Wednesday, August 31, 2011


                                            Wade Fishing  101

From Mike @ Native Tackle Supply-Sebastian

September Specials

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds are barely blowing out of the East at 2 mph and there is a very light chop on the water. It's pretty hot even though it is overcast. The no see 'ems are getting their fill from the jetty anglers, be sure to take insect repellent and lots of water if you head to the inlet today.

Keeper Reds have been the main attraction at the north jetty for the past week. We also have seen some that have been over the slot. Mangrove Snapper, Ladyfish and Jacks have been active as well. We haven't seen any Spanish Mackerel and we haven't had reports of Snook for the past couple of days. We haven't had any night reports sent in, night anglers, are you out there? Let us know if the Snook are biting at night. Snook season opens tomorrow, make sure you have your Snook stamp on your fishing license if you are lucky enough to get one in the slot and plan to keep it. Reports of anglers are using a variety of baits and all were working for Reds. 95% of the Reds that came over the rails were keepers! 

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

Just another beautiful week in south Florida and the fishing has been spectacular. If you are planning a trip opening night your mouth should be watering for a fried Snook sandwich, the Snook have moved in to all the area bridges to pick and bully the first wave of mullet with the Tarpon joining in as well. Fishing the Jensen causeway one angler was cursing the Snook, “every time is cast to a Tarpon a pesky Snook would snatch my mullet”, I am sure his attitude will change come Thursday. Trout have stayed consistent between the Jensen and Stuart causeway on both sides of the river. Fish early, before sun up cast a top water then switch to something that works below the surface, bend a rod for a couple of hours and then go have breakfast.
Causeways are not only place to find these fish; anglers fishing the surf from Walton Rocks to Shuckers have found plenty. These fish are feeding on Glass Minnows tight to the shore line; look for the birds they are the biggest tattle tails on where these fish are hiding. Plenty of Whiting, Croakers and Sand Perch to fill your bucket as well, a small piece of shrimp will do the trick, keep it close, short cast is all you need they are at your toes.

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

The mullets continue to push down the beach giving shoreline anglers and boaters continuous action.  Look for tarpon on the outsides of the schools (when they aren't cart-wheeling through the air), snook and big jacks in the middle of the schools, and sharks cruising eating the left overs.  This is by far one of the most exciting times of the year to fish on the Treasure Coast.  The mullet are making their way into the river and providing great action inside as well. 
Throwing top water lures or mullet imitations such as DOA swimming mullet or Baitbusters will produce plenty of action.  The big trout and redfish will follow large schools of mullet and the snook will usually hold in their favorite spots waiting to ambush the bait as they come by.
Go get em while the get-tings good! Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


Winds are blowing out of the South at 1 - 2 mph this morning and there is a light ripple on the water. It's a little overcast this morning, we will see a mix of sun and clouds today with a good chance of rain this evening.

The Redfish bite has been very good for keepers and over the slot, the Snook bite remains strong and we hope they stick around when the season opens on Thursday at 12:01 a.m. The issue will be getting one in the slot, 28" - 32".

Received an update from Mike  who was on the north jetty on Saturday and reported the Redfish were biting well. A few undersized Pompano and a couple of medium Whiting were landed on clam strips. Mangrove Snapper were landed in the morning hours on mojarra and a small Black Drum was landed as well but most of the action was in the Redfish department with about 8 - 10 coming over the rails in about an hour, most of them were keepers in the 18" - 27" range. A variety of bait such as live mullet, pinfish, shrimp and cut bait were all producing Reds. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Photo Of The Week

                               Clay with a after the storm Juno Pier Mutton

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

September Fishing Forecast – Treasure Coast

September is always an exciting month to fish along the Treasure Coast. Anglers eagerly await the arrival of the annual fall mullet run. The beaches and rivers will be filled with mullet and you can find lots of predators following the bait this month. Look for tarpon, snook, jacks, bluefish and many other species feeding on the mullet this month. Top water and suspending lures work fantastic in September. Try a DOA Baitbuster or Big Fish lure while fishing around the large schools of mullet. It's a great time of year to fish early mornings along the beach. The fish will be cornering the bait along the surf and action can be fun and exciting.

Snook season opens again on September 1st.  Anglers have been eagerly awaiting the chance at keeping a slot fish for dinner. A few things to keep in mind while you are anxiously getting ready for the start of the season are making sure your license and snook permit are not outdated.  Know the slot size, which is 28” – 32” and a one fish per day limit.  Check your rods, reels and fishing line.  Don’t lose that keeper fish because of something that you could have avoided by a little preparation.  Remember that there will be lots of anglers heading out the first several days of the season.  Have fun and be safe!

You will be able to find some redfish schools this month as they gather up to head out to the ocean. Look around the shallow sandy flats for them to be feeding. DOA shrimp or CAL jerk baits can coax them into biting. Trout will continue to bite around the usual flats like, Bear Point, Harbor Branch and Round Island. Deadly Combos fished on the edges of the bait schools will find some action with trout and other species. Snapper can be found along channel edges and around structure. Sheephead, drum and snapper can be caught on the catwalks of the bridges. Live or dead shrimp will find the fish.

September Tip:

Fish the bait schools! It's easy to spot the bait this time of year. If you don't find bait around your favorite fishing spot, you will most likely not find many fish there. Move around if you need to in order to find active bait. Fish love this time of year and they are out there gorging themselves on the bait in anticipation of the coming winter months. Early mornings can be exciting on the flats. You can find big fish in shallow water around the bait pods. It has been a long hot summer and finally temperatures will begin to mellow out and water temps will get back to normal. It's a great time of year to be fishing!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Close to shore, the mullet are making a huge early push down the beaches.  Tarpon, snook, big jacks and sharks are plentiful around the mullet schools.  The lagoon is loading up with bait as well and good fishing will be had the next couple months.  Trout and redfish have been cooperating from the power lines all the way to Vero.  Early mornings have been best for trout and the reds seem to bite all day long despite the heat.  Snook fishing is awesome around the inlet, docks, and close by flats as well as on the beach.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

From Todd @ Juno Bait & Tackle

Snook Season 9/1

It seems like forever since we’ve had a snook season, but in just a few days it will be game on once again for those elusive linesiders.  All indications are that it should be a very good season, with lots of slot size fish around.
Inshore- September is a prime month for finding a good number of snook inshore.  Most snook have finished spawning and are moving out of the inlets.  They will begin to take up residence around most bridges, lighted docks, and mangrove covered shorelines as they wait for the fall bait migrations to swing into gear.  This time of year the finger mullet start to show up in good numbers, and that is what the snook will key in on.  Keep that in mind when picking out your lures.  Smaller Rapala X-Raps, Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnows, Bomber Windcheaters, and DOA Baitbusters are all good choices for fooling a snook.  Live finger mullet will be your best live bait choice.   Typically, the mullet schools will form up on top around sunset and become easy targets for the snook most of the night.  Snook being nocturnal by nature will take full advantage of this and feed heavily most of the night.  Fish around shadow lines and ambush points with good currents and the snook shouldn’t be far behind.
SURF/PIER- Hard to say exactly what will happen with the snook along the beach after the heavy surf from Hurricane Irene, but with some mullet schools already showing up they shouldn’t be too far behind.  The sardines, greenies, and pilchards are most likely going to start thinning out as we transition away from summer and into fall.  They will be replaced by mullet, and that sits just fine with the snook (and tarpon, bluefish, sharks, jacks, and everything else for that matter) as they gorge themselves on the easy meals.  A live mullet fished on the edge of the school or a dead mullet fished underneath the school is a great tactic for picking up a good fish.  If your into lures, keep them mullet looking for best results.  Low light periods will have the mullet and snook most active.

Nothing like fall snook fishing in South Florida,  good luck everyone!

Sebastian Inlet Report

Winds are all over the place this morning, depending on when you look at the anemometer. This morning we've seen it go from 25 to 17 back to 22 mph, etc. The water is choppy and we have waves coming over the rails of the north jetty. It will probably be windy all day but the sun is peeking through the clouds off and on. Rough seas are predicted all weekend so the boating forecast is not good. Some of our panorama photos are updated now and we are still working on getting the entire web cam page up to date, thank you for your patience.

Since not many people have been out fishing in the windy conditions, we are assuming that the fishing forecast will include the same cast of characters that have been biting this week. Mangrove Snapper, an occasional Spanish Mackerel or two, oversized Reds and catch and release Snook. We have a hot steamy weekend ahead of us but the winds may help cool off the jetty and beach anglers. Heavier tackle is recommended due to the conditions.

Thursday 8/25/11

Thursday, August 25, 2011

O Boy !!!!!!!!!

I’ve spoke about it before, the next week or so after a big  storm should be great. Not only because the storm pushes all types of fish in, its that time of year when  SNAPPER fishing may be at its peak from shore, bridges, and jetties. The combination of weather and time of year should make a lot of anglers smile, me for one !!!  Some of my  “HOT SPOTS” are the West Palm Bridges, Boynton Inlet, Lakeworth Pier & Bridge, Lantana Bridge, Juno Pier, Jupiter Inlet, Stuart Bridges, Jensen Causeway, Ft Pierce Bridges & Inlet, and of course Sebastian Inlet. All of these spots have been holding fish through the summer but now its going to get crazy. Being SAFE is always my first step to having fun.......   
 See you out there 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Photo Of The Week

                                      They  Are  On  Their  Way !!!!!!!!!!!!                          

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


Winds are blowing out of the West Southwest at 2 mph this morning and there is a light chop on the water.

We received an update from inlet regular Mike of Vero Beach who said Mangrove Snapper on mojarra remain the best catch for the table. Mike was out on the north jetty Friday and saw a good sized Sheepshead and a large Margate caught on the outgoing tide. Several oversized Reds and catch and release Snook came over the rails, but there were no Spanish Mackerel in sight, there where reports of a few Macks landed over the weekend. They are out there but not biting well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fish Kids

FWC seeking volunteers to work upcoming Martin county kids’ fishing clinic

Rodney Smith

FWC seeking volunteers to work upcoming Martin county kids’ fishing clinic
       Can you cast a line without snagging a shrub?
 Do you know what an improved clinch knot is. 
Can you tell a snapper from a snook? 
Are you an ethical angler and interested in sharing those 
ideals with youngsters?
If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, the 
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) 
asks that you consider volunteering at an 
upcoming fishing clinic for children.
The FWC will host a free kids’ fishing clinic 
September 10th at Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach. 
The goal of the clinic is to create responsible 
marine resource stewards by teaching children about the 
vulnerability of Florida’s marine ecosystems and ethical 
angling skills. The FWC also strives to teach
 fundamental saltwater fishing knowledge and to provide 
kids with a positive fishing experience.
 Volunteers are needed to work educational stations on 
fishing, tackle, knot-tying, casting and other fishing basics.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call 
the Nancy Fisher at 850-488-6058 by Friday, August 26th.
Nancy Fisher
Division of Marine Fisheries Management
2590 Executive Center Circle East
Berkeley Bldg. Suite 204
Tallahassee, Fl 32301
Visit us at

The Anglers for Conservation is coordinating a nation-wide Hook Kids on Fishing program for 
Saturday, April 21, 2012 in celebration of Earth Day. We intent to set a one-day 
Guinness World Record for the number of kids and families fishing together at one time. 
For more information contact Rodney Smith

From Mike @ Native Tackle Supply-Sebastian

The trout bite has remained red hot on just about any grass flat in the river.  As usual in the summer time early morning top water action is a sure bet.  If there is bait getting busted on try to get under the bait with a DOA CAL Shad or Exude Soft bait on a 1/4 oz. jig head.  For the bigger trout use a live pinfish, pigfish, or finger mullet and fish the potholes.  Bite has been slowing down by 10:00am so get out on the water early.  In the river, the snook bite has slowed down a bit with the bigger fish moving into the inlets and beaches.  The flounder action remains excellent with a stellar year for flounder showing no signs of slowing down. Many anglers are focusing in on areas around the Sebastian Inlet and are fishing Gulp! swimming mullets for artificial and finger mullets for live baits.   

For the past few weeks fishing at the Sebastian Inlet has all been about oversized Redfish and Snook in quantity.  Fish the tides for Redfish with the best bet being to drift a live crab on outgoing tide.  Snook have been showing up in good numbers with croakers and bucktail jigs being the preferred ammo.  Remember, Snook season opens up September 1st so stop in the store early and stock up on our wide selection of bait and tackle tailored to anglers Snook fishing the Sebastian Inlet.  Besides Snook and Reds the mangrove snapper bite has remained steady on live shrimp and there have been scattered reports of Permit off the tip of the South Jetty.

Anglers running the beach have been reporting large schools of bait, many of which are just getting destroyed by spanish mackeral and huge schools of jacks.  Closer to shore the Tarpon cruising the beaches have slowed down a bit but not the snook.  The snook have been thick at the inlet and on the beach and now is a great time to target and catch some cruising linesiders.          

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

August has turned into a fantastic month around the Treasure Coast.  Great fishing action along with beautiful weather has made for lots of fun out on the water.  You still will have to contend with the usual afternoon chances of rain and thunderstorms, but getting on the water early can provide you with some great fishing this month.  Get out there early and have some fun!
Redfish have continued to feed in the shallows and allowed many anglers to experience some thrilling action on the Indian River. There was a school with at least 100 fish in it that were eagerly feeding and tailing across the flat.  
There has been a good trout bite up north of Fort Pierce.  Harbor Branch, Queen's Cove and Round Island have continued to hold trout.  A good number of sea trout and flounder on the flats. DOA CAL jerk baits have been working very well for us this week.  Work your lures slowly for a better success ratio.  Live bait and top water lures can also get you some trout on the flats.
There has still been a good snapper bite along the channel and around structure.  I had several reports of a good snook bite around the jetties this week on live bait, Terror Eyz and Bait Busters.  A lot of snook are holding up around the rocks of the jetties feeding on the many bait schools in the area.
The fall mullet run is in full swing now.  The river is getting flooded with large schools of finger mullet and the fish are eagerly gorging themselves on the plentiful supply of food.  It's a great time of year to try a DOA BFL lure around the mullet schools.  It swims better than a mullet and can get you some great strikes on the flats.

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, snook anglers are busy getting ready for the opening of snook season. There are plenty of snook in the inlets and the lagoon to keep you busy. Jack crevalle are cruising in the lagoon as well, bruising up on the bait pods. Trout fishing has been good early in the morning on the west side of the lagoon down to the south of the causeways.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


Winds are blowing out of the South at 1 - 2 mph and the water has a little chop.

Fishing remains the same. We have a good Mangrove Snapper bite going on, greenies, mojarra and shrimp are working well for anglers using those baits. Spanish Mackerel disappeared yesterday morning  but the Snapper bite was still good. Hope those Macks show up today; the water is right for them. Catch and release Snook and oversized Reds are still exhausting our inlet anglers and Ladyfish have gotten thick in the evening hours. Decent sized Jacks are darting around making a big fuss as they break up schools of bait fish. 

We have our typical summer weather pattern going on so if you hear thunder, it's time to get off the jetty or the beach. Do not stay on the jetty or beach during a thunderstorm. Always check the coastal forecast prior to going offshore and be sure to be in compliance with all regulations. 

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, snook fishing has been good in and around the Ft. Pierce inlet with live bait and jigs. Back in the lagoon Yo-Zuri 3D minnows have been producing good catches of snook . Trout fishing remains steady in the early morning, top water plugs and soft plastics have been working well there. Mangrove snapper fishing with live shrimp is still good around the bridges and the channel edges.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


The wind is barely moving out of the Southeast at 1 -2 mph and there is a light chop on the water. It's already heating up due to lack of wind.

The catches remain consistent and the same species have been showing up. We received an update from inlet regular Mike of Vero Bech who fished the north jetty yesterday morning. Mike reported about 20 Mangrove Snapper, a dozen or so Spanish Mackerel and two oversized Reds. Some of the Snapper were caught on live greenies and the Reds were landed on shrimp and greenies. Snook were visible cruising through the clear water and an occasional school of 2 -3 lb Jacks would come by and bust through the schools of greenies and hook up with whatever bait was in the water at the time. Thanks for the update Mike, good to have you back on the jetty!Last night Ladyfish were thick according to Walton at the Bait and Tackle Shop.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


Winds are blowing out of the South at 7 mph and there is a nice little ripple on the water this morning. We have lots of sunshine forecasted for the morning and showers for the afternoon which is our typical summer weather pattern. 

Mangrove Snapper are thick at the inlet and many anglers are limiting out at 5 per day fairly early. Spanish Mackerel are coming in larger schools and are increasing in size. Most anglers are using greenies or Gotcha lures for the Macks. Snook are thick but are still catch and release until Sept. 1st, after that good luck catching one in the slot of 28" - 32", they've been way over sized anyway. Oversized Reds have been active, particularly on the tide changes and in the evening hours. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Photo Of The Week (Old School vs New School)



Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another gorgeous morning at the inlet. We have sunny skies predicted for most of the day but some potential rain in the late afternoon. This morning winds are blowing out of the South at 5 mph and there is a nice ripple on the water. 

Mangrove Snapper have been biting; most anglers are using mojarra or greenies. Spanish Mackerel have started to make an appearance and a few real nice ones have been landed. Silver spoons and Gotcha plugs or small shiny bait fish work well for those. Yesterday evening we had some big Jacks charging glass minnows and we had a nice Permit bite that turned on at the tip of the jetty. Of course we still have those big C/R Snook and oversized C/R Reds that are giving our jetty anglers plenty of exercise!

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, snook are on the beach after glass minnows and fly rod anglers have been catching them on glass minnow fly imitations. Tarpon are also on the beach and feeding on the abundance of bait. Catch and release action for snook from the south jetty has been good lately in the A.M. Water temperature has been around 74 degrees and mangrove snapper and margates are still taking a shrimp around the areas bridges. Trout fishing is best in the early morning hours and are taking soft plastics and some topwater lures. Sand perch are also taking a piece of shrimp on a # 6 hook in the turning basin and around the area bridges.

Monday, August 15, 2011

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

Fantastic weather around the Treasure Coast this week has allowed for some great fishing action around the area for most anglers.  We have been hitting the water at first light and getting off by noon, just before the afternoon rains begin to move into the area.  It's been a great week out on the water!

Redfish have been on the flats in good numbers for us and we have had some exciting action out there.  Schools up to 100 fish have been out there and it is certainly exciting to see those upper slot fish swimming just in front of you.  DOA shrimp or live bait can give you some exciting action if you happen on one of these schools of redfish!

Trout action has been good most days. Sea trout are being caught using DOA shrimp and CAL jerk baits. We have been fishing both north and south of Fort Pierce and having success in both directions.  Find the bait on the grass flats and you should find some trout.

Snook season opens in a couple weeks and anglers are eagerly anticipating the chance at a slot fish on September 1st.  Bridges, inlets and jetties will be good areas to target with DOA Terror Eyz, live baits and feather jigs.  It's catch and release for now, but soon you might find that fish to put on the table.  There is still a good snapper bite around the river.  Docks, bridges and channel edges are the usual snapper haunts, but we have caught a number on the flats as well the largest was 14" this past week.

The surf continues to hold whiting and you should also find bluefish and jacks around the beaches this time of year.  There has also been a lot of ladyfish for the young anglers to keep their rods bending.  It's been a lot of fun this week!

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a real pretty morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the South Southeast this morning at 9 mph and there is a nice little chop on the water. 

Over the weekend we had a good run of Spanish Mackerel and Mangrove Snapper, a few Bluerunners, oversized Reds and C/R Snook and one lady landed a Bonita off the north jetty! Catching a Bonita from the jetty is unusual as they are normally deep water fish. We hope to get a photo sent in!

This morning Mangrove Snapper and Spanish Mackerel have been coming over the rails, some are undersized but a lot of them are keepers. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

From Capt. Joe Ward in Ft. Pierce

If it is a fish dinner you are looking for then you will want to go snapper fishing.  The mangrove snapper are along the channel edges both to the north and south in the Indian River and as well as around the area's bridges.  Small white baits or a small live shrimp are working the best.  The trout and redfish have also been active around the Spoil Islands and the docks along both North & South Indian River Drive.  A nice sized live shrimp has been hard to beat.  If you can't find the larger shrimp then try a soft plastic bait in a darker color.  The Ft. Pierce Inlet is still the hot spot for catch and release snook and tarpon.  Both fish are taking live baits.  Remember that snook season opens at 12:00am on September 1st.  You will want to make sure your gear is ready and that you know the rules and regulations.

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's real nice at the inlet this morning. It's already pretty warm with winds blowing out of the Southeast at 4 mph, the no see 'ems were thick earlier but now it's even getting too warm for them! 

With all the bait in the water, particularly greenies we were expecting to see Spanish Mackerel following them. They could actually be seen but weren't biting until yesterday when a few large Macks were landed.  Mangrove Snapper have been cooperative in the morning hours, before it gets too hot. Nights and early mornings are bringing us catch and release Snook and oversized Reds. Every now and then a straggler Flounder, Permit, Bluerunner or Lookdown will make an appearance.

The Indian River has been producing some real nice Spotted Seatrout.  There have been some mullet holding on top of the flats you should throw around them with a big topwater popper (a chug bug) for a hook up.

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, fishing for trout, snook and redfish on the flats has improved over the last couple of days. Redfish have been caught around bear point and south on the east shore line. Snook fishing continues to be good in the inlet with live bait and jigs. Anglers are getting ready for the opening of snook season this September. 

Tarpon have been cruising the beach and some anglers have managed to hook some right from the beach, key word here is "hooked" .

Thursday, August 11, 2011

From Bob & Ann @ Perks Bait & Tackle- Lantana

I talked to Ann at (Perks Bait & Tackle in Lantana) and was told that snapper, snook, ocean perch and a few pompano along with blue runners, jacks and barracudas  are being caught at the Boynton Jetty. I took a little trip down there and caught Lane snapper and snook on live/dead sardines and live shrimp. There where a few of the Permit guys out there that night so the Permit must be around  I also saw a few Tarpon rolling in the big schools of bait that keep swimming through. Friday the 12th is a FULL MOON, there may be a lot of fish around, hope it does’t rain.

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another pretty morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West at 7 mph and the water is calm. There is a chance of afternoon showers, go prepared for it before you head to the inlet. Be sure to take sunscreen, lots of water and insect repellent. The no see 'ems are out in force.

Fishing has been picking up in the morning hours. There are a lot of bait fish, particularly greenies swarming around the jetties attracting Mangrove Snapper and a few Spanish Mackerel. Big pods of silver mullet have been bringing in large Tarpon and we still have catch and release Snook and oversized Reds that are being landed and released.