Monday, January 14, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County

I'm sorry to say that the surf bite this weekend did not keep pace with the epic sailfish numbers that were recorded in the Pelican Billfish Tournament. There were close to a 1,000 sailfish released during the tournament, with over 700 on Thursday alone. I recommend you go online and read the articles Ed Killer wrote during the week about this incredible fishing. As far as our surf action is concerned, pompano, whiting, croaker, and jacks were all on the catch list. The fish are spread out and there does not seem to be any one area or location that is producing large numbers of fish. I went from Blue Heron up to Round Island and managed to put together a decent catch of pompano on Saturday. EZ Flea Fishbites and clam strips were the preferred baits and the best beach action seemed to be at Round Island in Fort Pierce. My son Randy and I fished today at Blue Heron and Middle Cove beaches with Blue Heron producing most of the pompano. The best action seemed to happen between dawn to 9 am, and EZ Flea and Pink Shrimp were scents that produced today. The whiting, as usual, preferred the Orange Clam scent. We are forecast to get some northwest wind tomorrow and that should help get rid of some of the weeds that have made some beaches difficult to fish recently. The Round Island area did not produce today so hopefully some of those fish will make their way south into our immediate area. I also wanted to let everyone know that the Surf Fishing for Pompano Seminar I will be presenting at Bass Pro Shops in Port St Lucie next Saturday, January 19th will be at 3:30 PM in front of the Aquarium, so if you get a chance, stop on by. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  The best reports inshore continue to be from those targeting black drum and sheepshead around seawalls and boat docks in the ICW and Loxahatchee River with live shrimp.  Mixed in with the drum and sheepshead will be a few snook and the occasional redfish.  A basic slip rig is good for presenting the shrimp, as is a small jighead (The "yellowtail candy" jighead works very well for this).  Best docks will have a fair amount of structure and some deep water either under or close to the dock.  The Munyan Island and Hobe Sound flats continue to produce a few fish, with Hobe Sound probably being the little better choice of spots.  No reports to speak of on pompano inshore this week, but this front could push some of them inshore.  Keep an eye out for the pomps "skipping" out behind the boat wake; and keep a Doc's Goofy Jig ready in case you see some.  Catch and release snook action had popped off a bit with the warm weather, but expect this cooler weather to slow them back down a bit.

SURF/PIER-  The surf fishing could really benefit from a few good strong cold fronts.  Reports from farther north (Fort Pierce to Vero Beach) sound very good; but our fishing has been a bit slow to start the week.  Although, reports did seem to improve slightly Wednesday night after a day of north wind.  Best surf reports for our more local area continue to be from Jupiter Island/Hobe Sound.  Bluefish and jacks will be the most consistent; especially early in the morning and then again late in the afternoon.  The GT Ice Cream and "Pelicans" continue to be big producers for both.  POmpano action remains a bit on the slow side overall.  The Juno Beach Pier has been producing a very few Spanish Mackerel, occasional Kingfish, and some Bonita (If Bonita on the pier in January doesn't make you scratch your head a bit I don't know what will!)  Diamond jigs and swimming plugs (Rapala X-Raps and Yo-Zuri Mag Minnows) remain solid choices on the pier.  As in the surf, the best action from the pier will be early in the morning and then again late in the afternoon.  

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The weekend is here and we are coming out of our "cool" front from yesterday and hopefully our surf action will benefit from the temperature drop. Our surf bite has been quiet this week and its not just our local beaches. Fort Pierce, South Hutchinson Island , and Hobe Sound beaches had spotty action at best. Whiting, bluefish, croakers, and a couple pompano were caught in slim numbers and this can only get better. The one positive note is the size of the whiting being caught. I caught half a dozen the other morning and they were all big whiting. I was targeting pompano so I moved on to try a couple of other beaches but I am sure the bite continued after I left. The northern beaches like Blue Heron, Avalon, and Round Island are all producing whiting. Orange Clam and Pink Shrimp Fishbites along with some clam strips are catching the whiting and croakers. The bigger fish are being caught on the long rods from 60 to 80 yards off of the beach.

The Seminar season is here and after receiving a phone call yesterday it appears I will be doing a Pompano Seminar at Bass Pro next Saturday , the 19th.I will confirm the exact time later today and be sure to post it. The tentative time is 330 PM and the admission is free. I will be covering some new topics like natural bait preparation, reading the beach and water color, spend a little more time on distance casting techniques , and will go over some of our local beaches that have changed the trough areas due to previous storms and sand shifting. Tackle, techniques, current hot spots, and a few other species will all be covered also. The Pompano Seminar is the most popular one that I do all year and I hope to see you there.

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Fishing for Pompano in the surf has been excellent of late, both on sand fleas and goofy jigs. Bluefish have also been plentiful, with some Spanish Mackerel mixed in, both taking spoons pretty reliably. In the Indian River, redfish have been plentiful, but the clearer water has made them a bit more difficult. The 2 3/4″ size DOA Shrimp have produced the best, with Storm Mangrove Minnows also performing well. With the impending cooler temps, Sea Trout fishing should fire back up along the drop offs and deeper mangrove shorelines, with Yo-Zuri Suspending Twitchbaits and Mirrodines being safe bets, as well as DOA CAL shad tail jigs. The inlets are still producing Snook at night on flare jigs, but remember the season is still closed. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Fishing is a great activity to experience and whether you fish the fresh water lakes and ponds, troll offshore for sailfish, dolphin, and wahoo, or walk the sand like I do for pompano, whiting, and bluefish, you should always appreciate the days when it just seems too easy and the fish are jumping in your cooler. The surf results of this past weekend had a lot of people scratching their heads as it seems most of our species that provide great surf fishing took the weekend off. Yesterday, Sunday, in particular had folks moving from beach to beach trying different techniques and baits, or just gave up and put their rods in the vehicles heading home early. I fished at a couple of beaches on the northern end of Hutchinson Island yesterday and at noon I put up the white flag after not having a bite from daylight on. I spoke with other friends and anglers that fished at locations like Porpoise, Blue Heron, Middle Cove, Walton Rocks, Normandy, Tiger Shores, Stuart, and Bridge Road beaches and everyone had the same poor results. I was lucky enough to put a double digit catch of nice pompano together on Saturday but I spent almost seven hours doing it. Fishbites, clam strips, and natural sand fleas accounted for the pompano fished on the long rods. The water on Saturday at the northern end of Hutchinson Island was a beautiful blue color but the same area I returned to on Sunday had turned to an off-color green. The only area that produced a few fish yesterday was the Round Island Beach area north of Fort Pierce Inlet. I will look again today and if the fish turn back on I will post the results this evening. Catching fish is always the target when putting bait in the water but after having a couple days of tough fishing the best takeaway I had was feeling lucky to be living in an area that has beautiful weather, beautiful beaches and an outdoor environment that makes you smile - even when the fish don't cooperate. Good luck this week and catch em up.

Sebastian Inlet Report

Fishing has been TREMENDOUS..and the weather has been gorgeous, plan a visit to the inlet this week!  Brand new fishing report this morning from our friend Tommy at Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle:  lots of Snook, Reds, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish.  Anglers are mostly using live shrimp for the Flounder and sand fleas for Drum and Sheepshead.  Larger live shrimp for the Snook and Reds.  Try for Snook, Reds, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and Drum off the North and South Jetties.  Your best bet for Flounder and Sheepshead is West of the inlet.
A big thanks for our featured anglers of the week – Tiffany Kelley and Felipe Gonzalez of Ocoee – for sending in their pics.  Regulars at on the North Jetty who spend almost every weekend there, they recently caught these beautiful Reds. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 The Hobe Sound Flats and boat docks (Mile Marker 40-44 in the ICW) remain our best bet on the inshore side of things.  Good mixed bag action for ladyfish, jacks, sheepshead, a few spotted seatrout, and maybe even a redfish or two.  Live shrimp will be the top producer on the natural bait side of things; while a Vudu Shrimp, DOA Shrimp, or DOA Cal paddle tail will work well on the artificial side of things.  The Loxahatchee River has had a few good days of pompano fishing, but its hard to pinpoint when/where its going to happen.  Sandfleas, Fishbites, and Doc's Goofy Jigs have been the ticket for the pomps when you do find them.  Milder weather has kept the catch and release snook fishing going pretty good, especially at night around bridges and docklights.  A few reports from Munyan Island coming in for spotted seatrout and very occasioanl redfish as well.
SURF/PIER-  Kind of an interesting week to start the year along the beach and at the Juno Beach Fishing Pier.  The surf south of Jupiter Inlet has been a bit spotty; while action to the north of Jupiter Inlet remains a bit more consistent.  Regardless of which direction you head low-light periods (early morning/late afternoon) will be best for bluefish, jacks, Spanish Mackerel, pompano, and sharks.   For fun topwater action early in the morning or at sunset on the jacks, bluefish, and sharks try throwing a GT Ice Cream, Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser, or Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil.  For more consistent bites opt for a swimming plug (Rapala X-Rap, Yo-Zuri Mag Minnow, Yo-Zuri Longcast), diamond jig, or a Gator Spoon. The pompano that have been around (again primarily north of Jupiter Inlet) are biting best on sandfleas, clams, and Fishbites.  The Juno Beach Pier has been producing some nice size Spanish Mackerel, a few keeper size Kingfish, and surprisingly a good number of bonita.  The Spanish Mackerel are being caught best with small to medium size swimming plugs (X-Rap or Yo-Zuri Mag Minnow), white crappie jigs, or the bobber rig with a Clark spoon.  For the kingfish and bonita try throwing a bigger swimming plug (Daiwa SP Minnow or Rapala X-Rap in size 12 or 14).  Best bite for them has been first thing in the morning, with a few pushing around again late in the afternoon.