a few in the cooler. Alot of us are lucky enough to live here and fish the beach year round. It is definitely great to take some young people from out of the area and put big smiles on their faces every time the rod bends, no matter what size or species. It certainly makes you appreciate our year round fishing environment and what our local outdoors offer. We caught ladyfish, blue runners, palometas, and croakers and the kids had a ball. The key to our surf bite right now is to find the glass minnow schools as they are holding everything from 150 pound tarpon to tiny croakers. When the glass minnow schools moved out of our area the bite shut off and that has been the case since last week. If you find a school of minnows cast your Fishbite tipped rigs right into the center of the bait school and chances are your bite will be immediate. Randy and I fished this morning just south of Normandy Beach because that was the only stretch of beach that was holding glass minnows. We looked from Bathtub to Blue Heron and thats where they were. Tide can be pretty important to having a good croaker and whiting catch when you fish these bait schools because some of our local spots have very little water at low tide. That was the case today because we never had a touch up until the the time I had to leave for work at 10 am but Randy stayed and he hammered the big croaker. The bite started around two and a half hours after dead low and he put 40 nice fish in his cooler in an hour and forty five minutes. The tarpon were there in big numbers today and the ranged from 30 pounds to 150 lbs. The anglers that were targeting them hooked a couple but the show they were putting on in crashing the bait schools was spectacular. Weeds became an issue at certain locations during the week but they were somewhat scattered today. The key as we approach the weekend will be to finding the bait schools so look for the birds and surface activity at the beach access you want to fish and if it looks quiet, move on until you find them.

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