Thursday, July 19, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Heres a quick update about our local surf fishing and things are definitely improving.My son Randy fished at Stuart Beach yesterday and he was still battling weeds on the surface and the bottom. Even with less than ideal conditions he still managed to put 20 nice whiting and croaker in the cooler. I headed that way today to see if the conditions were still improving and managed to catch 25 nice croaker in only a couple of hours. The weeds were not an issue today and Fishbites and frozen shrimp accounted for all of the fish. Today, the fish did not hold in a specific part of the beach and moving 15 to 20 yards, both north and south, produced to be the ticket as this school was constantly on the move. One of the great factors of fishing the surf at this time of year is the ability to move around because of the low numbers of folks fishing the beach. We have an early afternoon high tide the next few days so get to your favorite spot by late morning and you should be able to put a catch together. I also stopped and looked at Hermans Bay and Normandy beach accesses and the water looked good and the weeds were not an issue.

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area

In the St. Lucie Inlet and along the beaches in the area, the snook fishing has been excellent. For bait live pilchards are working fantastic. As one guide said, the snook are “crushing them.”
The snook fishing has also been good in the Jupiter area along the Intracoastal Waterway all the way to the inlet where they are spawning. Anglers working the dock lights and mangroves in the ICW are having good luck. Best baits have been live shrimp and mullet. Though great to catch, it’s still catch and release until the season opens back up Sept. 1.
Around the Boynton Inlet the water has been extremely clear and there have been lots of spotted eagle rays, cownose rays, tarpon, snook and mangrove snapper.
The tarpon are mostly cruising the sandbars and the snook, some of which are huge, are hanging out in the area between the beach and the sandbars.
In the ICW, at the docks in Lantana, massive tarpon between 90 and 150 pounds have been lurking and picking up free meals as anglers clean their catches. 
There have also been big jack crevalle in the area. They’re feasting in the mornings on the small baitfish near the Lantana Bridge and putting on quite the show as they pin them against the seawall.
On the lake, the bass bite is still excellent. The shad are spawning right now and it’s ramping up the action. From dawn until about 7:30 a.m. swim jigs and spinner baits are the way to go. After that pitching a jig with a three-quarter-ounce weight in the round reeds has produced good results. Hot spots have been King’s Bar, Buckhead Ridge and Indian Prairie.
Though the bluegill and shellcrackers are still biting, it’s mostly in the canals. Best bets for baits are red worms and crickets.
report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Getting on a HOT pre-storm Snook bite

Catching A Spillway Giant! How Icast in 2018!

From The Crew @ Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Inshore yesterday the trout  bite has been good with a few nice fish around on top water with a few nice snook mixed in. The trout bite has been ok around bear point with live shrimp and soft baits. The snook bite is still steady in the inlet with live bait on the out going tide and on the jetty with live bait. The glass minnows are around the power plant with a few snook and tarpon mixed in.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Photos From ICAST 2018








Sebastian Inlet Report

It’s a beautiful and hot summer day at the Inlet with a light west wind at 5 mph and calm surf.  Expect more of the same this week and watch out for afternoon thunderstorms.  Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reports that fishing has been good off the north jetty with mostly Mangrove Snapper out there, Big Reds, Jacks and Mutton Snapper too.  Some Spanish Mackerel and Barracuda have been biting.
   photo courtesy of David Hartwell               

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Surf fishing this past weekend can best be described as just OK. We still had the the remaining swell from the storm that left the Carolinas during the week and there were still some weeds that just do not want to leave the area. I fished at Stuart Beach both Saturday and Sunday, with Saturday being the slower day of the two. I fished with Norm from the Port St Lucie Angers Club and the croaker action was a slow pick. Sunday proved to be better with the croaker, whiting, and loads of mojarra. Fishbites and frozen shrimp were the baits we used to put about 30 croaker and whiting in the cooler. It is the time of the summer when the commercial shrimp boats don't sail as the shrimp have moved to deep water far off-shore. The frozen shrimp are also hard to find, so try some clam strips to go with the Fishbites until we get past this annual shrimp shortage. My son Randy did manage to play tug-of-war with two large snook that ate live the croaker he was fishing on a live line rig. Anyone who wants to hook one of these great fighting fish should just put a smaller croaker out on a near-shore setup and be prepared to hold on. Remember, this is catch-and-release only, so return these fish to the water quickly and unharmed. I started today, Monday, at Stuart Beach and caught some nice whiting and croaker until the bite shut off after only about 45 minutes. A trip to Middle Cove was short lived, as that water was dirty and full of weeds. My final stop was in the area of Normandy beach and I put five big croaker in the cooler in a very short amount of time before the weeds made that area unfishable. We can overcome the shrimp shortage with Fishbites and clam strips, but the weeds need a current or wind shift to make all of our beach areas fishable. If you find your favorite beach loaded with weeds, start looking at some different spots and fish the ones that have the minimum amount of grass. Good luck and catch em up!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Photos of some of the "NEW" fishing stuff for 2019 next week

Fort Pierce Inshore Nearshore

The inshore fishing in July should be about as good as it gets for trout.  A lot of big gator trout should be caught at first light and again just before dark on top water baits like a Zara Spook, Top Dogs or a MirrOdine at places like the Mooring’s Flats, Round Island or Bear Point.  During the mid-morning and afternoon try a live pilchard or a pigfish and fish it under a popping cork with 24-inches of 20-pound fluorocarbon leader and a 5/0 Kahle hook.  Try the area around Torpy Road, Midway Road or at Jack Island.
The redfish bite should also be good for anglers using a live shrimp or small crabs.  Fish around the mangroves and the islands to the north of the North Bridge.  Again, use a 20-pound fluorocarbon leader and a #2 live bait hook.  Snook season is closed, but you can look for some good catch and release action around the docks of both north and south Indian River Drive. Try throwing a live bait like a pinfish, pigfish, pilchard or a mullet under the docks.  For this I like a 40-pound fluorocarbon leader, a 5/0 live bait hook and a medium action rod—something with a little back bone in it.
Look for the tarpon action to be good during the low light hours.  Hot spots should be Big Mud Creek, Fort Pierce Inlet, the turning basin and on the beaches.  A good size mullet will be hard to beat.  I use the same tackle as for the snook but sometimes it is not enough.
Tripletail should be around the channel markers and taking live shrimp fished on a ¼-ounce Troll-Rite hook with 18 to 24 inches of 20-pound fluorocarbon leader.
And, last but not least, look for some good snapper action along the channel edges and around the area bridges.  A small white bait or a live shrimp would be my choice and try using a ½-ounce lead, 18-inches of fluorocarbon leader and a #2 long shank hook.  The time around the full moon will be the best. 
report courtesy of Capt. Joe Ward/

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Great weather and great fishing was the way to describe surf fishing this weekend along Hutchinson Island. I fished with my son Randy and his entire family including my grandaughters Kaitlyn and Ashley, and everyone got in on the action. Croaker, whiting, mojarra, and a 25 lb jack all made our catch list at Stuart Beach. The croaker, whiting, and mojarra all found the usual Fishbites and cut shrimp bait combination to be their baits of choice. Randy also caught a huge jack on a 7 inch live croaker fished on a bottom rig. If anyone has not hooked a big jack, then you are missing the fight of your life. We were set up north of the swimming area and that jack almost made it all of the way down to the swimmers before he decided to head back our way. This species is one of my favorites because whether you hook a one pound fish or a 25 lb monster like Randy caught, they have to be the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound, along our entire coast. My grandaughters showed us why this type of fishing is great for all ages, and this summer's croaker and whiting run has been one of the best in years. Once again the bite was non-stop just before the high tide mark and all of the bites came 5 to10 yards from the edge of the surf. I sent all of the fish home with Randy so he could continue to sharpen his filleting skills, and I was able to take a weekend off from standing at the fillet table. It appears as if we are going to have a swell and some weeds to deal with in the first part of the week, but the big shore break should start to diminish by Thursday. I fished today although the swell was definitely building and weeds made conditions challenging. I managed to put some nice whiting and croaker in the cooler but conditions cut down on the total number caught. Good luck this week and catch em up.




Thursday, July 5, 2018

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierce

July brings hot weather, chances of afternoon rains and Fourth of July parties. Oh....and lots of great fishing out there, too!  Watch out for afternoon thunderstorms this month.  Mornings on the river will bring action at first light on top water lures for snook or trout along the flats. They will seek deeper water as the sun rises.  It’s a hot, but very productive month around the Treasure Coast.
I will be fishing along the mangroves for snook and redfish with DOA shrimp, CAL jerk baits and top water lures, like the DOA Airhead, where the water will be 2-3 feet deep.  Trout will move to deeper flats in 2-6 feet of water and will most likely hit pigfish, DOA 2 ¾” shrimp or Deadly Combos.  Look for the trout to move to the deeper edges of the flats as the sun warms up the water.  Fish the sand holes on the flats!  You will find the bigger fish sitting in these holes waiting on the tides to bring the food to them.  It has been another banner year for big trout around the area.  Redfish will continue to hold up on the flats.  Read the water as you move across the flats and look for any activity that might be a school of reds.  Gold spoons, soft baits, like DOA shrimp or CAL jerk baits will work best for them. Search along the docks during the day for snook or redfish hanging around there as well.  It’s a fantastic month to be fishing!
Bridges will be producing snapper, drum and sheepshead during July. Live or dead shrimp will be hard for them to resist.  Watch the tides and fish the slower sides of them for best results. Whiting will continue to be in the surf with the occasional bluefish and Spanish mackerel. There will be larger snapper in the river around structure and along channel edges.  Sharks will be patrolling along the beach also.  The glass minnows will be flowing into the river in huge schools.  Watch for these bait schools and fish the edges for your best action.

Areas to fish in the river for July: Bear Point, Queen's Cove and Round Island.  South of Harbor Branch will be a great area to work for trout in the mornings before the sun heats up things. The flats in front of the power plant taper off to 3-5 feet and will be holding trout during the day.  Live pigfish are the favorite food for trout this time of year.  It’s time to set the traps to feed these hungry fish!  Try a DOA TerrorEyz or the DOA PT-7 during the day also for trout.  The west shore down there will be good areas to search out redfish. Channel edges will be yielding snapper on structure.  Tripletail will be around channel markers and pilings to the south towards Jensen Beach.


Awesome Surprise While Wade Fishing! (Ft. The Indian River Pescador)

Monday, July 2, 2018

Surf's On Fire

 Got A Few Photos From My Buddy Chris, Who Invited Me To Go Out And Do Some Surf Fishing With Him... I Was Lazy That Morning....... I Should Have Gone.

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

It was nice to see the forecasted conditions materialize today and hopefully everyone had a great day bending a rod along our beaches. I went back to the area I have been fishing at Stuart Beach and the large croaker bite was as good as it gets. I don't think the whiting, jacks, mackerel, blue runners, and snook got the memo to be there though, as I did not catch a single species other than the croaker. The action was non-stop from the traditional time (one hour before high tide to one hour after) and believe me, I left them biting. A tip to take away from today was if you are not getting any takers in the normal 5 to10 yards from the edge of the surf, try different distances. The area of beach that I have been fishing actually has a second trough that drops down another two feet from the deepest level of the near shore trough, and all of my bites occured in this area,15 to 25 yards off the beach. Plain Orange Clam Fishbites was the hot bait today and actually out-fished the hooks with cut shrimp three to one. The croaker this summer have been of the large variety and if you are lucky to get a double hook-up they will really put a bend in your rod. I haven't received any additional reports from folks who fished at different beach accesses but I am confident that there is a good spread of fish up and down our local beaches. I hope everyone has a great July 4th holiday; be safe and enjoy our great summertime surf action. Good luck and catch em up.

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area

Anglers working the beaches in the Jensen Beach area have been having a blast catching big snook. They are getting them using live pilchards.
In the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers permit are being caught on crabs and live shrimp.
Redfish are being caught on blue crabs in the Intracoastal Waterway around the power plant.
Along the beaches in Jupiter anglers are seeing good numbers of tarpon. 
The snook in the area are mostly being caught in the inlet.
Using one- to three-ounce Crocodile spoons and Yozuri offshore poppers in blue/white or yellow/red patterns, anglers fishing off Lantana Public Beach and at Gulfstream Park are reporting catching snook, jack crevalle and barracuda just before sunrise.
In the same areas, surf casters using small, live sand perch or jacks are catching great barracuda up to 50 pounds and permit using live crabs.
The Boynton Inlet jetties have been packed with anglers and live bait. There have been goggle eyes, pilchards, sardines and cigar minnows moving around and through the inlet with the tides. Snook, tarpon, barracuda, mangrove and dog snapper as well as permit are being caught. 
For snook, tarpon and permit, anglers fishing the outgoing tide are having good luck.
Anglers bouncing two- to three-ounce yellow chicken feathers or white/red Flair Hawks off the south jetty during the outgoing tide at night have been hooking big snook.
The water temperature has been very hot in the Intracoastal Waterway and with still large amounts of fresh water being dumped, anglers will want to fish the deeper channels and holes with live shrimp for mangrove snapper, bonefish and tarpon. 
The Lantana Bridge has been holding lots of bait lately, mostly gizzard shad and small herring. Snook, tarpon, barracuda and jack crevalle have been hitting live baits during the day. At night, moonfish are hitting jigs while snook and tarpon have been hitting live baits fished around the shadow lines.
With the summer heat upon South Florida, anglers fishing the early mornings using live shiners are having the best luck for bass. For artificial baits white swim jigs have been working well. Top areas are King’s Bar, Tin House Cove and Indian Prairie.
The bluegill bite is still good. Best bets are the deeper portions of the rim canals and the Kissimmee River. Top baits are still crickets and worms.
For fly fisherman, the action on both bluegill and smaller, large mouth bass has been good.
Anglers working the bridges and canals of Lake Osborne are catching large bluegill and cichlids using live crickets and worms.
Clown knifefish and Peacock bass have been hitting live shad or shiners at night. 
Catfish to 15 pounds are being caught on fresh cut baitfish and dead, peeled shrimp fished on the bottom.

Summer Beach Snook! Live Bait Snook Fishing Florida

Unexpected Catch on Fish Bites and MORE SNOOK FISHING!!!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Heres a quick wrap up to this past weeks surf fishing. Sorry there have not been any mid week reports but some computer issues prevented that. After a fantastic Fathers Day with fish being caught up and down Hutchinson Island, the mid week bite was challenging. I returned to Stuart Beach on Monday morning and found the nice water color that had been there all weekend had been replaced by a lime green dirty shade. It didnt take long to figure out that freshwater had made its presence known with the absence of any bites and vegetation floating along the edge of the beach. I took a ride to the north and stopped at Middle Cove and found brown streaky run off water there. The good news is leaving Governor Rick Scott rode his white horse onto the scene and issued an emergency order to curtail the volume of Lake O discharges. I listened to Ed Killer on The South Florida Fishing Report as he was talking with Fred from the Snook Nook and if I interpreted what he said , Congressman Brian Mast may have had more of an impact as he demanded a stop to the discharges on the floor of the U.S. House on Thursday. Mast also invited the Army Corps of Engineers to come take a swim in the St. Lucie River. A cutback should help the situation but it is not going to eliminate the problem . I have to add that when I returned to fish Stuart Beach on Wednesday a tourist came running down the beach ,taking pictures of two large fish swimming in the trough. He informed me that these fish were heading my and I assumed they were snook swimming along the edge. I was shocked to see two large alligator gar making there way south . I packed my gear up and went home. Today, Sunday, Iam happy to report that my son Randy and I caught some nice whiting at Stuart Beach and I am hoping our water quality will improve during the week. Good luck and catch em up.

Simple way of tying FG knot

Friday, June 22, 2018

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  Catch and release snook fishing remains the main game in town on the inshore side of things. Look for the snook to be in the inlets and around the bridges at night.  Flair hawks are a great lure choice right now; as are big swimbaits (Like a SpoolTek) around the bridges at night.  Live baits will be the best bet during the day, especially in the inlet.   Summertime temps have other inshore fishing on the slow side.  Some scattered mangrove snapper reports coming in around the bridges, and fair sandperch reports in the ICW.

SURF/PIER:  Snook fishing has really started to improve along the beach, including the appearance of some larger fish.  Live croakers and sandperch are a solid live bait choice right now for the big female snook, while smaller pilchards and threadfins are a good bait choice for getting a larger number of bites.  During lowlight periods of the day Rapala X-Raps and Yo-Zuri Longcast minnows are a great lure choice for the snook.  In brighter sunlight a small jig or soft plastic paddletail will be a better choice; with white always being a good color choice. 
The Juno Beach Pier has had a fair number of Spanish Mackerel around, as well as a few kingfish still.  Look for the early morning and late afternoon bite to be the best at the pier.  Croakers and sandperch are biting good in the first trough on small pieces of shrimp.   Scattered jacks and tarpon pushing along the beach as well right now.

From The Crew @ Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

The weather looks good for the weekend so hopefully you can make it out. Inshore the snook bite has been good with some nice fish around the spoil islands around first light with top water and live bait with a few big trout mixed in. The reds have been hit or miss but there is a few nice fish to the north of north bridge. The beach fishing continues to be good with snook and tarpon in the bait schools. 

Catching Big Fish From the Beach - Surf Fishing

Monday, June 18, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I hope everyone who planned on fishing our beaches today got out and enjoyed the great weather and excellent surf action that was evident along our local beaches. I had the pleasure of taking Eric and Laura Hutter of Palm City to Stuart Beach on a surf charter and what a great day it was. These two are accomplished anglers, but new to surf fishing during the summer months on the Treasure Coast. They certainly picked the right day, as they caught lots of nice whiting, croaker, and one jack from this morning until early this afternoon. Fishbites and cut shrimp were once again the baits that put the fish in the cooler and all of the bites occured in the first trough 5 to 5 yards from the beach. I also spoke with a friend who fished at Middle Cove today and he caught some nice whiting along with a number of bonefish at that location. We are finally seeing some great conditions to fish the beach with light winds and a calm surf. Looking ahead to this week the forecast remains excellent and I expect the whiting, croaker, jacks, and bonefish to continue to bend the rods. We did see a nice school of pilchards moving to the south and the tarpon and big jacks should be right on their heels as the amount of bait starts to increase . Have a great week and catch em up.

Giant Summer Snook Fishing on the Beach

Friday, June 15, 2018

From Todd & Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  Catch and release snook fishing remains the main game in town right now.  Look for the snook to be most active at night around area bridges.  With current water conditions (dark and fresh) tide has not mattered quite as much as usual.  Flair Hawk jigs and swimbaits are a solid choice for the snook right now.  Some big jacks in the ICW.  Mangrove snapper action has been fair around area bridges.
SURF/PIER:  The Juno Beach Pier continues to produce a few kingfish early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Large swimming plugs (X-Raps and Yo-Zuri Longcast) and live baits on a trolley rig are the best bet for the kings.  Spanish Mackerel action has also been good at the pier with Jacks in the Mix.  The snook are starting to bite a little better at the pier; but the big females are still not fully set in.  Croakers and whiting are biting in the first trough.  Still a very few straggler pompano hanging around, especially north of Jupiter Inlet.  Good number of tarpon moving along the beach right now; getting bites out of them has been a little tough.


Fort Pierce Cove

Monday, June 11, 2018

Snook and Trout Fishing in Ft. Pierce with George


Fishing in June goes like this, some patterns are ending, and some patterns are just beginning.  Snook season is now over but their summer pattern is just beginning.  When fishing for snook over the summer months, you want to be extremely gentle with them because they are doing their annual spawn and there will be some big females that need to be released very quickly.  Always support the belly of the fish. Never hold it vertical for a picture.  If you are going to use live bait, make sure you are always using a circle hook for a good survival rate.  If you are fishing from jetties or piers, make sure you put the fish in your net and release it properly. Please do NOT throw it back into the water.  If we want to have a good survival rate for these fish, all of us need to consider this when releasing big snook in the summertime.
Getting out very early and fishing in the river at sunrise will give you a good opportunity to catch some nice summer snook on top-water lures.  If you don’t like to get up early, you could always go to the beach and some of the jetties for good action. Now that the sun is up, you will have to use live bait, such as little greenies, small mullet or even a small sand perch will be perfect for some of these fish that will be cruising in the first trough at the beach. Fish at the jetties will be closer to the rocks or in some deeper holes ambushing their prey.  The current will dictate how much weight you need.  Sometimes a quarter-ounce works and sometimes a three-ounce weight is what it will take to hold bottom.
Good size tarpon should begin showing up. Having the right tackle to battle the silver king can be the most important part to landing one from land.  I highly recommend when you are going to the beach or the jetty always bring a light seven-foot six-inch spinning rod for the snook and other fish that will be close. And one that is eight-or nine-foot with a spinning reel that will hold at least 300 yards of 50-pound braid. This will allow you to throw further out to rolling fish and leave you enough line for the battle.  Get out early in the morning or late in the evening when these fish will be most active, even going during the night time.  This time of year, I find myself doing a lot of night fishing, and that is a conversation for a different day.
report courtesy of Jayson Arman That’s R-Man Land Based Fishing Services /

Black Tide 2018--The Lake Okeechobee Discharges Begin Again!!!

Best Time to Catch Big SNOOK? -Surf Fishing

Saturday, June 9, 2018

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  Catch and release snook fishing will remain the main game in town right now.  Best snook bite will be at night, but a few can be caught during the day as well.  Look for the biggest fish to be staged up somewhere close to or in an inlet right now.  Big swimbaits and flair hawk jigs remain a solid lure choice right now, especially if your looking to catcha big snook.  The ICW has been holding a few big jacks along seawalls early in the morning.  A large noisy topwater or big live mullet is the best choice for the big jacks right now.  Look for the jacks to be most active early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  Mangrove snapper action is picking up around area bridges.  Some good reports of some big sandperch in the ICW on small pieces of cut shrimp.

SURF/PIER:  The Juno Beach Pier has been pretty hot this week.  A fair number of kingfish have been around first thing in the morning and then again late in the afternoon.  A live bait on a trolley rig or Rapala X-Rap is the best choice for the kingfish.  Lowlight periods of the day (morning, late afternoon, or heavy clouds/stormy) are the biggest key for getting a kingfish bite.  MIxed in with the kingfish have been a few bonita, some big jacks, and a few tarpon.  The snook bite continues to improve on a daily basis .  Live baits(threadfins, pilchards, sardines, croakers) have been good for the snook, as have dead sardines and bonita chunks.  The Spanish Mackerel have been around the pier in fair numbers as well.  White crappie jigs, small Rapala X-Raps, and free-lined small live baits are the best choice for the Spanish Mackerel.  Croakers and sandperch are in the first trough and biting small pieces of shrimp.  It's pretty late for the pompano, but a few are still being caught as well.  Sandfleas and clams remain the bait of choice for the last straggler pomps hanging around.  Snook should also start to move along the beach in pretty fair numbers now on the backside of the moon.  Swimming plugs will be a good choice for snook along the beach during lowlight periods of the day, while a small white bucktail jig or small paddletail will be a better choice once the sun gets up a bit.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area


Off the Palm Beach area, there have been some tarpon cruising the beaches. DOA lures and live baits are working well.
Off the jetties at the Boynton Inlet, anglers are catching small snook and small snapper.
Sand perch are being caught on peeled shrimp at the Lantana Bridge.
An unusually event occurred recently when several small cobia were caught at the Lantana Bridge. Anglers were using shad that likely came through the spillways.


Got a taste for panfish? You’re in luck as the bluegill bite is fantastic. Anglers using crickets and worms and working the canals and Kissimmee River are having excellent luck.
The bass bite has been good as well with Eagle Bay and Tin House Cove being good spots as well as any of the spillways that are running. Rat-L-Trap lures and crankbaits are working well in the spillways and top water frogs and plastic worms are being used out on the lake.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

You Gonna Lose A Few - To Catch A Few

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Brilliant sunshine, calm winds, turquoise water, and absolutely great surf fishing was the total result of the past two days along our local beaches. It has been some time since we have had conditions like the past two days and I hope everyone got out and enjoyed all of it. I fished the last two days with my oldest son, Paul and his wife Jennifer who are down here on vacation from Long Island, my son Randy, and friends Marty Barlow and Barry Rashkin. We fished at Stuart beach both days and the action was non-stop. Pompano, spanish mackerel, whiting, and croaker were all on our catch list. Since Paul and Jennifer were hoping to vacuum seal some fillets to take back north, their timing couldn't have been better. The whiting and croaker bite in the first trough right now is off the charts and the usual recipe of Orange Clam Fishbites & cut shrimp accounted for all of the near shore action. The trough is loaded with these tasty fish and the bites come almost instantly when your rig hits the bottom. Randy caught some nice spanish mackerel by casting a krocodile spoon on these fish that consistently appeared throughout the day. The keeper pompano we caught were a nice bonus, especially when they were caught on the short rods fished in the first trough. The biggest mistake you can make when targeting the whiting and croaker is casting too far, as all of the activity is within 20 yards of the beach. Look for this great action to continue as we move into summer. It's really nice to see a lot of big whiting making it into the cooler. My daughter-in-law Jennifer showed us all how to do it right, as she landed a huge 2 pound whiting on a Fishbite. Light tackle, Fishbites, and cut shrimp are all you need to have a great day on the beach . 

From The Crew @ Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Inshore the snook bite has been good live bait has produced the best with a few big trout around the mangrove shore lines to the north around first light. The water is still a little nasty hopefully it will clean up soon. The beach fishing is starting to get good with a few snook and tarpon in the bait schools find the bait and you will find some fish.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

If anyone had any doubts about our great early summer surf action bouncing back after Alberto, I hope this report will put those ideas to bed. I took a quick look yesterday at a few of the local beach accesses and was greeted with dirty brown run-off water. But today was a different story as some of the clean green color we had before this last front was back. Stuart Beach was the location, and the whiting were there in big numbers. Orange Clam Fishbites and small pieces of fresh shrimp accounted for all of the fish caught. The water has definitely cooled off with all of the run-off but the whiting seem to have acclimated to the temperature change. They bit the entire time I was there and I left them biting two hours after the tide had peaked. They were 15 to 20 yards from the edge and repeated casts to the same part of the trough brought instant strikes. I am sure a fish fry is in my plans for this weekend as well as filling a request from my friend, Capt Mark Dravo of YB Normal Fishing Charters in Fort Pierce, for his favorite fish - whiting. The only other type of action I experienced was from a hungry snook that engulfed a whiting as I reeled it in. I thought I had a snook dinner in the making but it only measured 26 inches so it had to go back. The snook season closes tonight for the summer, so that one will have the chance to become a keeper next year. We are going to have to deal with more run off and Lake O discharges as it was announced that the pumping is going to start tomorrow. My advice to everyone is if a certain beach has water affected by the fresh water, then look at other accesses as currents, tides, and winds could improve the water quality and fish holding potential. The weather is predicted to be pretty darn good for the next 4 to 5 days so get out and bend a rod. A stop at the Snook Nook for some fresh shrimp and a bag of Fishbites will be your ticket to success.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dock Fishing for Snook with Jigs

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE: Catch and release snook fishing will be the main game in town this weekend on the inshore side of things.  The Spillways and bridges have both been producing a good number of snook.  Hogy pro paddletails and SpoolTeks have been hot lure choices for the snook, as have flair hawk style jigs.  The mangrove snapper action inshore continues to improve on a weekly basis.  Sandperch action has been good in the ICW using fresh cut shrimp.  Large amounts of freshwater have other inshore action on the slowside.

SURF/PIER:  The Juno Beach Pier has been pretty hot as of late.  Decent number of Kingfish have been around each morning and again late in the afternoon.  Rapala X-Raps and Yo-Zuri Longcast Minnows have been good lure choices for the kingfish.  Snook action continues to improve almost daily at the pier.  Fair scattering of jacks and spanish mackerel around as well to keep things interesting.  Still a handful of pompano reports trickling in.  Sandfleas and clams remain the bait of choice for the late season pompano.  Croaker, whiting, and sandperch are biting small pieces of cut shrimp good in the first trough.  

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierce

Summer has arrived, and you can bet on hot afternoons and lots of great fishing action around the Treasure Coast during June.  The mornings will be calm, and it is certainly to your benefit to get out early to beat the afternoon heat.  Being on the water at first light is worth the effort to watch the sun rise.  Expect a chance of afternoon thunderstorms each day…we can always use some rain around the area this time of year!  Watch the weather each afternoon out there.  It’s a fantastic month to fish.
Inshore will provide lots of redfish, snook and trout action on the flats.  Get those top water lures cleaned up and plan an early morning to get some of that explosive action in the shallows.  Try the DOA Airhead or Bait Buster for great top water action.  Switch to DOA shrimp or a CAL jerk bait as the sun warms up to continue your success.  Watch for bait schools on the flats and you can be assured there are fish nearby.  You can expect the fish to be feeding shallow early and move to the edges of the flats as the sun rises.  Look for sand holes on the flats!  Fish are traditionally lazy and love to sit in a sand hole and wait for the tide to bring the food for them to ambush.
You should be able to find plenty of redfish around the shallows.  The population this year has been outstanding, and they have been growing all spring.  Redfish schools will be feeding on the flats, so be on the lookout for them.  Most will be slot size to just over the slot.  I love using a DOA shrimp or CAL paddle tails while fishing for reds.  Try along the mangroves as well.  Lots of fish will move under the mangroves as the sun heats up for the day.  Trout will be on the grassy flats and feeding on the same food out there.  Move out to three to five feet of water as the day heats up to continue your action.  A Deadly Combo can provide inexperienced anglers with lots of fun learning to fish artificials.    Don’t forget to fish the docks around the river.  Lots of big fish will be hanging around many of the docks along the Indian River.  Live bait, TerrorEyz and DOA shrimp can find some exciting action in June.  Harbor Branch, Queens Cove and Bear Point will all be hot spots for action all summer.
Snook will provide plenty of action around the bridges and jetties this month.  Snook season closed on May 31 and won’t open again until fall.   Night anglers will be heading to the jetties for catch and release snook and maybe some tarpon action.   Top water lures, feather jigs, TerrorEyz and Bait Busters can all get you in on some fantastic action.  Handle the snook carefully and release them quickly and safely so that they will be there this fall.  Jacks will also be hanging around the inlets and give you some rod bending activity.
Make sure you take plenty of water with you.  It will be hot out there.  Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and reduce the risk of heat stroke.  Slather on lots of sunscreen!  Sunburn isn’t a good feeling at the end of the good day of fishing.  A little common sense and a few minutes can a big difference.  Make that part of preparations for your adventures on the water.  It will just make a great day even better!

Causeway Cove Marina Opens January 23, 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I hope some of my fellow surf anglers got out these past two days to take advantage of the whiting, croaker, and pompano bite that has been happening along our local beaches. Tomorrow, Friday, looks like that is going to be the last day to hit the surf until next week as this next weather system will be upon us on Saturday afternoon. The beaches along the south end of Hutchinson Island, Tiger Shores, Stuart, and Santa Lucea have been holding the best water, as the northern end spots like Middle Cove have been very off color. I fished at Stuart Beach on Wednesday afternoon and put together a decent catch of whiting, croaker, and a couple of keeper pompano. The most amazing part of Wednesday's fishing was the number of pompano that I released before catching two keepers. I probably released 20 to 25 before I caught my cooler fish, and a report from one of my commercial pompano friends was the same story today at Tiger Shores. He caught at least 20, but only four of those were of legal size. I want to remind everyone that targeting the hours around high tide is the key to putting together a nice catch of the whiting and croaker. Orange Clam and Pink Shrimp Fishbites were the best baits again along with some small pices of fresh shrimp. Hopefully this next storm gets out of here by early next week so we can get back to this great action. 

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  Good snook fishing this week at the Spillways thanks to the relentless rain.  DOA TerrorEyz and Hogy Paddletails have been hot lure choices at the Spillway.  The snook are also moving around area bridges at night in pretty good numbers as well.  Flair Hawks and bigger swimbaits remain the top lure choices for the snook right now.  Look for outgoing tide to produce the best action on the snook.  Still some big jacks cruising around in the ICW, along with a stray tarpon or two.  
Mangrove snapper action has slowly started to improve inshore.  Small live pilchards and live shrimp are top bait choices for the snapper right now.  
SURF/PIER:  Snook fishing remains pretty good around the Juno Beach Pier and both Jupiter and Palm Beach Inlets.  Last weekend of the season to invite one home for dinner.  The snook are biting best early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  Still a few pompano hanging around for those putting the time in.  Croaker and whiting are biting in the first trough.  Some spanish mackerel have been hanging around Jupiter Inlet.  The Juno Beach Pier has been seeing some big jacks, bonita, and a few kingfish.   

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scouting Around Palm Beach / Martin County Area


Despite the “moist” conditions lately, the fishing for snook remains great in the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers. Still being caught on pilchards around the bridge and dock pilings, they are starting to make their way towards the inlets to spawn.
If looking for pilchards, they have mostly moved offshore and are no longer easy pickings in the rivers.
Tarpon have been lurking around the bridges and a few along the beaches lately. Late night fishing with crabs has been producing good results.
In the Lake Worth Inlet there have some tarpon around and they are being hooked using smaller baits.
Lantana Bridge anglers have reported catching croakers, sand perch, small snapper, jack crevalle and moonfish using fresh cut shrimp and small jigs. Mullet are also being caught around the bridge for bait.
There have been reports of good snook action around the Boynton and Lake Worth Spillways. Live Target and Red Tail Hawk lures are working best.
Using live shad around the various spillways in the canals, has been producing a good bite on clown knifefish, peacock bass and largemouth bass up to 8 pounds as well as a variety of catfish and gar up to 15 pounds. Look for flowing water from drain pipes or adjoining canals for productive freshwater fishing using jigs and top water lures.


The bass bite was incredible for The Nik Kayler Benefit Tournament last weekend. Featuring over 100 boats, 24 boats netted 20 pounds or more and the winning boat took in 38.5 pounds. The Monkey Box, Harney Pond and Tin House Cove areas were hot spots and surface baits including poppin’ frogs and Zara Spooks worked well.
With all the rain recently anglers working areas with moving water have been doing well using chrome blue Rat-L-Trap baits.
The bluegill bite is still good in the Kissimmee River, Taylor Creek and the J&S Canal areas. Using live crickets many anglers are reporting catching their limits.
report courtesy of Palm Beach Post