Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ICAST A Few Photos

            Some random photos from  ICAST

From Fred @ Snook-Nook Jensen Beach

Still air, calm seas, and some smoking hot weather, Welcome August to South Florida. Red hot fishing so far this summer and the action continues to get better everyday. From the tarpon on the beach to the grouper on the bottom offshore, fishing has been spectacular all around.
Inshore anglers, the bite is early. Your best action is going to be in the first 3 hours after sunrise, when you start to warm up so does the water, thus the fish move deeper and become harder to locate. Top water baits will bring explosive bites from Trout, Snook, Redfish and big Jack Cravelles. The west side of the river has been the most productive. Working the docks and the large schools of mullet have been effective from County line road to Walton road. Soft plastic baits in the DOA and Gulp have worked very well as the top water bite shuts down. Both the St. Lucie and Ft. Pierce inlets have yielded great catch and release action on Snook and Tarpon. Live baits have been preferred but artificial swim bait will get bites as well. Remember, Snook season is closed until September 1st, handle the fish with care, get your photo and the fish back in the water as quickly as possible.
For the early risers out there, the beach has been full of life the past few weeks. Masses of glass minnows and white baits on the beach have brought all predators into casting range. Snook, Tarpon, and big Jacks will certainly help with that morning work out. A top water chugger bait, silver spoon, or put that small whiting or croaker you just caught back on a hook. Keep in mind, there is no way of knowing whether the fish you hook will be 10lbs or 140lbs, so don’t bring your trout rod. Something in the 20lb class range will do fine.
Tight lines and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another beautiful morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West-Southwest at 6 mph and the water is very calm. A lot of Jacks have come over the rails of the north jetty along with a few Mangrove Snapper. A couple of C/R Reds and big Snook were visible swimming around the jetty but only a couple of them would hit any baits according to Tommy  at the Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop.

From Whites Tackle - Ft. Pierce

The inshore fishing has been good with trout and redfish on the flats to the south on the west bank. The snook have been being caught in the inlet as well as a few starting to show up on the beach. The tarpon are in the inlet and around the jetties.

Monday, July 30, 2012

ICAST - A Few Of My Favorite Things #7

Another Fresh water Bait that caught my Eye was the baits from 

Stinky Fingers Bait Company has created a revolutionary design like nothing else on the market - SPONGE BAIT.  With our patent pending technology, soft plastics will never be the same! Our sponge bait is just that – a sponge encapsulated inside the plastic bait. Specially designed chambers dispense potent attractant giving you cast after cast of alluring scent that fish can’t resist! Fish smell our scent, lock on, hit hard and won’t let go! Fish it and you’ll be hooked – literally! SPONGE BAIT – HANG ON!
Recharge by putting sponge bait back in bag (hook and all), give a squeeze and you’re instantly reloaded for more non-stop action! 

From Henery @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

The surf is alive with Tarpon, glass minnows from inlet to inlet and Tarpon to go with them. There is a mix of others but it is the Tarpon that are putting on the show, twenty feet from the sand. Early is best but these fish are there all day,

breakfast time is the time. In the mix is Snook, Lady Fish, big Jacks, all feeding on glass minnows, so throw something that has the profile of a minnow and a Kast Master match's that profile. This lure is a flat spoon made for throwing in the wind
and with out the wind it casts real easy, 3/4 oz is the one, take the treble off and put on a single for a quick release. Yes the Snook, Jacks, lady fish will all eat them so it a bait for all. Early is the bite time for most, Tarpon have their own clock, so you
just have to spend the time, you will not be disappointed. Now about the Whiting and Croaker eating a small piece of shrimp, up close in the wash, pay attention because so does every body else and a Tarpon, Snook or Jack on a whiting rig will take
that rod with them. Now is the time, come on down and make a few casts because you just don’t know who is feeding when but one thing is for sure some one is eating now. Lots of big fish and miles of small baits can make for a great morning,
afternoon or evening,did I mention the Spanish Mac’s?

River fishing, starting before sun up, the area around Little Mud east or west side fishing the shallows it has been plenty of slot Trout some Reds and still Flounder. This holds true for most of the area from the Sail Fish Flats north till about 8:30 AM
then the fish head off to deeper water. Time to look at the bridges, deep, shaded, moving water a perfect comfort zone. Plenty of Drum, big Sheephead, some Mac’s, Jacks, and a list of others to bend a rod and yes the Tarpon like the bridge also.
All that being said fishing is pretty good it is the timing that is important this time of the year, no matter what “no catch Carl” says, plan you day and go catch a fish........................................Henry

Sebastian Inlet Report


Good morning, Anglers!

It is a beautiful and spectacular day at the Inlet! Try your luck, Anglers, as we found out that over the weekend there was a pretty good catch for most people. Fishermen and women landed everything from Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Big Reds and Big Snook to a Bonnethead Shark and Catfish!

From Whites Tackle -Ft Pierce

The inshore fishing has been good with trout and redfish on the west bank north of Walton road. The snook fishing has been heating up in the inlets and around the jetties, there also have been tarpon around as well. The fish have been caught on live bait as well as plugs.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

ICAST These are a Few Of My Favorite Things #6

On the Report from the Fresh Water Side thi is one of the Fresh Water Fishing Bait Companys that caught my Eye with there bait line.
                                       Bruiser Baits
  They not only have a real good selection of baits, they are a local company, Loxahatchee, Fl. about 5miles from where I live.
They have alot more on their site........
                         Check them out at Bruiserbaits.com

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another beautiful morning at the Sebastian Inlet! Winds are blowing out of the West-Southwest at 5 mph and the water is calm. 

Inlet regular Mike Ricciardi was on the north jetty yesterday morning and sent in an update on the activities. Mike reported a very warm morning, but Jacks galore! Mike said about 50 Jacks came over the rails and a few Blues were in the mix. About 6 Bonnethead Sharks were landed and released. Live and dead shrimp and greenies were the most popular baits, but there were no Spanish Mackerel to be found. Two Mangrove Snapper were landed and Tony Swiderski of Sebastian landed the "lottery" fish of the morning; a nice Black Drum for the table. Tony also landed and released few Snook on live shrimp. Our first photo is of Tony Swiderski with his Black Drum. 

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce

The inshore fishing has been good with trout and redfish being caught around the the spoil islands to the north of the inlet. Snook and tarpon have been in the inlet on both tides, and they are being caught on live bait.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Photo Of The Week

Thanks to Jeremy Chavez @ castingtails.com for this photo

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierce

Hot weather continues along the Treasure Coast this week.  Getting out early will give you the best opportunities to enjoy the fishing before it gets too hot out on the water.  We have enjoyed good success early this week in the first few hours of the mornings.  Drink plenty of fluids and use lots of suntan lotion!

 Trout and redfish has been our best bite again this week.  We are still catching some big sea trout in the early hours on the flats with both live baits and artificials.  Top water lures are fun and exciting!  DOA shrimp can always get you some action on the flats.  Our best success has been north of Fort Pierce on the grass flats in two to five feet of water.  The bite slows down somewhat after the heat of the day sets in.  Move to deeper water once it gets hot out there.

Redfish have been in shallow water and most of our fish have been in one to three feet of water on the flats.  We had some good catches on top water lures and the DOA Bait Buster shallow runner.  Most of our reds have been upper slot to over the slot size lately.  It's gonna be a good August for redfish on the river.

Snook fishing has been best in the deeper water around the jetties and bridges with live bait or jigs.  Try some top water around those areas at first light.  Snapper and sheephead around the docks and bridges this month can get you some good table fare.  Whiting along the surf has been good most days.  The glass minnows are showing up in numbers and the mackerel will be chewing on them around the inlet this month.  

From Native Tackle - Sebastian

 The tarpon has remained steady in the Sebastian River.  Anglers have been having great luck with over sized reds and trout.  July has always been hot but this year proves the hottest.  I suggest find the bait, throw a top water and get ready for some action.  For the redfish, I suggest a DOA bait buster for the best results.  Still a good action with the mangrove snapper, fish the docks and spoil islands.  

 Spanish mackerel, sheepshead, snook, black drum, over sized reds, tarpon, mangrove snapper and jacks.  The anglers fishing with silver spoons have had most of the action with themackerel.  The snook coming over the rails have been really impressive and this just proves for a great snook season coming up September 1st.  Mangrove snapper, black drum and thesheepshead have been hitting live shrimp.  The jacks have been hitting anything and everything!

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's beautiful at the inlet today. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 4 mph and the water is calm. We have a lot of boating activity in and out of the inlet due to mini lobster season and quite a few surfers in the water on the north side taking advantage of a small swell. Please use caution when casting, and make sure to look behind you!

Fishing remains on the slow side for our shore based anglers, but we have reports of Cobia offshore and some that had good luck on the first day of mini lobster season! The mini season closes today, so good luck to all you lobster lovers! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ICAST A Few Of My Favorite Things #5

I think this may be my Favorite  New- Soft  Plastic/Hook Bait at ICAST was "LOGIC LURES". These guys have hit the nail on the head with their Jig head / HookCombo, I love how the Bait swims with the  hook  positioned this way. They also do a nice Tandem Rig and have GOOD colors in their bait line 

I'm a Big DOA guy but will be adding these to my Tackle box  

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 5 mph and it's already hot and steamy on the jetties. Some day's its fishing and some day's its catching and this morning, it's mostly just fishing. There is very little coming over the rails of the north jetty this morning. The water is muddier today than the prior two days and maybe that is the difference. A couple of Catfish, a couple of small Sheepshead (only one keeper) were landed from 7:00 - 9:00 this morning and that's about all there is to report, other than one huge Snook landed by Diane Buyce of Melbourne. Diane thought she had a Permit on, and was surprised that she wound up with a big Snook. The Snook was so big, she didn't even bother to take it out of the net, it was lowered back in, revived and it swam off healthy.

We received an update from inlet regular Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach who fished the north jetty yesterday morning from 6:00 - 11:00 and reported a pretty active morning for Spanish Mackerel and Southern Sennet, which are in the Barracuda family, but smaller. Silver jigs/spoons and gotcha lures were catching the most fish, but a few were landed on greenies. Jacks were plentiful and took anything put in front of them. Mike estimated 30 - 40 fish came over the rails during his time on the jetty.

Diane Buyce of Melbourne landed her share of Mackerel and is featured in our first photo.

Jorge Yenques of Orlando landed a nice Black Drum using live shrimp in our second photo today. Mike said he hasn't seen any Black Drum in a while!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Of The Toothy Kind

For you Shark Guys I just got the A-OK to share a new Facebook Page and future web site/online store
They seem to be having alot of fun check the photos:

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a pretty morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the North-Northeast at 2 mph and the water is calm. There is a small swell at first peak this morning and we have a few surfers in the water taking advantage of the conditions. Please use caution when casting off the north side of the north jetty when surfers are present.

We've seen quite a bit of catch and release Snook activity in the early morning, evening hours and a few stragglers during the day. Please handle your C/R Snook with care. It's breeding season and we want those Snook nice and healthy. If a Snook is brought over the rails of the north jetty by net, it should be lowered back into the water via net to prevent the fish from being stunned by the long drop to the water. Those tips should apply to any large catch and release fish. Big Reds and Tarpon are making appearances at night. The Spanish Mackerel bite has been good the past two mornings and Jacks are being landed off the north jetty as well.

Our first photo today features Jamie Wamsley of Palm Bay with his first Snook ever! Jamie landed this beautiful 31" Snook off the north jetty over the weekend using live pinfish. The Snook was released after the photo. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

ICAST A Few Of My Favorite Things #4

I can't wait until these come out from MirrOlure......... Their Pro Staff only got Samples but will be out  maybe the 2nd week of Aug....    : - ]

Looking Around

Around Juno Pier it's "SNOOK CITY" right now. There is so MUCH BAIT,  that the  Snook are stacked up.this is the best time to fish from the Beach using light tackle and Artificials a DOA Jerk Shad or a MirrOlure Suspending Twitchbait  in a light color should do the Job.

At the Inlet I ran into a buddy, Dave who was having a great day
snook fishing, I left before him and he already had 8 Fish... He was using A 5.5  DOA Jerk Bait,  and the color of choice--- "WHITE"

From Billy Bones Bait & Tackle - ST. Lucie

I want to say Thank You to everyone who supports us at Billy Bones Bait n Tackle ,North and Billy Bones bait n tackle ,South . Its been so hot but the weather has been nice we hit the beach me and the family at Tiger Beach and Tanner caught these Pompano on a hi low style rig and dead shrimp.

Inshore there has been a mess of Trout caught and the Sheepshead are biting we have some Fiddler Crabs back in stock at the north store. Its been so hot so use sun protection and breathable cloths.

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning we have clouds and sprinkling rain. Winds are blowing out of the Southeast at 7 mph and there is a moderate chop on the water. 

A lot of Jacks, C/R Snook, big Reds, Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel and a few Sheepshead, which are not common in the middle of the summer! 
We received an update from Peter Garcia who fished on  this morning and reported a decent Spanish Mackerel bite. Peter said the Macks were jumping out of the water, and he landed nine from 17" - 22". Our first photo today features Peter with the 22" Spanish Mackerel. 

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce

The inshore report has been good as well with trout and redfish to the north almost to Vero on the deeper flats. The snook and tarpon fishing in the inlet has been good with many fish caught on live bait on both tides.

ICAST Follow Up Videos

Knot2Kinky and InvisaSwivel

Friday, July 20, 2012


I tested this wire and was impressed with all the things you can do.. It ties and holds a good Knot, it won't bend or crinkle, it's thin for the weight leader and it stretches some.....the anglers who like fishing the "TOOTHY CRITTERS" will really like this stuff......

Theres also a Invisible Swivel that turned out pretty cool. At first I had doughts about them but after trying it I think I will get a few more in different sizes. These will work well in  clear water and when I'm snapper fishing. I like how they float and ables your bait/lure to have more action an still their pretty tough 

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a steamy morning at the inlet. Winds have picked up a little, which is helping. Winds are blowing out of the Southeast at 8 mph and the water is calm.

Fishing remains hit or miss. SISP Ranger Ed Perry reported that a lot of little baits were in the water around the Tide Pool road this morning and Jacks were tearing them up. Ed also reported seeing small Spanish Mackerel jumping and he's been told that Mangrove Snapper have been landed west of the bridge this week. 

Walton Ray of the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported that yesterday afternoon, big Reds were being landed on poppers. Tommy Turowski reported a few Spanish Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper, Reds, Jacks and a few Sheepshead have made appearances this week. Bonito are still zipping around the north jetty as well. 

Our first two photos today of father and son duo Don and Nicholas Washbaugh of Melbourne. The duo was fishing the north jetty and hooked up with a nice Bonito, featured in our first photo.About 15 minutes after the Bonito hook-up the duo landed a nice 29" Spanish Mackerel.