Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Photos From ICAST 2018








Sebastian Inlet Report

It’s a beautiful and hot summer day at the Inlet with a light west wind at 5 mph and calm surf.  Expect more of the same this week and watch out for afternoon thunderstorms.  Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reports that fishing has been good off the north jetty with mostly Mangrove Snapper out there, Big Reds, Jacks and Mutton Snapper too.  Some Spanish Mackerel and Barracuda have been biting.
   photo courtesy of David Hartwell               

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Surf fishing this past weekend can best be described as just OK. We still had the the remaining swell from the storm that left the Carolinas during the week and there were still some weeds that just do not want to leave the area. I fished at Stuart Beach both Saturday and Sunday, with Saturday being the slower day of the two. I fished with Norm from the Port St Lucie Angers Club and the croaker action was a slow pick. Sunday proved to be better with the croaker, whiting, and loads of mojarra. Fishbites and frozen shrimp were the baits we used to put about 30 croaker and whiting in the cooler. It is the time of the summer when the commercial shrimp boats don't sail as the shrimp have moved to deep water far off-shore. The frozen shrimp are also hard to find, so try some clam strips to go with the Fishbites until we get past this annual shrimp shortage. My son Randy did manage to play tug-of-war with two large snook that ate live the croaker he was fishing on a live line rig. Anyone who wants to hook one of these great fighting fish should just put a smaller croaker out on a near-shore setup and be prepared to hold on. Remember, this is catch-and-release only, so return these fish to the water quickly and unharmed. I started today, Monday, at Stuart Beach and caught some nice whiting and croaker until the bite shut off after only about 45 minutes. A trip to Middle Cove was short lived, as that water was dirty and full of weeds. My final stop was in the area of Normandy beach and I put five big croaker in the cooler in a very short amount of time before the weeds made that area unfishable. We can overcome the shrimp shortage with Fishbites and clam strips, but the weeds need a current or wind shift to make all of our beach areas fishable. If you find your favorite beach loaded with weeds, start looking at some different spots and fish the ones that have the minimum amount of grass. Good luck and catch em up!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Photos of some of the "NEW" fishing stuff for 2019 next week

Fort Pierce Inshore Nearshore

The inshore fishing in July should be about as good as it gets for trout.  A lot of big gator trout should be caught at first light and again just before dark on top water baits like a Zara Spook, Top Dogs or a MirrOdine at places like the Mooring’s Flats, Round Island or Bear Point.  During the mid-morning and afternoon try a live pilchard or a pigfish and fish it under a popping cork with 24-inches of 20-pound fluorocarbon leader and a 5/0 Kahle hook.  Try the area around Torpy Road, Midway Road or at Jack Island.
The redfish bite should also be good for anglers using a live shrimp or small crabs.  Fish around the mangroves and the islands to the north of the North Bridge.  Again, use a 20-pound fluorocarbon leader and a #2 live bait hook.  Snook season is closed, but you can look for some good catch and release action around the docks of both north and south Indian River Drive. Try throwing a live bait like a pinfish, pigfish, pilchard or a mullet under the docks.  For this I like a 40-pound fluorocarbon leader, a 5/0 live bait hook and a medium action rod—something with a little back bone in it.
Look for the tarpon action to be good during the low light hours.  Hot spots should be Big Mud Creek, Fort Pierce Inlet, the turning basin and on the beaches.  A good size mullet will be hard to beat.  I use the same tackle as for the snook but sometimes it is not enough.
Tripletail should be around the channel markers and taking live shrimp fished on a ¼-ounce Troll-Rite hook with 18 to 24 inches of 20-pound fluorocarbon leader.
And, last but not least, look for some good snapper action along the channel edges and around the area bridges.  A small white bait or a live shrimp would be my choice and try using a ½-ounce lead, 18-inches of fluorocarbon leader and a #2 long shank hook.  The time around the full moon will be the best. 
report courtesy of Capt. Joe Ward/coastalanglermag.com

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Great weather and great fishing was the way to describe surf fishing this weekend along Hutchinson Island. I fished with my son Randy and his entire family including my grandaughters Kaitlyn and Ashley, and everyone got in on the action. Croaker, whiting, mojarra, and a 25 lb jack all made our catch list at Stuart Beach. The croaker, whiting, and mojarra all found the usual Fishbites and cut shrimp bait combination to be their baits of choice. Randy also caught a huge jack on a 7 inch live croaker fished on a bottom rig. If anyone has not hooked a big jack, then you are missing the fight of your life. We were set up north of the swimming area and that jack almost made it all of the way down to the swimmers before he decided to head back our way. This species is one of my favorites because whether you hook a one pound fish or a 25 lb monster like Randy caught, they have to be the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound, along our entire coast. My grandaughters showed us why this type of fishing is great for all ages, and this summer's croaker and whiting run has been one of the best in years. Once again the bite was non-stop just before the high tide mark and all of the bites came 5 to10 yards from the edge of the surf. I sent all of the fish home with Randy so he could continue to sharpen his filleting skills, and I was able to take a weekend off from standing at the fillet table. It appears as if we are going to have a swell and some weeds to deal with in the first part of the week, but the big shore break should start to diminish by Thursday. I fished today although the swell was definitely building and weeds made conditions challenging. I managed to put some nice whiting and croaker in the cooler but conditions cut down on the total number caught. Good luck this week and catch em up.