Thursday, October 20, 2022

BIG Swimbait Fishing For Big Snook (Savage Gear Pulsetail Mullet)

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Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 The report from yesterday wasn’t as productive as Saturday but there was still some decent activity . I fished with TCPalms Ed Killer for a couple of hours early yesterday and then two of my son’s, Randy and Paul Jr came up and fished . Ed and I managed some whiting and throwback pompano along with some jacks . After Ed left Paul Jr and Randy continued with the same kind of bites until “Hot Hand Randy “ turned it on . His rods started producing blue runners , jacks, and then 2 nice keeper pompano . The highlight of the morning was when his one rod doubled over and he managed to put a nice permit on the sand . There has been quite of few permit along our beaches this past week and if your long rod doubles over and does not get bit off right away , chances are it’s a permit or a big jack . The key to landing these bigger fish on light line like the 15 lb mono that we use is to properly set you drag so the you can keep steady pressure on the fish but not too tight to break him off . These permit will go north and south up and down the beach once hooked so follow the direction that it runs and cut the angle so you don’t have an excessive amount of line in the water . Keeping these fish directly east of you will speed up the time it takes to land the fish and use the wave action to beach it . A second set of hands will allow a helper to grab it by the tail once it is on the sand . It gives you time to take a quick picture and release it if you are sending it back . I personally like to release them but it is certainly legal to keep one if you wish . Yellow Crab Fishbites was the ticket yesterday for Randy’s keeper pompano and the permit . If you are targeting the permit cut the Fishbite into a slightly bigger piece 1 1/2 inch instead of the 3/4 inch piece used for the pompano . Hope everyone has a great week and catch em up .

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Pier Fishing: It's been YEARS Since This Happened... (Catch, Clean & Cook)

From Todd,Eddy & Jeff @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Snook fishing remained strong inshore this week.  Finger mullet schools are still around in good numbers and the snook aren't far behind.  The mullet will move best during lowlight periods and at night.  A Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil or Mag Darter remain top lure choices.  Still a lot of freshwater coming out of the spillways, but overall hasn't  slowed the snook fishing down too much.  Still a god number of tarpon mixed in with the snook.  Other inshore action has been on the slower side.  

SURF/PIER-  Dirty water and rough conditions kept surf fishing a bit slow.  Still a fair amount of mullet coming down the beach: Still a few tarpon and snook mixed in with them, but bluefish are starting to make up a bulk of the action.  Definitely time to start moving away from the soft plastics on the beach and moving towards spoons and plugs.  The Spanish Mackerel have been biting very good at the Juno Beach Pier.  A bobber rig with a Clark spoon is a solid choice for the macs.  A few redfish were caught at the pier in the dirty water as well this week.  Pompano (mostly shorts) have also been around in good numbers this week.  A bright colored Doc's Goofy jig is the lure of choice for the pomps. 

Sebastian Inlet Report

 The post-hurricane waters are brimming with mullet

Good morning, fishing fanatics. I hope everyone fared well through the storm and had little or - even better - no damage. We dodged a bullet! My heart and prayers go out to our neighbors in southwest Florida in their recovery efforts. 

Now for data on Ian’s effects on our coast. I was monitoring the web cam weather station Wednesday night from 11 p.m. through 1:20 a.m. Thursday before the station went down. At 11 p.m., the winds were 40 to 45 mph, with gusts to 61 mph. By 12:30 a.m., winds were 60 to 67 mph, with gusts to 81 mph. And that lasted until 1:10 a.m., when they went winds dropped to 51-52 mph, with 61 mph gusts. Then,  the weather station went down. Repairs may take time, as the gusts tore the main power and computer box from its mount.   

Now, for fishing report: Go fishing! Sebastian Inlet State Park opened at 8 a.m. Saturday and the jetty opened an hour later. The inlet is alive with all kinds of mullet: finger mullet, medium mullet and the bigger ‘smoker’ and roe mullet. There wasn't a single place where there wasn't mullet, and fishing was off the charts! Especially the north jetty and surf area. There were mullet as far as the eye could see! Lots of snook were caught, but most were between 18 and 24 inches and had to be released – but, man, were there a ton of them being caught. I didn't see too many oversized snook caught, but I did see several slot fish taken.  Along with them were an impressive number of small redfish caught. Most were also between 18 and 24 inches, but anglers can't keep them either, as their season is closed. Plenty of ladyfish were hooked and some landed, as they do a lot of jumping when hooked and usually come off the hook. I also saw a lot of small tarpon rolling around, and some were landed. Most were between five and 20 pounds - small but fun! Jack crevalles, Spanish mackerel and blues were in the mix as well. I saw a few sharks harassing larger mullet schools, too. Overall, it is a very fishy time at the inlet right now. I also received a report of a nice flounder hooked and lost on the north surf pocket. It is time for them to start arriving now that water temperatures have dropped down to around 80 degrees.