Monday, September 17, 2018

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

The heat of September continues along the Treasure Coast. Expect hot, humid days throughout the rest of the month. We have had a light breeze most days to take the edge off the hot weather for us. Rains continue each afternoon. We got deluged by Tropical Storm Gordon this past week. What can you's the rainy season.

The glass minnows have been flooding into the river, which is normal for this month. They are a favorite food for fish and fowl. Look for jacks, ladyfish, mackerel and bonito to be feeding on them around the inlet. It's a fun month for fishing the inlet areas. We have had some nice size mackerel lately. Small, shiny lures the size of the bait will help you have some fun! It won't be long before the fall mullet run begins and that will be another active time on the Treasure Coast. Snook season opened on September 1st so check your licenses and permits before you get out to catch that slot fish. It's good idea to check you tackle, rods and reels this month and make sure everything is in good working order.

Early mornings has been the best trout bite with top water or DOA shrimp. Fish grass flats two to five feet deep for best results. We have been catching a number of snook along the mangroves. All have been under slot, but a good fight since they are out of season anyway. Top water, CAL paddle tails or DOA shrimp will all work on snook around the mangroves. Redfish have also been under the mangroves staying out of the sun. Skipping your lure or bait under the mangroves is essential to getting a bite. I like to use the CAL paddle tail to skip under the mangroves. They are under the shadow lines and you have to get back in there if you want a bite. Snapper have been all over the river and many have been keepers lately. Docks, bridges and channel edges have all held good numbers of snapper. It has been a good year for snapper in the river. The inlet has been invaded by ladyfish, jacks, blue runners and other hungry species looking for an easy meal. Look for the glass minnow schools and you will find plenty of action, especially for the kids! Have fun and be safe out there!


Sebastian Inlet Report

Went to visit with Sarah this morning at the Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle.  She reports fishing has been GREAT so grab your gear and get out there!
Early morning on the North Jetty, anglers have been bringing in lots of Snook, mostly oversized, on croakers, mojarra and shrimp.  During the day, some Spanish Mackerel have been biting on got-cha lures on the oceanside.  A fair amount of mangrove snapper on the south side with greenies and shrimp.  Off the North Jetty all day, snook and redfish galore with live shrimp as the name of the game.
A shout out to one of our regulars out there, Jim who caught this snook off the North Jetty.  
Light southeast winds expected through Thursday with highs at 91 degrees most days.  Clear days earlier in the week with scattered thunderstorms probable on Friday.  

Sunday, September 16, 2018

On The Way

So, be ready for the mullet schools to show up in the next few weeks as they will be migrating South. Usually, with the first early fall storm as the water gets really choppy and murky close to shore the bait starts streaming out of the inlets and starts to make the move down our beaches. Not sure if it is a mechanism that allows for a greater chance of avoiding predators. But, I am pretty sure from past history that the mullet run may start during the next few weeks as this approaching series of off-shore storms could be the spark that gets them going.
courtesy of Rocky E. M. Fikki

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Inshore-  Snook fishing remains the best bet inshore, and the first finger mullet arrivals have them very fired up.  Best action for the snook will be at night as everything calms down and the bait starts to come up to the surface.  Look for the snook, tarpon, jacks, and maybe even a few redfish to be following the finger mullet schools.  If you don't have any luck finding the mullet, set up around likely ambush spots, seawalls, or bridges with good moving water.  Live finger mullet are obviously a solid bait choice; while those looking to throw lures will do well with Yo-Zuri Mag Darters, DOA Bait Busters, and Rapala X-Raps.  
Surf/Pier-  Starting to see some pods of mullet, but full on mullet run is not yet here.  Reports have large schools of mullet up towards Sebastian for those trying to track the progress.  Snook fishing remains very good along the beach.  Some days have been tough with the seaweed, but overall fishing remains good.  Swimming plugs (Rapala X-Raps and Yo-Zuri Longcast) have been working well, as have Flair Hawk Jigs and big Swimbaits during lowlight periods of the day.  When the sun is up a bit higher, it's hard to beat a live bait for the snook. Spanish Mackerel bite has been good this week at the Juno Beach Pier.  The bobber rig/clark spoon combo remains a solid option for the Macs, as does freelining a small live bait.  Mixed in with the Spanish Macs have been a few kingfish.  A large swimming plug is also a good option for the kings.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sebastian Inlet Report

Janet at the Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle reports fishing has been great with lots of snook and snapper, and some ladyfish too, but use caution as Hurricane Florence continues to build in Atlantic waters.  NOAA expects a moderate east swell affecting Atlantic waters will increase notably Wednesday and Thursday before gradually subsiding later in the week.  Seas building to 5 to 7 feet on Wednesday, peaking at 9 feet Wednesday night, and topping out at 7-10 feet on Thursday. 
A big thank you to our angler of the week for submitting this photo!    Felix Quiles of Tampa came to visit the Sebastian Inlet State Park last weekend and caught this beautiful Red off the North Jetty. 

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Lingering weeds and the start of a building swell from Hurricane Florence forced me to reschedule my charter this morning. I was already up at Tiger Shores so I met my son Randy and his father-in-law Barry Rashkin on the beach but the swell and lack of fish had us looking at other beaches. Disgruntled reports from other fishermen regarding the swell and a lack of anything but catfish had us heading to Middle Cove beach access to try our luck for the short time we had left to fish. I have stated in previous posts that the Labor Day weekend time period is when I start targeting early season pompano, so we decided to fish a couple of long rods to test my log book. Last season Irma short-circuited my plans in early September, and the water color today was not the optimum clarity we were looking for. But sometimes you just have to trust previous results and that worked today as we put three nice pompano in the cooler along with some whiting. The pompano favored the EZ Flea Fishbites and the whiting hit the orange clam scent. The key to catching the whiting today was to have your baits 50 - 60 yards from the edge of the surf; the pompano were in their usual spot of 70 -100 yards off the beach. Local surf regular, Clint Blackwell was fishing just north of me and he had a great catch of whiting. I also received a text and a picture from friend and expert angler, Justin Colton, whose message was " get ready, here they come". Justin is located in Vero Beach and his video contained a school of mullet getting hammered at his beach this morning. Before we left we spotted some nice schools of mullet making their way down the beach and the first spinner shark to go airborn 100 yards off the beach. We are going to have to deal with a big swell event from Florence this week but when the surf subsides, hopefully by next weekend , we could find some great surf fishing with pompano, tarpon, snook, big jacks, mackerel , and sharks as they start moving down the beach. The current forecast has Florence heading to the Carolinas, so let's keep those folks in that area in our thoughts. It looks like the Surf Fishing The Fall Mullet Run Seminar couldn't be coming at a better time, so I hope to see everyone at Bass Pro Shops in Port St Lucie next Saturday, September 15th at 3:30 pm; and 2 pm at Bass Pro Shops in Dania Beach on Sunday September 16th. Monday, Tuesday, and early Wednesday look fishable so good luck and catch em up.

How to Nighttime Snook Fish

NON STOP Sea Trout ACTION! Inshore Wade Fishing

Friday, September 7, 2018

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County

In the Jensen Beach area, anglers fishing the east side of the Indian River near the powerlines have been catching some nice size trout. MirrOLure Top Dog and Rapala Skitter Walk lures are working best.
In the same area, but on the west side anglers working the docks have been catching a few redfish and black drum. There are still snook biting at the St. Lucie Inlet and they are mostly hitting live baits including croaker, mullet, bunker and greenies. If you can find a spot free from seaweed there are still some tarpon to be caught along the beaches.
At the Jupiter Inlet and along the beaches in Jupiter the name of the game is snook.
Anglers working the beaches from the Juno Pier to the Jupiter Inlet and from Blowing Rocks Preserve up to Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge in the early mornings are having a blast catching these prized fish. Best bets are Rapala’s X-Rap lures, 1 to 1.5-ounce Red Tail Hawk jigs and 1.5-ounce spoons. If working the inside of the inlet Red Tail Hawks are the way to go.
At the Juno Pier they recently had a good run of Spanish mackerel and pompano. Anglers should keep an eye on Hurricane Florence. If it stays on track it could eventually send a decent groundswell from the north, which will likely push the finger mullet schools that are currently up around Sebastian down to us. This will bring in more game fish and should further boost the already good snook bite. 
At the Boynton Inlet there has been a good amount of bait around. Anglers are having decent luck catching keeper-size snook using chicken feathers and Flare Hawks and also using live croaker.
There have been some nice-size tarpon along Beer Can Island.
Anglers working the Lantana Bridge are reporting catching lots of sand perch.
There have also been lots of tarpon and snook stealing those sand perch before they can be reeled in.
Bridge anglers targeting snook are doing well at night working the shadow lines with Flare Hawks.
The bass bite is still good and has been best in the early mornings and evenings using spinner baits and swim jigs. Live shiners are working well for the mid-day bite. Hot spots recently have been from Buckhead Ridge over to the Tin House Cove area as well as Indian Prairie to Horse Island. Anglers working the rim canal, near the J&S area are having good luck on bass using crankbaits. There is still a decent bluegill bite happening in the rim canal.

Fishing With That's R-Man Jayson Arman Land Based Fishing Services

The Indian River lagoon is showing a little improvement on some areas having sea grass and having some very consistent fishing results ! In the last 4 days I've had 3 days of very good fishing 2 out of the 3 I've caught snook trout and redfish and 1 day out of the 3 It was like the old days where you caught 30 trout in a fishing trip ! I hope more people practice catch and release because this afternoon I let a 30" snook go and probably a 22" redfish both of them are still swimming out there alive and healthy 

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Snook fishing has been good inshore over the past week.  The bridges are producing a fair number of bites at night.  Stick to the bigger baits and lures now as the snook are keyed in on eating mullet right now.  SpoolTeks,  flairhawks, and Yo-Zuri Mag Darters are all good choices for the snook right now.  A few reports of some tarpon in Palm Beach Inlet, but nothing super consistent to speak of.  Other inshore reports are a bit slow still
SURF/PIER-  Less than ideal conditions along the beach have kept reports to a minimum this week for the most part.  The snook are still around, but large amounts of seaweed have made getting to them tough. If your throwing lures, its just a lot of casts and hope to slide past the seaweed.  The Juno Beach Pier is producing some snook bites, but bait has been tough.  Try fishing dead sardines on the bottom, lazy snook often can't refuse the easy meal.   Still a good number of snook in the Jupiter Inlet, with live croakers and sandperch being the top bait choice for them.  No real sign of the mullet yet, but that will no doubt change just about anytime.  Choppy semi-muddy water slowed the Spanish Mackerel bIte this week.  

Sebastian Inlet Report

Lots of excitement abound this weekend on the North Jetty for the kickoff of snook season as is evidenced by our friend Ed Killer’s front-page reporting for the Indian River Press Journal, the Florida Today and more.  Go to to see his videos.
Janet at the Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle reports lots of keeper snook being caught out there with the Mangrove Snapper and Reds biting too.  Tommy is back tomorrow so go see him for the latest!  Special thanks to our angler of the week Stephanie Lindgren who caught this 29.5 inch permit at high noon. “My first permit ever…such a fun fish to catch!  It was quite the excitement on the pier.  I felt like a Rockstar for the day!”

Thursday, August 30, 2018

SECRET Beach Holds MONSTER Fish....

Feeding Frenzy at the Beach - Fishing

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 The vast schools of glass minnows that were with us recently seem to have left the area. With them went the big schools of tarpon and mackerel but the croaker, whiting, and snook are hanging in there. I have fished with my son Randy, and friends Marty Barlow and Barry Rashkin, for the last couple of days and the bite has been excellent. Tiger Shores and Stuart Beach have been the locations and the action has been from early morning to after the tide change. After catching what we wanted to take home, we played catch-and-release as there were just that many fish present. Randy had a nice snook grab a Fishbite and take off down the trough the other day and the hope is that when the snook season opens on Saturday, these great fish will still be chasing the croaker along the beach. Every year it seems the slot-sized fish know how to read a calendar and do a vanishing act right after the season opens! The whiting and croaker on the other hand, are increasing both in size and numbers. This bite has been on fire and shows no sign of letting up. If you aren't catching them you are probably pitching your Fishbites too far. Remember: 5 to 10 yards has been the maximum distance we have targeted to put together a nice catch. The latter part of this holiday weekend looks like the weather is going to go down hill as a system approaches and the wind and rain enter our local area. Monday and Tuesday look like possibly the worst days of the week, so get out and fish Saturday and Sunday. There has been lots of 5 to 8 inch pompano in the surf and this is a normal occurence before the keeper sized fish start to show up. Its a great time of year to be a surf fisherman as the mullet run, pompano season, and great whiting and croaker fishing are all part of the near future.

Heres a quick seminar update for those folks that have been asking about a date and time. I will be doing Surf Fishing the Fall Mullet Run on Saturday ,Sept. 15 at Bass Pro Shops - Port St Lucie at 245 pm in front of the aquarium. This one always produces a big crowd so come early and get a good seat. I will also be presenting the same seminar for the folks in the Ft Lauderdale area at Bass Pro Shops -Dania Beach on Sunday Sept 16. I do not have the exact time but whwn I get notified I will post it immediately. Hope to see you there.

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area

There is still a decent snook bite at the St. Lucie Inlet, but the fish are definitely beginning to make their way back into the rivers. Anglers using live shrimp and working the dock lights along the river at night are faring well catching snook as well as sea trout and redfish. Snook are also being caught at the Jensen Causeway on jigs and jigs tipped with shrimp. Tripletail are being caught on the channel markers. At the Boynton Inlet, there have been some large snook and tarpon spotted hanging around the outside sandbar on the incoming tide. Jetty fisherman have been catching mangrove snapper and jack crevalle. On the Lantana Bridge, anglers are catching tarpon on live threadfins, sheepshead on oysters and mangrove snapper on live shrimp.
There has been an excellent morning bite for bass on the south end of the lake. Both live shiners and several artificial baits are producing excellent results. For artificial, Gambler Aces and Zoom Super Flukes are working well.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The surf bite continued through the weekend with tarpon, spanish mackerel, jacks, whiting, croaker, blue runner, and snook all bending rods along the beaches. A return to Stuart Beach on Saturday morning proved to be the most memorable day that my son Danny and grandkids will remember when they think about their vacation here on the Treasure Coast. My 8-year old grandson Christian was casting his Krocodile spoon and catching spanish mackerel and big big blue runners on a steady basis. I was fishing a little south of him when I heard a scream and watched a 100-pound tarpon going airborne with Christian holding on for dear life, with his 7 foot spinning rod and a Penn Battle 4000, bent over double. He was lucky enough to get a second jump from this beautiful fish before the fish spit the spoon out, and I know that memory will last a lifetime. The croaker and whiting bite became secondary for the last day we were on the beach, and Christian concentrated on trying to hook another tarpon. On Sunday the big schools of glass minnows had moved from Stuart Beach and reports received told of a big concentration on the south end of Bathtub Beach. Looking at the webcam this morning, I saw lots of pelicans at the Jensen Beach location, so be mobile and look at the beach you are planning to fish before you set up. Find the schools of bait and you will find the fish. Don't be afraid to throw some of the smaller artificials, whether its a spoon, like a small Krocodile, or a smaller YoZuri Crystal Minnow. The spoon that was hot for us over the weekend was a 3/4 ounce silver and blue Krocodile. 

Ft. Pierce Snook Fishing


From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

                photo courtesy of Jayson Arman @  that's r-man land based fishing services                      

INSHORE:  Catch and release(this weekend you can invite one home for dinner) snook fishing remains the best inshore bet right now.  The mullet run hasn't really reached us yet; but the first trickles of mullet are showing.  Look for the snook to bite best at night around the bridges on an outgoing tide.  Jupiter and Palm Beach Inlet are both still producing good numbers of snook as well.  The Hobe Sound Flats continue to hold a surprising number of fish for this time of year.  Good mixed bag action of snook, spotted seatrout, redfish, mangrove snapper, and a few others.  Scattered reports of a few tarpon moving around further up the Loxahatchee River.

SURF/PIER:  Very good fishing along the beach for this time of year.   Catch and release snook fishing remains very good, and should be very this weekend at night with the full moon.  Spoolteks and 6" Tsunamis Swimbaits have been a great lure choice at night.  During the day the action has been best around the glass minnow schools (Hobe Sound beach has been especially good). Tarpon and Spanish Mackerel have been the most abundant species around the minnows, but plenty of others are mixed in as well.  Been a few kingfish caught at the Juno Beach Pier in the afternoon on large X-Raps.  Good fishing overall, definitely worth going if you have a chance.  

Sebastian Inlet Report

Snook season officially opens on September 1 and we know many of you will head out to the North Jetty as a prime fishing spot.  A reminder to obey the rules and be good to your fellow fisherman out there!  Go see Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle to get the best advice on how to reel one in..  FWC allows for one snook, per harvester, per day and total length of not less than 28″, no more than 32″.  A snook permit, as well as a recreational saltwater license, is required.  Check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website for all rules and regulations.
Unique to the region, Snook are one of the many reasons Florida is the fishing capital of the world.  When releasing a Snook, proper handling methods can help ensure your fish’s survival and the species abundance for anglers today and for generations to come.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fishing on Stand-Up Paddleboard for Big Fish

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Life and action on the beach is fantastic. The schools of glass minnows continue to draw in everything from bonita to croaker, and based on what I saw today this great fishing should go on for some time. I walked onto Stuart Beach this morning and had a fisherman tell me he had the best surf fishing action he had ever experienced in one morning. His catch list included spanish mackerel, bonita, blue runners, and jacks. I got to my spot and the tarpon, mackerel, blue runner, and jacks were tearing the glass minnow schools to shreds. By the time my son Danny and grandson Christian quit fishing, we had put 40 to 50 big croaker and whiting in the cooler along with a few nice spanish mackerel. We released lots of mackerel and big blue runners through out the morning and left the croaker and whiting biting. 8-year old Christian became a pro at casting the Krocodile spoon, hooking and fighting numerous spanish mackerel and blue runners all morning. Small pieces of Fishbites were all that was needed to catch the big croaker and whiting. The key to catching the largest croaker and whiting was to pitch your baits into the middle of the glass minnow schools and right after the bait settles to the bottom, the strikes are instantaneous. Almost all of the fish I filleted were stuffed with glass minnows. The best tarpon action has been during the low light periods of dawn and dusk, so if that is your targeted species plan your trips accordingly. The forecast looks good for the next few days so get out and bend a rod. These fish are spread up and down Hutchinson Island, so just find a beach with glass minnow schools and I am sure you will be successful. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

From Capt. Joe's Bait & Tackle Ft Pierce Area

 The inshore bite has been the typical summer time bite. Go early or go late. The tripletail have been active around the channel markers and taking the bigger shrimp. The snapper bite is still good along the channel edges and they are taking the smaller shrimp or small white baits. A few reds were reported yesterday from the docks along North Indian River Dr. - most were under slot. The catch and release snook bite has been good along the beach and in the Ft. Pierce Inlet. The snook and tarpon have been feeding on all the glass minnows. 

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area

Tarpon, snook, barracuda, jack crevalle and snapper have been hitting around the Boynton Inlet jetties. At night, anglers fishing off the south seawall have been catching snapper on cut shrimp and moonfish on white jigs. Tarpon, barracuda and jack crevalle have been hitting slow-trolled shallow diving lures along the Intracoastal Waterway channels and deep seawalls off Ocean Ridge. Mangrove snapper, sheepshead, jack crevalle, tarpon and snook have been hitting live shrimp and live herring around the Lantana Bridge. Night action for snook and tarpon using live bait or artificial lures is a best bet.
The bass fishing on the lake is still excellent in the early morning. From daybreak until about an hour-and-a-half after, white swim jigs are working well. After that, anglers switching to Senkos, either in blues, black or red shad, are faring better flipping and pitching. King’s Bar, Bird Island and Harney Pond are the top spots right now, but the key has been locating and fishing around the Kissimmee Grass. Using chrome and blue Rat-L-Trap lures, anglers also have been catching bass in some of the boat lanes. Though the panfish fishing has been a bit slow, anglers working the rim canals are getting enough for some good dinners.
report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

For The Love Of "SNOOK" --Mark Hightower

True fishermen spend hours and hours paying there dues... I sure have in the past, most don't understand why, specially wives and bosses.We do it for the rare occasion when it actually works. My boss asks sometimes when am I coming in to work, it goes like this... Boss. well when? Me: my car broke down at the fishing spot and it won't start till low tide?. Boss: well when is that ? Me: I don't know do you have a tide chart handy? He knows he isn't going to see me till the fish stop biting. Don't know why we keep having the same coversation? Back to when it actually works, I was born a snook alcoholic I admit I have to go to snook anonymous... During the summer I sometimes get up to 6 hits a day. The other night just every worked, I am not exaggerating we caught billions. no really.. I brought a knife to a gun fight, with this little bass rod, which I sleep with, the wife almost rolled over on it once so we had to get different bedrooms. I tell young fishermen every man should at least once own a nice truck, Make love to a woman he loves, and fish with a Gloomis mrb844c 7' IMX bass rod. The other night after 20 or so double hooks ups, which has happened .... never before. I threw this little bait on this tiny rod right next to a piling and this snookasourus hit it like I had ran over brick with a lawnmower. Kinda like hooking into a VW bug going 40 mph. I yanked on her to keep her away from the piling and she didn't even know I was there... she ran down the docks and since she didn't know I was there she made a 90 turn away from the docks. Big mistake for her, good luck for me. My buddy would not pour his beer on my smoking reel... called it alcohol abuse. She was running like an atheist at a Baptism. ut oh ...she is going under the boat. I felt like I was using one of the zebco kids fishing poles. With a ton of luck, and a blessing from the man above, I managed to land her. the problem was holding her up. Last thing I would want to do would be to hurt her. I have found out most fishermen are terrible photographers.. but this is all we have of this "EPIC" night fishing None the less I will never forget this "encounter". Of course we went back the next day, and those snook packed there bags.. all gone.

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Tarpon, snook, jack, spanish mackerel, ladyfish, blue runner, whiting, and croaker all showed up along our beaches this weekend. A big push of bait, which included glass minnows and greenies, was the trigger for some great action for those that fished the County Line Beach area on Saturday and Sunday. As we get closer to the fall mullet run expect these bait blow-ups to start occurring at numerous locations. I returned to Stuart Beach on Sunday with Randy and my grandkids, and probably had one of the best whiting and croaker days of the summer. The croaker were the bulk of the catch, but Randy caught our biggest whiting of the year. It was non-stop action for most of the morning, and my grandson Christian pulled in multiple doubleheaders of nice croaker. We were doing a fish fry in the afternoon so the timing could not have been better. Pink Shrimp and Orange Clam Fishbites were once again the go-to bait. Sand fleas were thick at Stuart and I managed to get enough big ones to start putting some in the freezer for the upcoming pompano season. This week's weather forecast calls for a slight increase in the wave heights as we approach the weekend, but conditions look fishable all week. High tides will be from 10 am to1 pm as the week progresses. 

Sebastian Inlet Report


Fishing has been pretty good with lots of Mangrove Snapper, some Mutton Snapper, Redfish and Jacks off the north jetty as reported by our friends at Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle.  Go see Tommy there for the latest update!  NOAA forecast calling for light south/southwest winds this week and less than 3-foot seas, noting the west wall of the Gulf Stream is 21 nautical miles east of Sebastian Inlet. 
Thanks to Allan Noel for sending in this photo as we get ready to kick off Snook season on September 1.  Mark your calendars and until then, remember to catch and release.
Unique to the region, Snook are one of the many reasons Florida is the fishing capital of the world.  When releasing a Snook, proper handling methods can help ensure your fish’s survival and the species abundance for anglers today and for generations to come. A snook permit, as well as a recreational saltwater license, is required. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Slaying Bass! (Ft. Peacock Pete, AJ The Hawgfather, and D Nasty Fishing)

EPIC BEACH FISHING! (Ft. Piscifun Honor 3000)

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Its been a tough week so far for anyone who has tried to fish the beaches due to a continuing SE wind that has been keeping the surf roughed up and the weed supply ongoing. As far as our local surf fishing is concerned it appears as if the wind is going to subside somewhat and change direction fom the steady E-SE we have been experiencing. It wont be too long before we will be talking about the Fall Mullet Run . Last year it was the third week of August when some "scout"schools of bait surprised me at Tiger Shores during a whiting and croaker trip.Big Jacks, Tarpon, Snook, and sharks will all be present when these bait schools start showing.

Friday, August 3, 2018

6 Genius Cooler Hacks

BATTLE with a BEAST... GIANT Tarpon Beach Fishing

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area

The snook fishing at the St. Lucie Inlet and the docks along the St. Lucie River, especially Hell’s Gate has been excellent. Tarpon fishing at the Crossroads, the Jensen Causeway and Big Mud by the power plant has been good as well. Snook fishing at the Jupiter and Lake Worth spillways is also good right now. Swimbaits are working well. Fishing around the Boynton Inlet has been good for snook, tarpon, mangrove and dog snapper.  Anglers fishing the inlet at night are catching permit using whole squid or live crabs. 
In the Intracoastal Waterway there are tarpon rolling in the channel and bonefish and barracuda providing excellent action for anglers fly fishing the flats west and north of the inlet. Crazy Charlie Flies are working for bonefish and Needlefish Flies have been good for the barracuda.
The Lantana Bridge has been holding lots of baitfish including small threadfin herring and anglers are using them to catch short mutton snapper, mangrove snapper, jack crevalle, snook and tarpon. Moonfish are hitting small yellow or white jigs at night around the bridge.
Remember, if fishing for snook it’s catch and release only until the season opens on Sept. 1.
On the lake the bass bite is still firing in the mornings! Swim jigs, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits are working well. Around mid- to late-morning anglers switching over to beaver-style baits or flipping jigs are reporting the best action. The bite backs off in the afternoons, but picks back up in the evenings with live shiners working well. 
King Bar’s is still one of the hot spots and a few areas on the east side including J&S and Henry Creek are also working well. Bluegill are still biting in the rim canal and the river and are hitting worms, crickets and beetle spins.
Looking for a fight? Hard-fighting bullseye snakeheads are hitting top water frog lures early in the morning and Streamer Flies in the afternoon along the banks of both lakes and their adjoining canals.

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Catch and release snook fishing remains the main game in town on the inshore side of things.  The Loxahatchee River has started to produce a good number of snook, and Jupiter Inlet is holding strong as well.  It's not mullet run time just yet; but a few little pods are trickling through and the snook are on them!  Some big jacks as well mixed in with the snook.   A few decent mangrove snapper reports continue to come in, especially at night.  

SURF/PIER-  Catch and release snook fishing has been good along the beach and at the Juno Beach Pier again this week.  Lowlight periods of the day and high tides at night are the best bet for the snook.  Spoolteks and large swimbaits have been working well for the snook; while croakers and sandperch are the top live bait choices.  Still a few tarpon cruising along the beach, but the better numbers of tarpon are farther up the line now towards Vero and Sebastian.  East winds this week pushed some pompano in along the beach.  No huge numbers, but a few good reports of pompano did come rolling in.  With continued east winds in the forecast for the weekend, it could be worth a try.  Croakers and sandperch are biting well in the first trough on small pieces of fresh shrimp.

From Capt.Giles @Southern Angler - Stuart

                                  The summer fishing has been great and should remain steady through August with lots of bait in the river and along the coastline. Lots of juvenile tarpon can be found rolling back in the St. Lucie River 7-9am. Getting them to eat can be challenging, but we’ve hooked them on DOA TerrorEyz and shrimp. For fly fishing, try throwing the Midnight Magic, puple/black, or chartreuse clousers and zonkers with intermediate or sinking line. If nothing else works, try free lining live shrimp on a circle hook. Theses 10-30 lb. tarpon can also be found at the inlet. The larger tarpon can be found at the Crossroads, inlet, and beaches early morning. Try pitching live mullet 9-12”, greenies, pilchards, or threadfins.
After an early attempt at the tarpon, there’s allot more to try in August. The snook are piled up at the Inlet spawning but are out of season, catch and release with caution. Some good methods at the inlet are Giles Jigs, Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnnows, DOA jigs, live pilchards, and live shrimp. Simply look for any spots that snook can get out of the fast moving current around the rocks and Jetties.
The ocean has been glassy calm, so we’ve been going out a few miles to the “Sandpile”, Bullshark Barge, and other spots to try for cobia, snapper, kingfish, bonita, and more. There’s plenty of bait there as well to catch with sabiki rigs. Slow trolling live bait on a weighted “fish Finder” rig has worked great for kingfish, cobia, and bonita. We use different size weights ½ to 2 oz to fully cover the water column while slow trolling. Of course we always leave one on top with no weight. Pitching chunk bait while slow trolling will attract the fish more as well as dragging a chum bag.
The mullet run typically starts in September, but can show up early in August. It’s never too soon to cruise the beaches in the morning looking for big schools of finger mullet with a tarpon feeding frenzy. Also chased by snook, jacks, and sharks.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 Clean water and no weeds usually points to excellent surf fishing opportunities and today was just that. After having to reschedule a charter for today I returned to Stuart Beach and fished by myself and the croaker, whiting, majorra, palometta, and snook were all in attendance. Orange Clam and Pink Shrimp Fishbites were the only baits I used as the bite started on these baits when I got there and I left them biting. I did not live line any croaker but the snook were swimming up and down the beach the entire two hours I was there. When you have the amount of croaker in one area like today, anyone who wants to play catch-and-release with the snook should get continual runoffs.Tiger Shores and Stuart Beaches have the near shore trough at 5 to 15 yards from the edge and a secondary bar at 15 to 25 yards off of the beach. Most of the bigger croakers and whiting were all in the deeper trough and a cast to this distance provided strikes as soon as the bait hit the bottom. Conditions look pretty good for the rest of the week and as long the nice water stays with us the action should continue. 

Sebastian Inlet Report

It is going to more of the same this week at the Inlet with the summer heat and scattered afternoon thunderstorms.  South to Southwest winds blowing at 14mph, check our webcam for current conditions, and the rain has made the water a bit murky.  Fishing off the north jetty has been pretty fair with some big Jacks biting and smaller Mangrove Snapper.  Someone took home a big barracuda yesterday, and the shrimp and pilchards have been good bait, reports Tommy Turowski. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

ALMOST Pulled in... UNSTOPPABLE Fish (Juno Pier Snook Fishing)

Man-Sized Monster Caught Fishing From Beach

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  Catch and release snook fishing remains the best bet inshore right now.  Look for the snook to be most active during lowlight periods of the day and at night.  Look for most snook bites to be best on outgoing tide.  Mangrove snapper are around in fair numbers.  Sand perch are  biting well  in the ICW.  Small pieces of shrimp is a solid bet for the sand perch.                          
SURF/PIER:  Snook fishing remains fair to good along the beach; especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  The night bite has also been good for the snook along the beach.  Spoolteks and large swim baits have been working well at night, while small paddle tails and jigs have been better during the day.  Hard to beat a live croaker though anytime of the day.  A few tarpon have been pushing north along local beaches, and reports have a good number of tarpon feeding along the beaches up to the north of us.  Croakers, and sand perch are biting pieces of shrimp in the first trough.  Snook bite in Jupiter Inlet improved this week.    The Juno Beach Pier has also been producing a fair number of mangrove snapper early in the morning.  Cut sardines and live shrimp are a good choice for the snapper.

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The surf bite this week has been somewhat slow in our immediate area; it seemed the whiting and croaker just wouldn't hang in the trough long enough to put a good catch together. The early morning was the time to be in position as the majority of the fish that were taken were all caught as the sun came up. Weeds and some off-colored water at beaches like Dollmans Beachside, Walton Rocks, and Middle Cove made catches pretty difficult to put together. Although the water was pretty nice at Stuart, Tiger Shores, and Santa Lucea, the bite was short lived. Randy and I fished at all of the mentioned beach accesses during the week but after we would put 10 to 15 whiting and croaker in the cooler the action stopped. The best fishing after the sun got up was the catch-and-release snook bite. A live croaker did not last more than 10 minutes after live-lining them in the near shore trough. After we get past the full moon tomorrow, I expect the bite to bounce back after a very inconsistent week. Another factor that hampered fishing the last few days was the amount of weeds that moved into the edge of the surf right after the tide hit the high mark and started to fall. This is normally the best time to put a good catch together and with the high tide times from 8:30 to 10 am from now through Monday, plan your trips around those hours. Fishbites and frozen shrimp will be the baits of choice and there are reports of some live shrimp starting to show up at a few locations. Good luck this week with improving conditions and with the possibility of fresh shrimp becoming available again, fishing should improve.

From The Crew @ Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Inshore yesterday the trout bite has been good with to the north on soft baits with a few nice fish on top water around first light. The beach fishing has been good to the south around the power plant with some nice snook and tarpon.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I had a great charter today with George Wisk from the Port St Lucie Anglers Club and the importance of waiting for the tide to rise was never more evident. George is an accomplished offshore angler and relatively new to the surf fishing scene. After today he can add accomplished to the surf fishing handle as he put 43 croaker and 10 whiting in the cooler. We had some water quality issues when we first started but as the tide kept rising the fishing got better and the water improved. The baits we used were Orange Clam Fishbites and small pieces of frozen shrimp. The location was Stuart Beach and I did not hear from anyone else to see if the fish bit at other locations. Most of the bites came from 15 to 20 yards from the edge, as the fish did not set up on the inshore edge of the near shore trough. The picture I am going to post is only a partial catch as George was catching one after another even as I was cleaning up!! Looking at the upcoming weather forecasts I don't see any major changes so this excellent fishing should continue. 

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area

               Along the beaches in Jensen, anglers are catching good numbers of whiting and croaker using pink Fish Bites with cut shrimp.They are also catching quite a few snook using menhaden which are fairly thick in the area right now. Spawning on the full moon, the mangrove snapper are biting all along the Jupiter area. Carlin Park and Dubois Park have been good, but the key is finding structure like rocks or a jetty in 30 feet of water or less. The fish are holing up in those areas and are hitting on small pilchards, small sardines and shrimp. Areas including Coral Cove Park and Blowing Rocks Preserve could definitely be worth checking out. The snook bite at the Jupiter Inlet is still fantastic and has been best on the outgoing tide when the water is a bit warmer. There are big tarpon in the 60- to 120-pound range cruising around the sandbars at the Boynton Inlet. There also some good-sized snook lurking in the area as well. They are mostly being caught just inside the inlet. Anglers working the jetties are catching mangrove and dog snapper and permit on crabs. Mangrove snapper are also being caught around the channel markers in the Intracoastal Waterway. One captain recommended night fly fishing for snook, tarpon and moonfish along the docks in the ICW using epoxy silverside and epoxy shrimp flies. At the Lantana Bridge they have been catching sheepshead, jack crevalle and sand perch.
On the lake the bass bite is great in the early mornings and late afternoons! In the mornings, artificial baits including spinnerbaits, swim jigs and Senkos are best, while in the afternoons live shiners are the call. Top spots are the King’s Bar and Buckhead Ridge areas. The bluegill are biting in the canals and in the river and are being caught on red worms and crickets.                                                                                 report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Heres a quick update about our local surf fishing and things are definitely improving.My son Randy fished at Stuart Beach yesterday and he was still battling weeds on the surface and the bottom. Even with less than ideal conditions he still managed to put 20 nice whiting and croaker in the cooler. I headed that way today to see if the conditions were still improving and managed to catch 25 nice croaker in only a couple of hours. The weeds were not an issue today and Fishbites and frozen shrimp accounted for all of the fish. Today, the fish did not hold in a specific part of the beach and moving 15 to 20 yards, both north and south, produced to be the ticket as this school was constantly on the move. One of the great factors of fishing the surf at this time of year is the ability to move around because of the low numbers of folks fishing the beach. We have an early afternoon high tide the next few days so get to your favorite spot by late morning and you should be able to put a catch together. I also stopped and looked at Hermans Bay and Normandy beach accesses and the water looked good and the weeds were not an issue.

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area

In the St. Lucie Inlet and along the beaches in the area, the snook fishing has been excellent. For bait live pilchards are working fantastic. As one guide said, the snook are “crushing them.”
The snook fishing has also been good in the Jupiter area along the Intracoastal Waterway all the way to the inlet where they are spawning. Anglers working the dock lights and mangroves in the ICW are having good luck. Best baits have been live shrimp and mullet. Though great to catch, it’s still catch and release until the season opens back up Sept. 1.
Around the Boynton Inlet the water has been extremely clear and there have been lots of spotted eagle rays, cownose rays, tarpon, snook and mangrove snapper.
The tarpon are mostly cruising the sandbars and the snook, some of which are huge, are hanging out in the area between the beach and the sandbars.
In the ICW, at the docks in Lantana, massive tarpon between 90 and 150 pounds have been lurking and picking up free meals as anglers clean their catches. 
There have also been big jack crevalle in the area. They’re feasting in the mornings on the small baitfish near the Lantana Bridge and putting on quite the show as they pin them against the seawall.
On the lake, the bass bite is still excellent. The shad are spawning right now and it’s ramping up the action. From dawn until about 7:30 a.m. swim jigs and spinner baits are the way to go. After that pitching a jig with a three-quarter-ounce weight in the round reeds has produced good results. Hot spots have been King’s Bar, Buckhead Ridge and Indian Prairie.
Though the bluegill and shellcrackers are still biting, it’s mostly in the canals. Best bets for baits are red worms and crickets.
report courtesy of Palm Beach Post