Thursday, May 27, 2021


Sebastian Inlet Report

 Tommy at Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle says the winds have calmed down and the bite has picked up.  You’ll find snook off the North Jetty biting on live shrimp. The snapper are starting to show up too liking the live shrimp and greenies. According to Tommy, anglers are still bringing in redfish on buck tails, finger mullet and poppers. Rounding out the recent catches are jacks, catfish and southern stingrays.

Featured as our angler of the week, Lucas Wyatt who caught this 35-inch snook yesterday morning on a daiwa SP minnow. Lucas says the bite was slow except for some sight casting with jigs and plugs.

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County


At the St. Lucie Inlet, and the docks and bridges along and spanning the St. Lucie River, the snook bite has been heating up as the season gets ready to close on June 1. If you're looking to get a slot-size fish before it closes get some live croakers. They are working best and are available at the Snook Nook.

There are reports of tarpon being caught up by the power plant as well as at the St. Lucie and Ft. Pierce Inlets. Live mullet, if you can find them, are best, but they have also been hitting freelined shrimp and even some big swimbaits.

There have been a few nice-size croaker being caught using shrimp on jig head on the 10 Cent Bridge.

Along the Roosevelt Bridge, black drum are being caught using shrimp on a jighead.

Anglers working the beaches in the central to south county areas are reporting catching lane snapper, jack crevalle, tarpon and barracuda. 

The early mornings have been best for the tarpon and jacks using a Yozuri 3-D Crystal Minnow model F1146-RGLM.

The lanes are mostly being found off Lantana Public Beach and have been hitting standard pompano rigs baited with cut shrimp.

A chartreuse or red tube lure will work for the barracuda.

Around the Boynton Inlet, mangrove snapper have been hitting live shrimp off the north jetty while sand parch are being caught on cut shrimp off the back wall of the south parking lot at night.

Lantana Bridge anglers have reported mangrove snapper eating both live shrimp and small greenies and at night there have been snook, small tarpon and moonfish hitting white jigs and small Rapala lures twitched along the shadow lines.

Lake Okeechobee

Wednesday morning Capt. Larry Wright had his guests into plenty of fish, but they were not easy to catch.

Using live shiners, he said they had over 30 bites, but were only able to land nine of them. He said the bass seemed more intent on just killing the bait than actually eating it.

They were working the outside grassline around Buckhead Ridge and then headed over to the Indian Prairie Canal area to work the outside Kissimmee Grass.

The lake is still a bit churned up from all the wind last week and boaters should use caution as the lake level is low right now.

report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sebastian Inlet Report

 From our friend Tommy at Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle, it is a really pretty day at the Inlet and the bite is getting better. Tommy reports some keeper snook coming over the rails along with big reds, jacks and bluefish. Another good sign, says Tommy, is the appearance mojarra and silver mullet in the waters.

Featured as our angler of the week, Joel Adamowicz with a black drum he caught on shrimp. Joel reported a great day fishing at a great place! 

Saturday, May 15, 2021

From Todd, Trey & Nick @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Snook fishing has been good this week.  Good number of snook around the bridges, especially closer to the inlets.  Flair hawk on an outgoing tide is a good choice for the snook right now.  Some big jacks cruising around the ICW right now.  A live mullet fished along a seawall or under a boat dock shouldn't go unnoticed by a hungry jack for too long. A few scattered tarpon around inshore.   Mangrove snapper reports continue to improve on a daily basis.  

SURF/PIER-  Tough looking weekend forecast for the beach.  Reports were slim this week.  A handful of pompano around, but it looks like they have pretty much packed it up and headed north.  The Juno Beach Pier snook bite has slowly been getting better and better.  Conditions may get a jig bite going at the pier this weekend. A few kingfish still hanging around at the end of the pier.  Croakers have been biting good late in the afternoon at the pier.

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County


The pompano bite is still excellent from Hobe Sound up to Fort Pierce. Like last week the bigger fish are being found in the northern areas while there are anglers limiting out off the beaches around Hobe Sound. Pink shrimp- and crab-flavored Fishbites are working well as are sandfleas.

In the St. Lucie River the snook bite has been really good. Though there have been a lot of shorts, there are also bigger, slot-size fish being caught. Live bait including threadfin herring and croakers, which can be found at the Snook Nook, are working best.

Also, in the St. Lucie River the mangrove snapper bite has been good around the bridges and most structure as well as along the rocks at the St. Lucie Inlet.

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The powerline poles and channel markers, bridges have been holding some nice croaker, black drum and sheepshead. Fiddler crabs, also available at Snook Nook, have been the best bait.

The fishing along the beaches in Jupiter has been fantastic the past week.

Anglers are catching pompano, ladyfish, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, snook and jack crevalle. 

With the fish targeting the schools of glass minnows running along the beaches, lures that mimmick them are a good call. Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow, Rapala X-Raps or rubber shad will work just make sure they're on the smaller size. Throwing a spoon is also a good option.

For the pompano try a Doc's goofy jig.

Want to know where the schools of glass minnows are? Look for the birds diving on them. There have been a few snook, jack crevalle and pompano caught in the Loxahatchee River the past week, but there hasn't been much bait up there.

At the Jupiter Inlet, a couple slot-size snook have been caught.

Like last week, there have been schools of small greenies and sardines around the sandbar at the mouth of the Boynton Inlet. This week there have also been schools of ballyhoo in the mix.

Along the beaches around Lantana, both north and south, anglers are catching permit and lane snapper. They are being caught on shrimp and sandfleas. Also in the mix have been some nice-sized jack crevalle and a few monster tarpon up to 100 pounds. They are both hitting top water lures and two-ounce spoons in the mornings. In the Intracoastal Waterway from the Boynton Inlet north to the Royal Palm Bridge, anglers using shrimp and cut sardines are catching snapper, small permit, Southern sennets, bluefish, sand perch and black drum. The key has been targeting the deep holes and rock piles.

The snook and tarpon action has been good at night around the bridges and lighted docks in the ICW for anglers using small glass minnows and shrimp flies on five- to 10-weight fly rods. They are also being caught on live shrimp, small sand perch and small Rapala minnow lures worked along the shadow lines.

Anglers at the Lantana Bridge have been catching sand perch and croaker on cut shrimp.

Lake Okeechobee

As the spec bite continues to dwindle, the bluegill and shellcracker bite keeps picking up. Crickets and worms are working best and anglers fishing the banks of the Kissimmee River are having a blast catching these tasty panfish. 

The bass bite has come back up since last week. Live shiners are working best (better to feed than fool), but if you're going with an articial bait, Senko worms in dark colors, worked just inside the outside grassline, are your best bet. Though King's Bar has been a hot spot, mostly just look for the cleanest water right now

Loxahatchee Reserve Report

Though the water temperatures dropped into the low 70’s in the past week after a few cool evenings, the bass bite remained hot in the reserve. As the week progressed, temperatures recovered to the mid- to high 70’s. Cooler windy and cloudy days produced strong top water and shallow water bites with dark Senko-style worms and even crank baits offering reliable results. The larger bass seemed to be much more active as the wind picked up. Sunny days resulted in more small bass and short strikes, but the fish were still hitting.

Though the cichlid bite can be annoying for the bass fisherman, some enjoy the sport using ultra light gear and very small lures. Cichlids are extremely plentiful right now, hit hard and fight nicely for their weight and size.

For those without access to a boat, the new fishing pier seems to be complete and there have been some impressive results already.

report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Friday, May 7, 2021

Top Surf Fishing Mistakes To AVOID (And Start Catching More Fish)

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 How about all of this slime weed ? It has been brutal since Sunday and has made all of the beaches I have tried to fish totally unfishable . Water color is great but this stuff has to get out of here . I have been looking from Stuart Beach to Coconut and it has been horrible . We should be catching some late season pompano right now . I will tell you there were lots of tarpon working their way down the beach this morning .

From Todd, Trey & Nick @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE:  Snook fishing remains the best bet inshore right now.  The bridge bite remains good at night; especially on a outgoing tide.   Flair hawk has been the lure of choice for good size fish.  The snook are moving towards the inlets, so pick out bridges closer to inlets for best luck.  Other inshore action remains a bit slow. 

SURF/PIER:  Surf fishing slowed this week,  A few pompano reports coming in; and some hope the pomps may bite this weekend with a little change in the weather.  The Juno Beach Pier has been producing some snook, Spanish Mackerel. and a few kingfish over the past week.  A few big jacks cruising through the Juno Beach Pier as well.  Croakers have been biting pieces of fresh shrimp well in the first trough. 

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County


The seaweed along the Martin and St. Lucie County beaches has been bad the past few days making surf casting difficult. There is some hope with the wind forcasted to go offshore today and Friday. That should help push some of it back out and keep it at bay. 

With those conditions forecasted, the time is right for more pompano action. They are still around and are being caught on sandfleas and sandflea-flavored Fishbites. Evening high tides will likely be the best bet.

There have also been a few tarpon cruising the beaches in St. Lucie County in the early mornings.

The whiting and croaker action remains solid in the area.

The snook bite in the St. Lucie River has been good with more big fish being caught as they are in the 'pre-spawn fattening' phase. Live baits have been the key, but a few are being caught on large swimbaits.

Also in the St. Lucie River, there have been a some nice tripletail caught by anglers working the channel markers.

Up around Bear Point and Middle Cove, anglers fishing just under the mangroves in the early mornings have been catching sea trout.

There have been some decent size mangrove snapper and even a few Cubera snapper caught the past few days just inside the St. Lucie Inlet around the nearby docks. Shrimp on a jighead is working for the mangroves while the Cubera are being taken on live pilchards.

Along the beaches in Jupiter the pompano bite is still pretty good. Goofy jigs, sandfleas and Fishbites are all working.

There are snook that have now made their way out of the inlet and are cruising the beaches. Throwing a topwater lure or using live pilchards have both been effective.

Lake Okeechobee:

Though the bass bite has been a bit slow there are still plenty of fish to be caught. Most of the fish are still staying inside the grassline and that is likely to hold for another two weeks or so when they move to the outside and that morning bite gets firing. Until then Senkos or flippin' baits worked a little deeper have been producing the most action. King's Bar, Eagle Bay and Tin House Cove have been the top spots.

The bluegill action is getting pretty close to that incredible zone. Guys are catching their limits working the banks of the Kissimmee River as well as around Buckhead Ridge using crickets.

Loxahatchee Reserve Report

The water temperatures are climbing quickly in the reserve and the alligators have become very active as mating season heats up. The bass bite starts early, but the majority of reported catches are small with few caught over 2 lbs. Cichlids continue to be plentiful and gars are often seen swimming near boats and occasionally grabbing moving lures.

report courtesy of Palm Beach Post