Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


It is a beautiful morning at the inlet; it just doesn't get much better than this folks! Winds are blowing out of the West-Northwest at 4 mph, the water is calm and temperatures are in the low 60's. It's a glorious fall day.

We are still seeing a good amount of Flounder,  reports of a 10 pounder 
landed yesterday but didn't get a photo. Black Drum and Reds continue to come over the rails and we are starting to see a few Spanish Mackerel in the mix. Snook and Tarpon are hitting well in the evening hours.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center Ft. Pierce

December Fishing Forecast:

Here it is December already and the Holidays are almost upon us. Where has this year gone? I must say it has been a great year for fishing all along the Treasure Coast. Both inshore and offshore have provided anglers with many great fishing adventures. Hopefully, this winter will be milder and the fishing great for everyone.

December brings on the winter months and changes fishing tactics on the river. The water temperatures continue to fall and your fishing must adjust to the weather. Water temps can dictate where you fish. Finding water a few degrees warmer than normal can mean the difference in catching and fishing. We will get many days of breezy winds that will hinder getting to some favorite spots out there. That's one of the reasons I love fishing in this can always find somewhere to fish! Not only does the cooler weather affect the fish, it also requires us to dig out the ol' winter fishing clothes. I’m not too proud to get out the long johns on a cold winter day. It can get pretty chilly some mornings!

Trout and snook will be targets throughout the winter. Although trout season will remain closed through December and snook season closes December 15th, many anglers will still play catch and release with them. Fishing around bridges, docks and inlets can bring great action with snook hanging around the deeper waters of the river. Using live bait, DOA Bait Busters & TerrorEyz, jigs and bomber lures can help you catch one worth a photo opportunity. Trout will tend to hang around the deeper cuts of the river. Move off to three to six feet of water for trout. Live shrimp on popping corks or DOA Deadly Combos will work the best for them. I love to work DOA CAL jerk baits this time of year on the flats. You can also find snook and redfish hanging around those areas as well.

Pompano have already arrived in the area and not only provide great fishing action, but fantastic table fare. Spanish mackerel and bluefish will continue to hang out in their favorite haunts of the river. Fish the inlet, turning basin and channels for them. Jack Crevalle will be traveling around in packs chasing bait all over the river. Flounder should arrive soon and hang around the inlets, docks and sandy flats of the river. Ladyfish is a great way to spend a few hours with the kids on the water. The bridges will be holding sheephead, black drum, croakers and sand perch for those anglers. Live or dead shrimp is always the best bet from the catwalks. There is a good variety of fish to target on any given day in any kind of weather conditions.

Redfish can be found around local docks during the winter months and a live shrimp or DOA Shrimp can entice them into striking. Don't forget about the deeper cuts along the mangroves for redfish and snook in December. Using stealth is essential when fishing the shallow waters for redfish. We had very good success at finding the reds in shallow on sunny days on the grass flats. A mild winter will have them feeding in the shallows this month.

Winter fishing is already here. Change your tactics with the weather and follow the water temperatures more closely to make your fishing more productive. The fishing on our Treasure Coast continues to improve each year. If we all do our share to protect our rivers, we can insure the future generations will enjoy the same experiences we have been blessed with.

Sebastian Inlet Report


Today is one of those days that make you so happy to live here! It is a glorious morning at the inlet; temperatures are in the mid 60's, winds are blowing out of the West-Southwest at 7 mph and the water is calm.

Black Drum, Reds, Snook, Flounder and Pompano continue to bite and today you can probably find some Whiting and Pompano in the surf as well as from the jetties. A huge 40" catch and release Red was landed off the north jetty on Saturday.

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Getting Close

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds are blowing out of the South-Southwest at 10 mph and the water is choppy. Small craft should exercise caution and always check the coastal forecast prior to going offshore.

Over the weekend despite the high winds and rough seas, the fish bit! We had Black Drum, lots of Sheepshead, Flounder, Snook, Reds and lots of small Snapper according to Tommy  of the Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looking Around

My trip to Jensen / Stuart was a good one, there are RED FISH all over near the mangroves, you have to get your bait close without hanging it up. At first it was rough there was no wind (normally a good thing but the skeeters are still around and where hungery) , a breeze finally came and it was all good. Fishing of the bank I was using live shrimp on a Troll Right jig but changed and put a floating cork on so I was able to cover more water, which worked better. The float  / shrimp combo  would float right in front of the mangrove with the curent. I was able to pull it in or out as needed  so I wounded get hung up. This worked well at Blind Creek and some of the other spots. Caught a few small Reds and Trout (OUT OF SEASON). My next stop was to Middle Cove and it was about the same. I then did a little wading-- Trout,Trout and more Trout. By then the wind had picked up a lot. I stoped by the Jensen Causeway, not too many people fishing, but I managed so catch a few sheepshead and snapper  (fishing the bottom hoping for FLOUNDER) to take home, stopped by Snook-Nook on my way out to the Stuart Bridge, by then the wind had really picked up which made it hard to do much of anything so I headed home.........

Friday, November 25, 2011

Looking Around

Just got back from Jensen/Stuart will fill you in on Sat. report.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

                      HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL 


Went up to Juno Pier today to see what was going on.......The water  LOOKS GREAT perfect for Pompano if all the other pieces fall together.. The COBIA GUYS where on the LOOK OUT  but NO COBIA.....There where a few blue fish caught, alot of small runners and as I was leaving down by the bait shop they where catching whiting. Pictured below is a good fishing friend Betty and one of the whiting she caught. But today she said was a little slow one here one there....... give it time... Last week the water was churned up some and a few keeper red fish where caught at the pier and jetty.....There have been more and more reports of reds in the area,thats a good thing.......

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have another glorious morning at the Sebastian Inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West-Southwest at 8 mph and the water is calm. Surfers are taking advantage of a swell at first peak this morning; please use caution when casting off the north side of the north jetty.

Yesterday was a fantastic day for Black Drum lovers, an incredible amount of them came over the rails of the north jetty. Anglers using clams and shrimp fared the best. Pompano in big numbers made an appearance as well; anglers were landing them off the north jetty and in the surf. Today would be a great day to get out and do some surf fishing. Good sized Whiting and Flounder were landed although the Flounder bite has slowed a little, they are still out there. We have a very pleasant weekend forecasted, get out and do a little fishing!
There have been some big Flounder landed  at the inlet. The men were fishing from outside the channel;the doormat on the right was 8 lbs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Photo Of The Week

                         No matter what it may be
                        STRUCTURE IS THE KEY

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a beautiful morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the South-Southwest at 5 mph; the water has a light chop and is starting to clear up a little.

Yesterday the bite was good. A lot of Black Drum came over the rails of the north jetty. Inlet local Tony  of Sebastian limited out on Black Drum (5), landed a slot Red and was at the cleaning table by 9:00 a.m.! There were also Reds, Snook, Pompano, Sheepshead, Flounder and a couple of Spanish Mackerel according to Tommy at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop.
A huge 32"  20 lb Black Drum was landed Sunday using dead shrimp around 3:00 p.m.

We received several stories about Friday evening's activities at the inlet  Friday evening on the south side of the inlet Reds and Tarpon were chasing baits and Jeffery reported more than 50 Tarpon breaks and several Reds leaped out of the water. Jeffrey landed two oversized Reds, both at 27" and weighing around 25 lbs. And one landed was over 40". The Reds were released unharmed.
Ranger Ed Perry confirmed Jeffrey's assessment of the evening. Ed wasn't fishing but was observing after work on Friday and said a migration of pinfish came out of the inlet just before dark and slightly after dark. The Reds and Tarpon went nuts! Ranger Perry said it was the most bait he's ever seen. Bait was being run up onto the beach everywhere by the Reds and Tarpon. In all of his years as a Park Ranger and before that as a fisherman, he'd never seen anything like it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Where To Go

            This map has guided me to some real fishy places

                   Thanks Henry & SNOOK-NOOK

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

FISHING 11/21/2011
Surf anglers had a few days that were fishable and a few day that were not, but plenty of fish. The Blues have arrived along with the Mac’s and have made for some good fishing. Anglers casting spoons had plenty of takers. Anglers casting cut bait had plenty of takers also; you just had to find their zone. Casting a spoon you cover the area, cut bait you have to pay attention. Cast out your bait and give it some time then move it in, once you get the strike you have to cast back to that area that is the zone. Plenty of Jacks and yes there were some pompano, but for them you needed to spend a lot of time finding their zone. Pompano have been there early and late but not for very long, they have been on the move. Anglers pay attention to the way they are moving and you move the same direction, north or south just get ahead of them. Favored bait has been sand fleas, anything else the Blues and Mac’s will eat so stick with the fleas. Now if we just can get a few days in with out the big surf of weed mats we can have a fish fry.
Wind has kept most anglers on the east side of the river, great Trout bite they know the season is closed but the Red Fish bite has been as strong. From Nettles Island north to Round island lots of Red Fish.
The Spoils north of North Bridge provide shelter from the wind and some excellent conditions for the Reds.
From Bear Point south to Nettles, lots of Reds, best part is they are chewing, live baits soft rubber and spoons all are getting attention. Problem, Blues, Mac’s, Jacks and Lady fish are all there and just as hungry so bring some extra baits you will use them. Pompano in the Sail Fish Flat and at the bridges, not a lot but still enough to keep your attention, no special time you just have to be there. Snook anglers do not mind the wind and busy water, Flair Hawks all week in the low light, plenty of fish, just a few in the slot.
Till next week will some body please turn off the wind weapon……………………………Henry

Looking Around

Got a report that there has been some POMPANO caught off the beach of the south side of the BOYNTON BEACH JETTY the last couple days using Capt. Joes POMP JIGS

Also there are still some Snook around also on the south side at night, alot  have been caught on flair hawk styled jigs made by SNOOKCANDY 

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds are blowing out of the East-Northeast at 12 mph and the water is choppy. There are folks in rain gear out on the north jetty; we've had a small amount of rain this morning so the gear is probably more for protection from the waves crashing into the jetty.

Black Drum, Reds, Tarpon, Sheepshead, Snook, Jacks and Pompano were all making appearances at the inlet over the weekend. Anglers were using a variety of baits and most were successful.
 Photos sent in by Steve who fished using live shrimp.
Steve and his friend Tom  fished the south side on Friday. Photo four shows Steve with a nice Black Drum and Tom with an 18" Pompano and a good sized Sheepshead.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds are blowing out of the East at 25 mph, gusting to 30 and the water is really churned up. The few people that are out on the north jetty this morning are dressed in rain gear to protect themselves from waves coming over the rails. It looks like a washing machine out there! Needless to say, there is a small craft advisory in effect through Saturday night and it could be extended through the weekend. Always check the coastal forecast prior to going offshore.

Mike  was on the north jetty again yesterday and reported the bite was slow in the morning hours. The most active time of the morning was between 7:00 - 9:30, the end of the outgoing tide. Black Drum was the best bet; Mike landed his limit of 5 that were between 16" - 25". Several other anglers landed Black Drum during that time as well. The Pompano were scarce and short in the morning hours. Thanks for the update Mike!
Tommy at the Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle Shop reported the afternoon was on the slow side as well. There were some big Spanish Mackerel spotted but no one could get them to bite. More small Pompano were landed as were a couple of Snook and Reds. Thanks Tommy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a wonderful morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West at 7 mph and the water is calm, that's a nice change!

The bite improved yesterday according to inlet regular Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach who was out on the north jetty again yesterday. Mike reported a lot of Pompano caught on the beach side for anglers using clams and sand fleas. Black Drum and Reds made a respectable showing. Most of the Reds were in the 18" - 23" range and were going for dead shrimp. Tony of Sebastian landed three Black Drum; the largest was 27" and one Red.  Mike landed a 24" Black Drum and a 22" Red Drum, both on dead shrimp and are featured in our photo today.Some keeper Snook on live pinfish also caught. Mike ran into a young man at the cleaning table that had a couple of good sized Flounder he said he landed from the rocks of the tide pool using live mullet. Thanks for the update and photos Mike.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


Winds are blowing out of the West-Southwest this morning at 3 mph and there is a moderate chop on the water.

The bite slowed yesterday according to Mike. Mike was on the north jetty yesterday morning and said only 4 - 5 Black Drum were landed.  The Drum coming out of the river are almost black in color. Two or three keeper sized Pompano came over the rails only and a few Snook one was a beautiful keeper. Mike heard that three or four Snook were caught on the outgoing afternoon tide.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a beautiful morning atthe inlet. Winds are blowing out of the South at 4 mph but there is still a moderate chop on the water. There are no small craft advisories this morning but boaters should always check prior to going off shore and always use caution when navigating the inlet. Weather patterns and conditions can change very quickly. There was a nice keeper Redfish bite, over, under and keeper Snook and a lot of short Pompano. A good sized school of large Pomps went through and some of the anglers really scored with those. One Flounder was landed off the north jetty as well. A huge 32" Black Drum was landed yesterday.

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, snook fishing eased back a little last night along the south side of the inlet. Bluefish and jacks have been busy busting up the mullet schools in the inlet and back in Faber Cove. Now that trout fishing is closed through the end of the year we are not getting many reports about catch and release but are hearing some good reports about redfish in the lagoon. Anglers there are finding success with copper spoons and DOA CAL minnows in both directions in the lagoon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


The water has calmed down significantly. Winds are blowing out of the East-Southeast at 10 mph this morning and there is a moderate chop on the water.

The weekend brought us lots of FLOUNDER! We received quite a few real nice updates from inlet anglers who verified it. Along with Flounder we had Snook, Reds, Jacks, Blues, Ladyfish and Black Drum. Please remember to take your camera with you; we cannot use photos that aren't taken on site.

Reports that Saturday there were more fishermen than he's seen in one place, ever! He fished the south side during the incoming tide using finger mullet and landed three between 13" and 16" and one real nice one at 24", just under 5 lbs. Justin reported lots of shorts that were released and several Jacks and Ladyfish were landed as well.

The above photo is of Brianwho came up for the long weekend and fished both sides of the inlet and reported equal amounts of Flounder on both sides. Brian didn't land any doormats but had a lot of fun landing lots of keepers. Anglers to his left and right landed some big guys, but none found their way to the end of his line. Brian used finger mullet although jigs and mud minnows were working for others. Brian found shrimp in the stomachs of a few while cleaning them.

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore,  reports of a few snook  last night off Ft. Pierce's south jetty, also some flounder along the docks on the south side of the inlet yesterday morning. We have heard that the St. Lucie inlet has been producing some good catches of snook over the last few days. The water remains a little on the dirty side in the lagoon, but reports from folks fishing south  indicate some good action with snook, jacks, and a few bluefish.

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

Another windy week passes along the Treasure Coast.  It's that normal November that brings good fishing and challenging weather to get out there.  The fish are biting as long as the winds don't keep you from it.  
We have a good bite on the river on the days we could venture out.  A good variety of fish have been on the flats to keep us busy, caughting  jacks, pompano, redfish, sheephead, trout, ladyfish and snook up on the flats along with a variety of other species to round out a fun day on the water.

A root beer Terror Eyz has worked well for a variety of fish.  As the water cools off and the fish head to deeper areas, it gets down to them and they have a hard time resisting it.  Try one along the deeper edges of the flats or under the docks and you should have some good results.   The pompano have moved into the river and you can try live bait or a Doc's Goofy Jig for them.  As the weather lets the surf angler get back out, expect a good bite along the beach.

Black drum and sheephead are heading into the river and the bridges, docks and structure should become more productive for those fish.  We have even caught some nice sheephead up on the flats this week.  The night bite for snook has remained good for those anglers.  Terror Eyz, feather jigs and live bait have all worked well.  A lot more anglers have been hitting the local freshwater areas for a great spec bite recently.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Looking Around

Went up to Juno the other day to check out the water conditions....what I expected, Dirty, Stired Up and rough.  The bad thing is,  not too many Fish like this water except --Blue Fish and Catfish. All the dirt, sand and Rocks irritate the Gills of most fish making them seek cleaner water.  The good thing is when all this Clears Up and Calms Down there should be some VERY GOOD FISHING!!!!  When the bottom has been stired up for a few days and calms down it uncovers Food for all the fish we LOVE to catch. They will go on a Feeding Frenzy. Last year we had all types of fish not commonly found in Jupiter, there where a lot of Tripletail, Red Fish, Cubera Snapper and others all in the mix. So Be Ready they won't hang around long, I'll give a HEADS UP WHEN IT'S HAPPENING................. Tony

Saturday, November 12, 2011

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, dirty water has slowed the fishing scene considerably through out the lagoon. One angler who is in the Coast Guard, fishing from the wall at the Ft. Pierce station reported some good snook fishing and caught some bluefish on red tail hawk type jigs.  Jacks,bluefish, and snook are scattered around the inlet and bridges. We have heard of few flounder caught from the south jetty in Ft. Pierce. All in all the fishing scene has been slow and should pick up some next week when our area temperatures return to a more normal pattern.

Friday, November 11, 2011

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, dirty, silt laden water has made conditions challenging for anglers fishing the lagoon. Snook fishing has been decent off the south jetty and around the Pelican Yacht Club's docks. Reports of some bluefish, jack crevalle have also popped up in the inlet and back in to the Faber Cove area. Try fishing some of the canals off the lagoon for trout, as they particularly are uncomfortable with silty water.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Working on As You Read

  Readers something thats   LONG OVER DUE.... I will be updating all of the other pages on this site in the next few weeks. There will be --   TIPS,  HOW TO,  MAPS,  PHOTOS, VIDEOS and RECIPES.
 I will even STEP UP MY GAME and have a FACEBOOK PAGE along with even more area reports so give me alittle time and enjoy.........


Sebastian Inlet Report

 A 48" C/R Red.


Conditions are sloppy at the inlet this morning. Winds are blowing out of the North-Northwest at 8 mph this morning, gusting to 12. Waves are coming over the rails of the jetties, so take some rain gear if you head to the inlet today.

If you are tough enough to handle the conditions, some real nice fish are biting! Flounder have been coming in and out of the inlet in good numbers the past few days. It seems a little early in the year for them, but we'll take them! Along with the Flounder, Snook, Reds, Blues, Jacks and a few Sheepshead have been making appearances.
Reports of  big Reds and Tarpon were giving the jetty anglers plenty of exercise. The photo above of the 48" C/R Red was landed on a bucktail.

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, a mix of wind, dirty water and a bright moon has made for difficult fishing conditions. Anglers are having some luck on bluefish off the south jetty at Ft. Pierce and a few snook and  jack crevalle have been reported off the jetty and the south side of the inlet. Once the weather settles down some and we get on the back side of the full moon, things should improve some in the lagoon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Bad !!!!!!!!!!

My buddy George called me to see if I had also gotten this photo of his wife Robin. Sorry guys I overlooked this shot from the group posted on 11-8-11. ...........But George I would have let it go and NOT bring up the fact that there was another fish.. I know she said to you  ... George  honey:   Let  Ma Ma   CATCH EM  - YOU GO HOME AND--CLEAN EM !!!!!!!!  :- >

Sebastian Inlet Report


Winds are blowing out of the North-Northeast at 15 mph this morning with gusts up to 20 and the water is churned up. Take some rain gear if you head to the inlet as waves are coming over the rails of the jetties.

We received an update from Mike  who was out on the north jetty yesterday and reported heavy seas and wet conditions but the Snook bite was good. Mike reported quite a few Flounder being caught off the catwalk and from the rocks on the inside of the bridge. Diving Pelicans made it difficult to fish and quite a few were accidentally "caught" by anglers. If you accidentally hook a bird, do not cut the line. Please reel it in and ask for help if you need it, the birds have little chance of survival if a hook is left in them.
Walton  at the Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported the night bite was very good for Reds, Black Drum, Flounder and Snook. Thanks Walton!

Photo above is  Steve  with a 24" Flounder that was nearly 9 lbs. Steve landed the Flounder on the south side on the outgoing tide. 

Steve Tepper with a 24", 8+ lb Flounder.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Class In Lesson

Got these photos from one of my fishing buddies George, his wife Robin was SCHOOLING him  
                                   .....FISHING 101..... 
They where up at Ft. Pierce Mon., and said it was a beautful day in every way......
If you have some photos send them in       see your self on the site..

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's windy and rough out on the jetties this morning. Winds are blowing out of the East at 14 mph and the water is choppy. There is a small craft advisory in effect through Wednesday afternoon; boaters should exercise caution. There have been quite a few boating accidents in the past few weeks. Please heed the coastal forecasts. Even an experienced boater can find themselves in trouble at the inlet with the strong currents, particularly at this time of the year when the tides are extreme and waters are rough.

Please check your fishing licenses prior to heading to the inlet. You will need a valid fishing license and if you plan on Snook fishing, you will need a Snook stamp on your license if you plan to keep one in the slot of 28" - 32". FWCC rules and regulations are on the top of this page, please read them. Take a tape measure with you and know your species! FWC is patrolling (as they should be)and some anglers are receiving heavy fines because they do not know what they are catching, the bag limits or size restrictions. Take the time to educate yourself on the rules and regs and on proper etiquette, also listed at the top of this page. These few steps can save you a lot of trouble.

Yesterday the Snook bite was very good.Reports of landed quite a few that were in the slot

Some of you have been looking forward to some nice Flounder photos, as we have been getting reports of them, but no pictures.The above photo should get you pretty excited, as a real beauty was landed Friday by "Auzzie Dink". This beautiful Flounder was landed on live mullet. Way to go, great catch!

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, snook fisherman last night found dirty water filled with grass on the ebb tide, making it difficult to fish at the jetty and in the inlet of Ft. Pierce. A few reports from anglers fishing out of the wind in the Indian River lagoon at Ft. Pierce indicated some good catches of jack crevalle, trout and redfish mostly north near the county line. The water has quite a bit of suspended silt in it, making it an unfriendly environment for fish. Once the wind settles down a little, there should be some fine inshore fishing to be found. The surf is off limits as high winds are causing beach erosion and rip currents. Look for the surf to contain bluefish, pompano, spanish mackerel and whiting when the conditions improve.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds are blowing out of the East at 15 mph and the water is choppy. There is a small craft advisory in effect through Wednesday evening; boaters should exercise caution.

Friday morning the bite slowed significantly. A few nice Black Drum came over the rails and a couple of beautiful slot Snook. A few slot Pompano along with some shorts, Ladyfish, Jacks and a lot of catfish made appearances.

Over the weekend jetty anglers had to deal with high winds, rough seas and seaweed. Those who hung around, even after being soaked by waves coming over the rails, did well. Black Drum, big Reds, Snook, Jacks, Blues and Margate were landed according to Tommy at the inlet Bait and Tackle Shop. Tommy said the west end of the jetty rails looked like a clothesline with anglers trying to dry out their clothes in the afternoon sun! Anglers fishing west of the bridge landed some nice Flounder as well.


From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

While the winds continue to blow along the Treasure Coast, the fishing has been good when you can brave the conditions to get out on the water.  We had a lot of fun out there this week and look forward to lots more this month.  Expect more windy weather in the future and be careful when you do get out on the water.

Don't forget that trout season is closed November and December each year.  Handle the trout carefully and release them unharmed.  

We have found most of our fish in four to six feet of water lately.  The water temps have dropped and you need to move out to the deeper parts of the flats for success.  Live baits, DOA shrimp and top water plugs have all worked well on a variety of fish this week.  Try seawalls for some great fun with nice size jacks and other species that are feeding on the bait schools.  Docks have been holding snapper, sheephead and redfish for us.
Lots of areas that are usually fished have been limited due to strong winds of late.  Bear Point, Harbor Branch and Round Island all can give you places that can be fished while avoiding the brunt of the wind.  Since the water has cooled off, remember to slow your lures down.  Fish will be slower to react as the water continues to cool down and the successful anglers will be the ones that have slowed their retrieves down the most.
The snook bite around the jetties and bridges has been better for night anglers this week.  Live bait, Terror Eyz and jigs have all been working.  Lots of reports of black drum around the bridges have many anglers heading out to the catwalks to fish.  We should have more sheephead heading into the river soon as well.  Pompano fishing will continue to improve around the river.  The surf has just been too rough for most anglers to dare and try to fish the beach.  While it is a great time of year to fish the river, its also a challenging time of year in dealing with the daily weather conditions.  Have fun, but stay safe out there!

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, windy weather will keep anglers from fishing offshore, but snook fisherman know that snook like the water stirred up a bit. The south jetty at Ft. Pierce over the last few days have produced some good snook fishing on red tail hawk jigs, fished slow and close to the bottom. We also heard reports of some mutton snapper caught in the inlet yesterday on live shrimp. Look for spanish mackerel, pompano and bluefish to show up as soon as the weather settles down.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Florida's--- COLD WINTERS---

            I hope and pray there won't be a winter like this again......  
                                 SNOOK KILL 2010-2011

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

There was a anglers report of 20 trout to 20" caught and released.

      TROUT SEASON IS CLOSED UNTIL THE END OF                       

Flounder catches have been reported from the south jetty on live shrimp and jigs tipped with shrimp. Snook fishing improved this week along the south side of the inlet on live mullet and bomber wind cheaters. Redfish catches are still being reported from the north end of St. Lucie county and around the Queen's Cove area. The water is still on the dirty side in the lagoon and the wind forecast for weekend will make for difficult fishing conditions, but the lagoon should provide anglers with plenty of opportunity around the mullet schools

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a real nice morning at the inlet. There's a mix of sun and clouds and we have a chance of rain today and over the weekend. This morning winds are blowing out of the West-Southwest at 10 mph. The water has calmed down but a chop remains, particularly on the inlet side. There is a small craft advisory in effect for the entire weekend. Boaters are urged to use caution and if you are unfamiliar with the inlet to stay inshore on the flats, fishing is great there too! The inlet can be treacherous, even for experienced boaters.

We've had another good week of fishing at the inlet. Fall brings us some of our best fishing of the year. It also brings us winds, extreme tides and rough waters, but the fish bite in those types of conditions, so if you are an avid angler, this is the time to be at the inlet. Lots of baitfish are in the water attracting migrating species and deep water fish that are chasing bait into the inlet. We've yet to see a real strong Flounder run but reports of them have been drizzling in, so it won't be long until we see a lot of them running in and out of the inlet. Be sure to take your cameras and take your photos on site. If you are unfamiliar with any fishing regulations, the FWC guidelines can be found at the top right corner of this page. Print it out and take it with you, along with a tape measure. Fishing etiquette is also listed there; it is good to read over these suggested guidelines before venturing out onto the jetties if you are a novice angler.
Monster Reds were coming over the rails of the north jetty and everybody had a great time landing them. All the Reds were released unharmed after the photos.
Black Drum also caught using live shrimp. Also a few Sheep Heads and Jack.

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, snook, flounder, and redfish have been reported by anglers in spots that are protected from the wind. There are a number of below the slot size snook in the inlet now. The south side of the inlet to the Coast Guard station has been producing some fun action for anglers using lighter tackle. Jack crevalle have been busting up the mullet schools and there have been a few tarpon in and around the Ft. Pierce inlet.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


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The water is very churned up today although the wind has calmed down from yesterday; waves are coming over the jetties and soaking anglers in the process. Take rain gear if you head to the inlet today. Winds are blowing out of the North-Northeast at 7 mph currently.

We received a report from Mike  who was out on the north jetty yesterday who said the bite was slower in the morning than it has been. Mike landed 3 Black Drum and a slot Red and 4 or 5 other Black Drum came over the rails while he was there. Snook were active with undersize, over the slot and several keepers that were landed on live shrimp. Some good sized Whiting came over the rails as well as quite a few short Pompano that were returned to the water. The water was dirty and there was a lot of seaweed tangling lines and frustrating anglers. Thanks for the update Mike!
A 23' Flounder was landed off the new T-Dock Monday night using live mullet. We thought the new dock would be a good place to Flounder fish!

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, the snook fishing over night resumed back to a strong bite for anglers fishing the south jetty. Anglers there found success using a chartreuse and blue jig fishing the middle of the ebb tide. Redfish have been found in northern St. Lucie county and have been caught on copper color spoons and on Berkley gulp lures. Water in the lagoon is dirty from all the fresh water run off and should return to normal over the next few days. Mullet schools along the south side of the inlet have been busted by snook and bluefish. We have not heard of much in the surf the last couple of days because of strong windy conditions from the north east.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report

I know this is off a boat but a Enormous Redfish.


We're dealing with high winds again today. High winds along with extreme low and high tides are part of our seasonal transitioning period into cooler weather. Winds are blowing out of the North-Northeast at 15 mph with gusts exceeding 20 mph. Take some rain gear if you head to the inlet to protect yourselves from waves coming over the rails.

This morning we have a lot of diving birds at the inlet which is an indicator of lots of baitfish in the water. The Black Drum bite has been strong this morning and anglers using bucktails had good luck with Snook last night. Reds, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Blues, Sheepshead, Pompano, Jacks and Ladyfish have all been making appearances at the inlet.
In our photo today, Sean  holds a fish in the ridiculously large range! This huge Redfish was well over 40" and in the 30 lb range.