Saturday, February 26, 2022

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County



The channel markers up around the St. Lucie Power Plant have been holding sheepshead and some nice-sized croaker the past week.

Also up around the power plant, the mangroves have been holding decent numbers of snook. Snook are also being caught in the evenings along the area bridges. There have been shrimp in the river and using small artificial shrimp has been working well.

For waders, Middle cove is holding steady with the trout bite. They are being taken on top water plugs and Monster 3X shrimp.

Though, again, they're not being caught by the basketfull, there have been some pompano caught by anglers at both the Stuart and Jensen Causeways.

At the Boynton Inlet the fishing has been pretty slow with a few schools of pilchards around the mouth of the inlet.

At the Lantana Bridge, anglers have reported light action on sand perch and croaker using peeled shrimp for bait.

Lake Okeechobee

Though the bass bite is still relatively slow, most guides are getting their clients into 15 to 20 fish during a half-day trip. Live shiners are working best and the hot spots have been the Buckhead Ridge and Tin House Cove areas. Working both inside and just outside the grassline has been effective. If you are determined to use an artificial, a june bug Speed Worm or black and blue Senko are good options.

The spec bite has also been a bit slow the past week. Jigs are working better than minnows right now and the fish are being found in some of the more dense, lilly pad areas.

report courtesy of The Palm Beach Post

Sebastian Inlet Report


Our fishing guide, “Snookman” Wayne Landry, reports that the weather has calmed and warmed up to 67 to 68 degrees since last week and is cleaning up well. Fishing was rather good over the weekend, he says.

At the North jetty, the bite has mostly been all on the outgoing tide at the tip of the jetty with small bluefish and Spanish mackerel being caught on small jigs and spoons, Wayne says.

“Also, nice black drum and sheepshead have shown themselves again, most being caught on dead shrimp, live shrimp and live clams,” Wayne says. “Many of the drum are between 15 and 25 inches and some being caught are around 20 to 40 pounds. On Saturday we had a huge school of the black drum swimming down the beach, and several were caught in the 30 to 40-pound range. The sheepshead being caught, also on cut shrimp and fiddler crabs, have been around 14 to 15 inches - nice fish for the table.”

Anglers are catching bull reds on flare jigs and live baits of any sort, all on the outgoing tide, also at the tip of the jetty, he says. With the water warming up and the presence of thread fin herring that arriving this time of the year, the snook bite has picked up, with the fish being caught also at the jetty tip.

“The snook are being caught on the live thread fins one day, and live pigfish the next day,” he adds. “You never know what they want to eat, so be sure to bring a couple of different baits to tease them with. Most of the snook are over slot and must be returned to the water unharmed as soon as possible. I did see several slot fish taken. The tip of the jetty has been the ‘hot spot’ and it gets crowded, so have patience and respect for other anglers when you go. The incoming tide has been slow as the waves washing over the jetty has kept the inside  silted up and rough. Sheepshead are being caught with cut shrimp between the pilings. Also, mackerel and bluefish are present on the incoming tide as well.”

Fishing at the South jetty has been mostly bluefish and Spanish mackerel at the tip on outgoing tide with small jigs and spoons, Wayne says.

“Those fishing with cut shrimp are finding sand perch, black margates, whiting and the pesky catfish, too,” he says. “In the beach pocket area, flounder have returned and are being caught on small finger mullet and mud minnows. There are some small flounder on the incoming tide along the rock wall here as well, same bait, and snook and redfish being caught on live thread fins and pigfish too.”

Fishing is slow at the T-dock area, but anglers are catching Spanish mackerel and bluefish on small jigs and spoons. “I heard that that sheepshead are being caught around the dock pilings and the rock wall by the little lagoon that is back there,” he adds. 

If the water cleans up at the surf on both sides, look for a continuation of the pompano bite, as the water temperature is getting to the zone that they like. Cut shrimp and sand fleas will do the trick. And beware, the catfish and stingrays will lurking due to the silted, cool water. Those fishing small jigs and silver spoons should also attract blues and mackerel.

From Todd & Eddy @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach


INSHORE-  Inshore fishing overall was pretty good this week.  A few days in a row of warmer weather had the snook biting a little bit better; and that looks to continue into the weekend.  The Loxahatchee River snook seemed to come alive a bit this week; and a fair number of small tarpon were also cruising around.  Live mullet is the bait of choice for both; and in fact may prove more challenging to find than the snook or tarpon.  Sheepshead action remains good inshore; with Palm Beach inlet really being the best spot for them.  Live shrimp is the best bait for the sheepshead.  A few inshore pompano reports this week.  Take lots of Goofy Jigs when you go looking for them...the ladyfish will be in the same areas in big numbers as well, and they are great at swiping jigs.  Small jacks are also likely to invade the party as well.   

SURF/PIER- Pompano reports were spotty this week, with fish seeming to be scattered up and down the beach.  Most anglers putting time in on the beach were rewarded with a fish or two; and those in just the right lucky spot managed a few limits.  Sandfleas remain very hard to come by; with shrimp, clams, FishBites, and FishGum remaining the baits of choice.  If your on the Juno Beach Pier or along the Bech in the boat looking for the pomps a Doc's Goofy Jig will, as always, be the lure you want tied on the line! The Juno Beach Pier has had a great croaker and whiting bite this week.  Shrimp (both live and frozen will work) is the top bait choice for them.  The Juno Beach Pier has also had a fair number of Spanish Macs around; with a white crappie jig being the bait of choice for them.  Bluefish reports have steadily improved over the past few weeks.  Cut bait (sardines and mullet) is the way to go for the blues.  Lowlight periods of the day generally speaking will be best for the blues.  Shark reports slowed the past week with rougher weather; but as it calms down a bit this weekend they will no doubt make their presence known!

Friday, February 11, 2022

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County



The pompano bite continues along the Sailfish Flats. Though still not going crazy numbers wise, but they are being caught. Pompano jigs, especially in pink with a chartreuse teaser, are working best. 

Along the channel markers up around the power plant the triple tail bite has been solid.

Anglers wading out at Middle Cove, and along County Line Road, are still finding a nice trout bite using live shrimp, topwater lures and Monster 3X artificial shrimp.

There has been some redfish action at the Stuart Causeway the past few days with one 38-inch monster and several overslots reported. They are being caught on live shrimp and croakers during the incoming tides.

At the Jensen Causeway, snook are being taken using live shrimp on a jig head and on smaller artificial shrimp.

Along the Martin and St. Lucie County beaches, pompano are still being found in the deeper troughs approximately 70 to 100 yards from shore. Electric Chicken Crab Fishbites and EZ Flea Fishbites are working well.

As bycatch, anglers are also catching some nice whiting in the first trough as well as bluefish, Spanish mackerel and jack crevalle that are moving through.

The bluefish, Spanish mackerel and jacks are also hitting spoons.

In the Intracoastal Waterway from Jupiter down to Singer Island there has been a nice uptick in the sheepshead bite. They are being caught mostly on sand fleas.

Cut bait including mullet, threadfin herring and squid has produced a good bite for mangrove, mutton and even a few mahogany snapper at Phil Foster Park the past week.

Lake Okeechobee

After the cool weather and dropping water temps put a hurting on both the bass and spec bite last week, things have rebounded some.

Using live shiners and working the outside edge, the bass bite has picked up, especially around the Little Grassy area. Though live baits are definitely working better, if you're going to use an artificial, dark colored Senkos are getting hits.

The spec bite has also bounced back some. Though guys are not quite getting their daily limits, they're getting close. The Indian Prairie area using jigs in the reeds has been producing good action.

Lake Osbourne

Need a bass fishing fix and don't have time to make it out to Okeechobee? Anglers working the deeper holes on Lake Osbourne are reporting catching sunshine bass up to five pounds. They are using three eighth-ounce white jigheads in combination with live shad or minnows.

report courtesy of The Palm Beach Post

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 Here’s the full story on today and what is positive is that there is a pretty good spread of pompano up and down Hutchinson Island . I fished today with my son Randy and friend Marty Barlow . I got some intel last night telling me the water had cleaned up by Fort Pierce so I headed north and Randy and Marty were looking south . I caught a few first thing in the morning and then the bite shut down . Randy and Marty only had one but around 1030 their action started to pick up . I headed down and the bottom line was Randy limited out in an hour and his limit is below on the sand and Marty went home with 3 or 4 nice ones too . I started picking away as soon as I threw the lines out and ended up with a nice bunch of fish to bring to New England Seafood . I am amazed at how the Electric Chicken Fishbites has produced this season . We did catch a few on the EZFLEA today but most were taken on the Electric Chicken . The current was running to the south today and we used the Sinker Guys 4 and 5 ounce Sputnik’s all day . The pompano were holding 70 to 80 yards off today and the short bait never had a touch . I spoke with a couple of friends today that fished at different beach accesses and the great thing is they all caught some fish . If I was fishing tomorrow I would pick a beach from Normandy south . March and April can provide some of the best pompano fishing of the year so if you are considering purchasing some new gear for the spring run give the Penn Spinfisher Longcast models a look . This reel was pretty hard to find a few months ago but I am happy to let you know the Snook Nook in Jensen Beach has a great supply . The technology and performance of this reel will put you in the game to put some pompano in the cooler. The forecast is looking pretty good right now for the next few days as far as surf conditions so hopefully you can get out and bend a rod . I will be at the Snook Nook tomorrow from 6 to 12 if you have any questions about tackle, gear , bait , or locations for catching some pompano.

This Weekend


From Todd & Eddy @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Cold water has the snook fishing on the slower side.  Trick is to either find the snook over a dark bottom laying in the sun, or targeting them on an early incoming tide (when warmer ocean water pushes inshore) depending on the spot.  It's the time of year when snook are keyed in on shrimp, especially at night around the bridges, so keep that in mind.  The sheepshead bite has been very good over the past few weeks.  Palm Beach (Lake Worth) inlet is always a great spot for the sheepshead.  Live shrimp on a jighead, or basic bottom rig will generally do the trick.  Bridges in the ICW and the Loxahatchee River are also holding the sheepshead.  Palm Beach Inlet has also had a pretty good jack bite going on; with plenty of bruisers around to really test your tackle! 

SURF/PIER-  Pompano fishing fired off really good over the past weekend.  It slowed a bit during the week, but overall remains very good.  Bait availability (mainly Sandfleas) remains a bit of an issue for pompano.  Luckily clams, shrimp, FishBites, and FishGum are available and will all get the pomps to bite.   Typically speaking best bite on the pompano will be early morning and late afternoon.  An incoming tide is also a good time to fish on the beach.  A decent scattering of bluefish and jacks on the beach this week.  A GT Ice Cream, noisy topwater popper, or silver spoon should work to get the  bite on them.  Again, early morning and late afternoon will be the best bet for the blues and jacks.  The Juno Beach pier has had a few snook around.  The water is cold and the snook are moving slow...dead bait on the bottom is the best bet for them.  Spanish Mackerel have been in and out at the Juno Beach Pier.  A white crappie jig is hard to beat for the Macs.  This historically is the weekend that the Spinner(Blacktip) Sharks show up in full force along the beach...time to get the big topwater ready.   Nothing like watching the sharks blow up on a popper as the sun is coming up!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

From Todd & Eddy @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Snook season opened this week on the end of our hardest cold front of the year; if you couldn't guess reports were slow.  The water is COLD inshore right now and the snook are for the most part just not having it!  Best bet snook fishing will be to go at night around bridges that have warmer ocean water getting to them.  The snook are keyed in on shrimp so keep your baits small and moving SLOW.  The snook will bite this time of year, but not if they have to spend any extra energy to chase something down.  During the day the snook will be locked onto the darkest mudflats they can find that get a lot of sun.  Sunning snook are super tough to trick, but if you find the right spot it can offer some good sight fishing chances.  Sheepshead continue to bite well in Palm Beach Inlet on live shrimp.  The Loxahatchee River has produced a few pompano and sheepshead this week as well.  Palm Beach Inlet has also had a good number of jacks around.  

SURF/PIER-  This week saw some much better fishing along the beach and at the Juno Beach Pier.  Surf conditions early in the week made the beach tough to fish; but the pier fired off pretty good.  Decent number of both Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish around early in the week, along with a decent number of pompano.  The Spanish Mackerel have been biting white crappie jigs and small swimming plugs the best.  The bluefish were quick to bite spoon, swimming plugs, and in lowlight conditions topwater lures.  Good number of jacks cruising the beach as well.  A GT Ice Cream has been a killer on the jacks! The Pompano on the pier have been biting Doc's Goofy Jigs the best.  A 1/2 oz Goofy Jig in orange, yellow, or pink (with an opposing color quill/teaser) has been a good choice.  From the beach the pompano have been biting the usual baits of Sandfleas, clams, shrimp, and Fishbites or FishGum.  A handful of snook were caught at the pier this week with season opening.  Best bet for the snook this time of year is a dead sardine fished on the bottom and a LOT of patience.  Hard to say what will happen on the beach over the weekend...calming conditions will make it much more fishable, just hoping the south winds don't push the fish back north too fast.  If Juno/Jupiter don't produce; look for the fishing to fire off in Hobe Sound or Jensen Beach.  Lastly...the blacktip/spinner sharks are here! 

Tourney Time


2nd Annual Indian Riverkeeper Sandspike Shootout

This two-day fishing tournament will be held Feb. 26 and 27, and will test surf anglers to see who can bring the biggest pompano and whiting. Though they are free to fish anywhere along the southeast coast, all anglers must return to Dollman Beach (9200 S. Ocean Drive, Jensen Beach) for the 4:30 p.m. weigh-in deadline on both days. Registration is $40 to $60 for the tournament with the top five anglers in the pompano and whiting categories winning prizes.

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County


With the water temperatures down some in the St. Lucie River, the pompano bite has come up just a bit. Anglers are catching a few more than last week on the Sailfish Flats and that bite is expected to continue picking up.

The sheepshead bite has been solid along the St. Lucie River around most structure including bridges and docks and has been best using shrimp on a jighead.

Black drum are being caught with some consistency at the Roosevelt and 10-cent bridges using live shrimp and crabs.

Waders up at Middle Cove are getting sea trout using top water plugs as well as using Monster 3X artificial shrimp.

Snook season opened on Tuesday and they are being found in multiple areas including up around the power plant, at the causeways and up deeper into the St. Lucie River. Flarehawk jigs and artificial shrimp are working well as are live pilchards and croakers.

Along the beaches in Martin and St. Lucie County, more pompano have shown up recently. They are being caught 70 to 100 yards off the beach so bring the big rods.

Anglers targeting pompano are catching some nice whiting as bycatch.

With the extremely cold weather and rough seas over the past four or five days, Capt. Bruce said they had not been heading out on the ocean.

He said it was even too rough and cold for the 2nd Annual American Academy Youth Fishing Tournament to head offshore last Saturday. 

Instead, he took the kids trolling and drift fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway from Boynton Beach up to Lake Worth Beach.

Trolling with planers and spoons and then drifting high/low rigs with shrimp and squid, the kids caught jack crevalle, croakers, sailcats and even one huge rabbit fish.

In addition to the thrill of going fishing, the children got to hang out with UFC superstar Rashad Evans.

Coming out of retirement, Evans had fought the night before and defeated Gabriel Checco.

The mixed martial artist and Boca Raton resident is a board member at American Academy.

Lake Okeechobee

Capt. Larry Wright said the fishing has been really tough with the cold weather the past few days and that he'd had several charters cancel. He also mentioned that he advised a few clients against going out because it just wouldn't be worth it.

He did say the water, which in certain areas dropped into the 50s, would warm up quickly and that the fishing would quickly bounce back.

He said he had charters lined up for the rest of the week.

He said the spec bite, which was also slowed by the cold, had already bounced back on Tuesday. Guys working around the reeds and bullrush, in water around five feet deep with minnows, were doing well and that the anglers using jigs were doing better in the shallower areas.

report courtesy of The Palm Beach Post

Sebastian Inlet Report

Not much to report due to cold weather, but temperatures will creep up....

 Our resilient fishing guide, “Snookman” Wayne Landry says he doesn’t have much to report for the past week, thanks to “high winds, dirty water, huge surf and very cold water temps along the coast that are now at 62 degrees.”

“Throughout the entire inlet yesterday, hardly anything was going on, except for anglers catching many small Spanish mackerel and bluefish on small silver spoons and jigs,” Wayne says. “Fishermen using live and bead baits were catching plenty of catfish and large stingrays. I haven't heard anything on the flounder either. The black drum and sheepshead present a week ago have been hard to target because the large swells on the north side make fishing difficult on the north side of the jetty.” 

Although warmer temperatures are on the way, the pending east-southeast winds will help keep the water murky and fishing will remain poor, Wayne predicts.

 “On a good note, the snook season will open back up Tuesday (Feb. 1), but the cold water will help keep them kind of in a ‘shut-down’ mode since snook prefer water than 62 degrees,” he says. “They are a tropical species and temps above 73 will make them turn on better. They’re around, but you’ll have to work hard to get one to bite. Live bait, such as shrimp, will almost always get you a snook if they’re in the area. Remember, one fish per person per day with a slot of 28 to 32 inches.”