Thursday, July 29, 2021

From Todd @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Summertime heat has inshore fishing pretty slow currently, and conditions don't look to change much for the weekend.  Snook fishing will be the best bet inshore.  Look for the snook to be most active early in the morning, late in the afternoon, and at night.  Live mullet along a seawall is your best bet for the snook during the day.  At night a flair hawk around the bridges is a good choice, especially on an outgoing tide.  Mangrove snapper action remains fair inshore; especially at night.  

SURF/PIER-  Catch and release snook fishing remains the main game in town right now.  The Juno Beach Pier snook bite has been very good; especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  Live sand perch and croaker are your best bait choices for there big snook; but they can also be caught on pilchards and sardines as well.  If you're into throwing lures try small white jigs and soft plastic paddle tails or small swimming plugs for best luck with the snook.  Look for the snook to be in super close for the most part.  At night a flair hawk or SpoolTek will be a solid choice; but those baits are lust a little large for calm water daylight conditions.  The Juno Beach Pier has been holding a few summertime Spanish Mackerel; but not in huge numbers.  Lots of blue runners around the pier to keep the rods bent.  Still a few permit being spotted cruising the end of the pier.   Good mangrove snapper action early in the morning at the pier.  Live shrimp and small live pilchards are great bait choices for the snapper. 

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County


The snook bite keeps getting better and better. Anglers fishing from boats in the St. Lucie Inlet, off of the 10-cent bridge and the nearby docks are catching and releasing plenty of fish that are topping the 40-inch mark. Live croakers and pilchards have been the key.

From land, the snook bite has been best at the Jensen Beach Causeway and at the Ft. Pierce Inlet. Crabs and croakers have been best and at the causeway during the outgoing tide.

There have been sea trout taken in the early mornings up by Herman's Bay and Bear Point. A top water lure will work, but small croakers are like candy to them.

At the St. Lucie Inlet, the Crossroads and the Jensen Beach Causeway there is still a good tarpon bite. There are some big ones and they are all being caught on live pilchards and live crabs.

Along the beaches in St. Lucie and Martin Counties, whiting and croaker are being caught in good numbers in the first trough. Pink shrimp- and bloodworm-flavored Fishbites, with a small piece of shrimp, are working well.

Along the beaches in Jupiter and Juno, there have been plenty of snook for catch and release action. Lures like a Rapala X-Rap pilchard or a Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow, both in the three- to four-inch size will work well.

The mangrove snapper bite along the beach should be picking up soon as they start coming in to prey upon the hatching turtles.

There have been small schools of sardines around the north jetty of the Boynton Inlet the past few mornings.

Anglers at the inlet have been catching small mangrove snapper using cut sardines

Lake Okeechobee

The bass fishing has picked up nicely the past week. On Tuesday, Capt. Larry Wright had his clients into 25 fish by 10 a.m. using live shiners and working the outside edge. After that early morning bite starts to back off, switching over to a magnum speed worm by Zoom, in either Houdini or Watermelon red color, or a Skinny Dipper by Reaction Innovations can help keep the action going. These should both be worked just inside the Kissimmee grass or eel grass. The shoal and just north of Indian Prairie at Fourth Point have been hot spots lately. During last Saturday's full moon, even though the water clarity wasn't perfect, there was an excellent bite for bluegill and shellcracker. Worm and crickets were the go-to baits. Though the shellcracker bite has likely shut down, there could be one more big run for the bluegill.

More freshwater

Clown knifefish have been hitting minnows, shiners and shad fished on eighth-ounce jig heads in the area canals and lakes. Target culverts, pilings and submerged brush.

Tilapia and cichlids have also been active during the day in the canals. Bread balls, crickets, meal worms and earthworms are working for bait. The cichlids will also hit artificial lures like beetle-spins, crappie jigs or ultra-light Rapala minnows. Flyrod anglers should use #4 Bumblebee flies, small panfish poppers or grasshopper flies.

report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 It’s been some pretty good surf action the past few days depending on the beach you picked . I fished with Jim Burczyk from Bass Pro Shops on Saturday and Sunday and managed to fill the cooler each day with nice whiting, croaker , threadfins -aka “clear noses”, and sand perch . We fished at theJensen Beach access right at the circle and with the absence of fresh shrimp at the Snook Nook . Bloodworm and Pink Shrimp Fishbites was the bait of choice . It’s the time of year when the shrimp boats on the west coast of Florida do not even leave the dock as the shrimp head offshore and most of the ones that are available are tiny . Those boats usually start up again right in the beginning of August . If you want to tip your rigs with a small piece of shrimp buy a bag of frozen and cut them into small pieces. It wasn’t necessary for us as the plain Fishbites worked great .We started at Normandy beach on Sunday morning and caught a few but when the weeds became an issue we made a move to Jensen and had steady action with nice whiting and croaker. I started at Jensen yesterday morning and caught those fish at a steady rate for an hour and then they shut off . I made a move almost all the way up to Fort Pierce Inlet and found no weeds and beautiful color water . The whiting , croaker, tgreadfins, and sand perch were stacked up in the first trough and after an hour of catching I headed home . The drop off for most of the beaches up by Fort Pierce is right at your feet so if you pitch your bait more than 3 or 4 yards you will miss the bite . We did see some tarpon on Sunday morning at Normandy along with some bait schools . Good luck this week and catch em up .

Sunday, July 18, 2021

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart / Vero Beach

Snook fishing in the inlets and at the bridges in Fort Pierce at night has been good on jigs and the No Live Bait Needed 5″ Paddle Tails ( now in stock ). Surf fishing has once again taken a hit, with east winds bringing rough waves and seaweed. Hopefully the winds will subside a bit for the weekend. Inshore, Snook fishing along the mangroves and docks has remained good, with some larger fish to be had. Baby Tarpon also have been active in some of the basins and outflows as well, with the overcast conditions keeping them active for longer periods. 

From Todd, & Nick @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE:  Snook fishing remains very good inshore right now.  While a good majority of the snook are in/around Palm Beach and Jupiter Inlet;  the ICW and Loxahatchee River are also holding a good number of fish.  The snook inshore can't turn down a mullet fished along a seawall or splashing under a boat dock.  Closer to the inlet the snook will be keyed in on sand perch and croakers.  Still a pretty good jig and swimbait bite around the bridges at night.  Outgoing tide (in a majority of spots) will be the best bet.  Mangrove snapper are also biting around the bridges at night.  

SURF/PIER:  Catch and release snook fishing remains very strong along the beach.  The snook fishing would be even better if the seaweed would give us a little break; but with east winds in the forecast that does not seem too likely.  Look for lures that are weedless or semi weedless to produce the best.  A Texas rigged soft plastic jerk bait is killer along the beach in these conditions.  For best luck go with light natural colors and as light of fluorocarbon leader as you dare!  Live croakers and sandperch will be the baits of choice to try and get those big snook in the surf.  The Juno Beach Pier has had a few permit around this week, along with a few passing tarpon.  The Jupiter Inlet has been producing a decent little snapper bite; with a few mangrove and cubera snapper being caught. 

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County


The snook action has been very consistent at the St. Lucie Inlet the past week. Overslot fish are being caught and released using live pilchards and croakers.

The Jensen Causeway has also had a good snook bite the past week. Live crabs are working best in the early mornings and, if possible, on an outgoing tide.

One more hot spot for snook has been the Ft. Pierce Inlet. Live croakers, which are availabe at the Snook Nook, have been the bait to use up there.

At the St. Lucie Inlet and at the Crossroads there have been some big tarpon the past week. Fish over 100 pounds are being caught and released. Eat your Wheaties and get ready for a serious fight!

Using the small mullet that have been around, anglers are bringing home plenty of keeper mangrove snapper working the docks along the St. Lucie River. At the Boynton Inlet, along the south beach, there have been schools of small sardines and greenies. Anglers working the south wall of the inlet, from the jetty to the cleaning tables, have been catching big jacks and Cubera snapper up to 30 pounds freelining large chunks of bonito.

There have also been some snook around the jetties for catch and release action. They are being caught on live sand perch and live mullet.

At the Lantana Bridge, anglers are getting mangrove snapper on cut frozen shrimp. Though there are some shorts there are plenty of keepers in the mix.

Lake Okeechobee

Though the bass fishing has been a little tough the past few days, Capt. Larry Wright has his client into 16 fish by 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Live shiners, worked along the outside edge of the Kissimmee grass has been the key.

After the early morning bite begins to back off, switching to flippin' either swim jigs or creature style baits will keep the action going. The best colors to use for the swim jigs has been black and blue or white and chartreuse. The best colors for the creature style baits has been watermelon red, straight black or green pumpkin.

report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Friday, July 2, 2021

From Todd, Trey & Nick @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Snook fishing remains the best bet inshore right now.  The snook are in full spawning mode right now, so look for areas near the inlet to be your best bet.  If fishing in the inlet itself is not your thing; look for bridges, boat docks, and seawalls near inlets to also be holding a good number of fish.  Snapper fishing has been pretty good inshore, with a fair number of mangroves moving into their summertime hangouts.  Live shrimp and small pilchards are great bait choices for the snapper.  A handful of jacks and tarpon around inshore, but not in huge numbers.  

SURF/PIER-  Surf reports were a bit slim this week; largely due to less than ideal weather conditions and lots of seaweed.   Catch and release snook fishing will be the best bet this weekend.  If your fishing for the snook at night try a Flair Hawk jig or bigger swimbait (like a SpoolTek or Hogy Paddletail).  During the day stick with the live baits for best chance at the snook.  A big croaker or sand perch will be the best bet for the big snook, while pilchards and sardines are a good choice for catching numbers.  The Juno Beach Pier snook bite seems to be getting better by the day.  Tarpon have still been spotted cruising along the beach, along with some big jacks.  

The Jupiter Inlet has started to produce a few mangrove snapper on the jetty, along with good numbers of snook.  Croaker and perch are biting fair in the first trough on small pieces of live shrimp.