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Thursday, August 28, 2014

juno pier under water

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE- Snook season opens Monday, and the snook are around!  Look for the snook to have mullet on the brain, as a few schools of finger mullet are starting to trickle down the coast.  Topwater plugs (Like zara spooks) fished around mullet schools, seawalls, and other snookie hiding spots early and late in the day are a great choice this time of year.  Snook are also on the bridges and blasting mullet schools at night.  Fish a live mullet on the edge of the school or underneath to separate your bait from the others.  Big swimbaits, flairhawk jigs, and Spooltek swimbaits are all great lure choices around the bridges as well right now.  A few tarpon around, and some monster jacks cruising along ICW seawalls.  

SURF/PIER- Trickles of mullet coming down the beach are a sign of very very good things to come!  Look for snook, tarpon, jacks and sharks to be hanging around the mullet.  A silver spoon, Rapala X-Rap, or Windcheater are all great lures to throw on the beach right now for a wide variety of species.  Lots of blue runners around the pier right now.  Shouldn't be long before the surf gets going with lots and lots of action!

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart Edit | View | Share | Delete

Inshore the snook fishing has been good around the inlet on the outgoing tide with live bait.There has been a few trout around Middle cove with a few big redfish mixed in soft baits and live shrimp have produced the best.

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have much better conditions this morning. It's back to summer again. We have a very light breeze blowing out of the East-Southeast, gusting to 3 mph. Insect repellent would be a good idea if you head to the inlet. The water has a light chop and there's even a little surf, although it's closing out quickly. As always, use caution when casting into the surfing area when surfers are present.

Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported a few Mangrove Snapper were coming over the rails this morning and schools of larger mullet are being crashed by big Snook, Jacks, and Tarpon. We haven't had a lot of folks out fishing the jetties the past couple of days due to the rough conditions, but things are looking up!

Our first photo is of more Blue Land Crab photos from Pam Winegar of Malabar. Photo two is of a very colorful Blue Land Crab.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Lets see 90 is the tand it has been like this all week and yes I love it. Of course I am in side the Snook Nook with the air running hard but every once in a while I stick my head out the door and enjoy it for a moment and then I go back in side.  Big bright sun and the temp just makes you lazy and the same goes for the fish. 
Lots of bait fish, they like  the warm water but there is no one to bother with
them. The beach it is early that is when the tarpon and snook are in, you have to watch  the sun come up. Be ready with baits of all sizes, you never know what they feeding on but they are feeding. Thirty to fifty pound leader and lot of line  do not forget the water. Plenty of good size whiting with a mix of croaker for the day, a piece of shrimp will find them for you and do not forget your umbrella.
Fishing in the river there is plenty of fish but you have to fish early the coolest part of the day. Plenty of trout and reds from county line north take your pick east or west side but you should be eating breakfast before ten.  Sun comes out and the fish go deep or to the shadows, use a small jig to get their attention.  Plenty of snook and tarpon in the low light, play with your bait size you just don’t know when are what they are eating, but it is summer and it is hot and I love this place and do not forge the water.

Palm Beach Report

                                                photo courtesy of

Snook season opens on Monday and there’s good reason to expect a great season — the best we’ve had in a while! There have been so many snook around these past few months, which is encouraging, and the numbers should only increase.
Along the Treasure Coast, there are some snook, along with tarpon, on the beaches and at the St. Lucie Inlet. However, the best place to snag a snook right now is the bridges on the Indian River. Tarpon, however, are thick on the beaches, especially early in the morning.
The east side of the river has also been good for big snook and some trout.
Snook are being caught along Jupiter’s beaches and the Jupiter Inlet, as well as in the Intracoastal Waterway and Loxahatchee River. The river has actually been better than the Intracoastal and is also producing a good numbers of jacks and redfish.
The beach and inshore bite has been slow this week along central and southern Palm Beach County this week, but there are a few snook being caught in the surf and in the inlets, and you can always find them around the bridges in the Intracoastal.
There have been a lot of bait fish around the Boynton Inlet, which has attracted decent numbers of mangrove snapper and jacks. A few tarpon have been spotted rolling through the area as well.

If you want to catch bass on Lake Okeechobee right now, make sure you leave the dock well before sunrise. Ideally, you’ll have lines in the water before you even begin to see the sun. Once it’s up, you have two hours — max — of action.
It has been a little windy this week, making it a little more difficult to fish back in the grass, but nice bass are still being caught out in open water and along the edges.
Artificial lures are still working better than live shiners, but you really can’t go wrong either way.
 report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have another windy morning at the inlet, it's blowing out of the North-Northwest at 17 mph and gusting to 21. The water is still rough and small craft should exercise caution. The conditions have calmed down a little, but Snook and Reds like it when it's rough, get out and have some fun trying to land one of these great fighting fish. We only have a few days left for Snook season to open, until then it is still catch and release. Snook season will reopen on Monday, Sept. 1st through Dec. 15th but getting one in the 28" - 32" slot will be the challenge. 

We've had some inquiries about all the Blue Land Crabs that have been scurrying around the inlet and highways. This is mating season and they are everywhere. It is illegal to harvest them between July 1st and October 31st. Harvest, possession, purchase or sale of eggbearing Blue Land Crabs is prohibited at any time. During season, they may be harvested by hand, landing or dip net; no use of traps, bleach or any chemical solution is permitted. During season, one may harvest 20 per person per day, no size limit. Use caution when driving near the inlet as they are crossing the road in scores.

Our photos today are courtesy of Pam Winegar of Malabar. Pam and her husband Richard were at the inlet this past weekend and witnessed hundreds of Blue Land Crabs everywhere. Pam sent in some real nice shots of the crabs.