Friday, August 23, 2019

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From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE- Just another week till snook season opens…it’s getting close now.  The snook remain the best bet inshore right now.  The snook spawn is winding down and the fish are starting to move out of the inlets.  The arrivial of schools of mullet will get that move happening even a little quicker.  Look for the snook to be in the ICW and Loxahatchee River around boat docks and points with good current flow.  It’s almost hunting season in the woods, and it’s most definitely hunting season for snook in the water season.  Look for ambush points and feeding stations…the snook won’t be far behind.  Natural looking swimbaits are a good lure choice during the day, while a flair hawk is a solid choice at night.  Of course live mullet are also a great bait choice as well.  Beyond the snook, other inshore fishing remains painfully slow.
SURF/PIER- Action along the beach and a.  t the pier dropped off significantly in our area this week.  Catch and release snook fishing remains strong, but other action has not been as good.  The pompano continue to bite north of Jupiter Inlet first thing in the morning.  It’s a lot of smaller fish, with a few keepers in the mix.  The big news on the beach has been the glass minnow run up to the north.  Hard to pinpoint the best spot, but from Stuart to Sebastian has been the best bet to find the minnows.  The tarpon are around the glass minnow schools when you get in the right area.  Surf fishing should pop off almost anytime…the mullet run is coming!

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

It took a few stops this morning to find some fish but once I hit the right beach access it was game on. Glasscock, Normandy and Stuart beaches were the three that I fished today but Stuart proved to be the hot spot. The catch list included jacks, sand perch, palometa, spanish mackerel, blue runner, croaker, whiting, and even a keeper mangrove snapper. Pink Shrimp Fishbites and small pieces of fresh shrimp produced all of the bites. The hour before high tide, to the hour and a half after, were the time slots that I fished. The reports of crystal clear water from last weekend probably contributed to just a so-so bite on Sunday and Monday. The water today was a nice "clean green" color and just a bit cloudy. Mullet schools were making an appearance when I left so I am sure the tarpon, jacks, and snook were not far away. The mullet run is just around the corner and with the increasing schools of bait that are showing up every day,there has been some great tarpon action. Early morning and late afternoon are the prime times for hooking up to those great game fish. I am headed back to Tampa in the next couple of days and hope to be back on the beach later this weekend. I will post a report as soon as I get back and wet a line. 

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County



Along the beaches in the Jensen area, there have been good numbers of tarpon and snook. Walk the beach while throwing a top water plug 
Along the beaches in the Jensen area, there have been good numbers of tarpon and snook. Walk the beach while throwing a top water plug or a spoon.
Though snook are still fairly plentiful at the St. Lucie Inlet, they are also moving up into the Indian and St. Lucie Rivers more and more. Live pilchards and greenies are working fantastic.
Along the beaches from Lantana to Gulf Stream Park, anglers have been having a blast hooking up with barracuda and a few tarpon. They are hitting pink tube lures and three-ounce Gator Spoons.
At the Boynton Inlet, nice schools of moonfish have been moving through at night. They are being caught off the south wall using small white and chartreuse jigs.
Snook, tarpon and snapper action off both jetties at the inlet has been best between dusk and dawn. Use live pinfish, spots, sardines or jumbo shrimp as well as Flair Hawk, SPRO bucktail or white chicken feather jigs bounced along the bottom.
The bass bite is still excellent in the early morning. Working the outside grasslines using swim jigs, spinner baits and chatter baits has been best and then around two hours after first light switch over to live shiners. Hot spots have been King’s Bar, Indian Prairie and Third Point.
The bluegill bite is still solid as well. Using crickets and worms anglers are having good luck around J&S Canal and Nubbin Slough.
The lake level has come up to 13.14 feet so there’s more access to 

Friday, August 16, 2019

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  More and more reports of the first mullet showing up are trickling in.  Shouldn't be long till things really start rolling inshore.  Looks like the mullet run may time up very nicely with the opening of snook season this year.  Snook fishing remains the best bet inshore right now.  The snook are starting to slowly break up the spawning party, and should be heading back inshore in better numbers very soon.  The Loxahatchee River has had some very good snook fishing over the past week.  Mangrove snapper action remains fair inshore.  Some decent jacks, and maybe a tarpon or two, pushing around in the ICW these days.  

SURF/PIER-  The Juno Beach Pier continues to produce nice mixed bag action on a variety of species early each morning and again late in the afternoon.  The bait has been around the Pier in good numbers attracting a few kingfish, mackerel, blue runners, jacks, tarpon, and of course the snook.  Flatlining live baits is a good choice for everything listed above; as is throwing a Rapala X-Rap early and late. The bait has been a bit of a pain in the but sometimes, so make sure you have a few #3 Red Hayabusa Sabiki's when they get tough.  For those not into the pier, the snook have been biting along the beach very well.  Again, not to sound like a broken record, early and late will be best for the snook.  The summertime pompano bite is still fairly good north of Jupiter Inlet.  Those looking to take a ride further up the line will find the glass minnow schools up towards Fort Pierce and north filled up with tarpon, sharks, snook, and other predators.  Definitely a cool deal to se up that way.  Just takes a little driving and patience to find them!  

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County

Off several beaches in the Jensen area there has been a fantastic croaker bite. Off of Stuart Public Beach anglers are catching some up to 14 inches. It has been mostly an early morning bite.
Also along the beaches has been a plentiful mix of bait including glass minnows and mullet.
Looking for snook? The St. Lucie Inlet and the beaches right around are still holding great numbers. Best bet is to catch a small croaker and use it as bait.
Around the Boynton Intlet, small schools of sardines, cigar minnows and goggle eyes have been holding at the mouth.
Anglers fishing the seawall at the south parking lot of the inlet have been doing well on sand perch, moonfish and mangrove snapper during the incoming tide at night. Use live shrimp, fresh cut shrimp for the perch and snapper and small green or white jigs for the moonfish.
The Intracoastal Waterway has been active with tarpon rolling in the channel from the inlet to the Lantana Bridge.
Anglers fishing around the Lantana Bridge have reported small catches of sand perch on cut shrimp.
It’s still an early morning bite for bass on the lake. The past week it’s been the first 45 minutes of the day that have been the most productive. In that time frame they are busting through the grass and not too difficult to target. One charter captain had 21 fish caught on Thursday morning with one hitting 8.5 pounds. They were working the area just north of the J&S Canal and using live shiners. Swim jigs and spinner baits are also working. After that, switch to flippin’ to get deeper into the grass.
report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

GIANT FISH! - Testing the NEW SaltX Surf Rod

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Fishing is a mixed bag these days, but plenty of action in the right places. The surf fishing is peaking right now, with bait pods popping up in lots of places, and the calm conditions making for some great opportunities. Everything from glass minnows ( Bay Anchovy ),Pilchards, greenies, and mullet have been seen along our beaches, and Tarpon, Snook, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, and others are doing their best to thin their numbers. Hogy Swimbaits and DOA CALs are doing the most damage on conventional gear, while flies such as Clouser Minnows, Polar Fibre Minnows, and other baitfish patterns are equally effective. The Indian River is still fishing pretty well, with good numbers of Snook around, as ell as decent Redfish numbers. Seatrout are active early, but fade off once the temps rise. 

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Fished with my son Danny and grandson Christian today at Stuart Beach. It was an early morning croaker and whiting bite as they bit from around 7 to 930 . Cut shrimp tipped with Pink Shrimp and Orange Clam Fishbites caught all of our fish. There were also glass minnow pods that had some tarpon busting through and that activity also turned off around 9 am. The croaker and whiting have been favoring the two hours after high tide for the best time to be targeting these great tasting fish. Heres a tip for anyone who runs into the glass minnow schools as they move down the beach: pitch your whiting and croaker baits right into the middle of the bait as long as they are moving down the beach along the near shore trough. The biggest croaker we caught today were taken that way and we even had some double headers. Good luck this week and catch em up.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Catch and release snook fishing remains the best bet inshore right now.  Only about three weeks till snook season opens and we are starting to see slight signs of the snook beginning to break out of the summertime spawning pattern.  When they do some snook will end up out along the beach, others will pull back inshore.  A handful of mullet are beginning to trickle through, and barring any random storms or strange weather we should be only a few weeks from the real start of the mullet run.  The snook now are stilll somewhat relating to the inlet and bridges close by, but you can also start to find a few more making there way farther up the ICW and Loxahatchee River.  Mangrove snapper fishing remains pretty good inshore right now.  Live shrimp, small pilchards, and chunks of sardine are all good bait choices for the snapper right now.  
The Juno Beach Pier has had some really good fishing this week!  Nice mixed bag action from small to large on the pier.  Spanish Mackerel have been around in good numbers this week.  While they will bite some lures; the best bet has been freelancing small live baits on a long shank hook.  A unexpected push of pompano showed up at the Pier this week and they were biting Doc's Goofy Jigs very well.  How long those fish will stick around is anybodies guess...but it is nice to see a few around.  Catch and release snook fishing remains very good, along with a solid number of tarot hanging around as well.  
A handful of kingfish are biting at the pier first thing in the morning and then again right around closing time.  The mangrove snapper bite has slowed down considerably from a few weeks ago, but a few are still around.  Catch and release snook fishing along the beach remains strong.  Still some pompano being caught north of Jupiter Inlet first thing in the morning.  Overall, it's above average surf/pier fishing for August standards...get after it! 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County

INSHORE FISHING                                                                                                     
At the St. Lucie Inlet the snook bite is still great. Don’t try and trick them with artificials, this is a live bait bite. Pilchards and greenies are working best.
There have been some nice tarpon at the St. Lucie Inlet and along the Jensen-area beaches as well. The key is to find the schools of small minnows that have shown up recently. Yo-Zuri Lip plugs and D.O.A. CAL Shad are producing good results.
In the Lake Worth Inlet, the snook fishing has also been outstanding. They are absolutely hammering live baits and bucktail jigs.
At the Boynton Inlet there has been great action on snook, snapper, tarpon and permit.
Working from the north jetty anglers are catching permit using crabs and whole squid at night.
The snapper are hitting live shrimp and fresh cut small jacks.
Both the snook and tarpon are being caught on live bait, jigs and D.O.A. Shrimp.
The bass bite is still excellent in the early mornings and late afternoons. Working the outside grassline. Using spinner baits, swim jigs and chatter baits has been producing excellent results. For midday switch to live shiners or flippin’. The hot spots the past week have been King’s Bar and, with the east side starting to pick up some, J&S Canal and Henry Creek.
The bluegill bite is also still good with the King’s Bar, rim canal and Taylor Creek areas all working well. Crickets and worms are the go-to baits.
The water is still gin clear.
report courtesy of Palm Beach Post

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Here is a quick beach update . My sons Randy and Danny took all of the kids up to the beach yesterday and were treated to a National Geographic show!! Bait, birds, jacks, sharks, mackerel, and big tarpon and snook put on a show at Bathtub Beach. The greenies were so thick my grandkids were walking in the water and scooping them out with bait nets. The big tarpon had the bait pinned to the beach within 40 yards of the edge and the water just on the other side of the reef had mackerel skyrocketing out of the water. Lifeguards did call everyone out of the water at one point because the sharks got into the mix too. One of my neighbores reported the same type of action at Dolemans so there must be a pretty big spread of bait along Hutchinson Island. I w\am heading up this morning so I will try to post a report tonight. Looks like its time to to bring out the 500 and 600 sized Penn Battles and Spinfishers with some heavier action rods and have at it . 

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

The dog days of August have arrived, and you can bet on hot muggy weather for the Treasure Coast. Make sure you take the usual precautions of sunscreen and hydration when outside this time of year. Lobster season will be the most anticipated event this month and you can bet there will be lots of anglers out in search of the spiny critters when the season opens. Look for afternoon thunderstorms and plan your fishing for early mornings or late evenings for best results. Enjoy fishing in August!

Trout, snapper and redfish will be the best opportunities this month. Get your favorite top water lures ready for some good trout action on the flats. Follow up with a DOA CAL jerk bait as the sun rises on a light jig head. Water quality has been good so far this year and you can find plenty of grass flats to fish. Harbor Branch, Queen’s Cove and Bear Point have all been productive so far this year. Look for snapper and redfish around docks and mangroves. Live bait or a DOA shrimp can help you find a nice slot redfish in August. It has been a good summer for redfish already.

Tarpon will be moving into the river along with many other species. Look around the turning basin for the tarpon action with live bait or a DOA Terror Eyz. Snook will be active around the jetties and bridges. Channel edges will be active with snapper and sheepshead. The glass minnow schools will be moving into the area this month and it will bring a host of hungry predators chasing them. Lots exciting action awaits Treasure Coast anglers this month!

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I got a chance to get up to the beach for a few hours this morning, hoping the weed situation had improved. I was pleasantly surprised to see the mats that have been covering the first trough totally gone. Chris Olivera was fishing at Tiger Shores and when I stopped to see him he said the croaker and whiting had been providing some bites. It really comes down to having fishable conditions in order to find out if these fun fish are going to bite - and boy did they turn on after the tide changed around 10:30. I was using Pink Shrimp and Bloodworm Fishbites tipped with a small piece of cut shrimp. All of my bites came within 10 yards of the beach and it was non-stop for a couple of hours. I filled the cooler and left them biting and certainly hope this action continues. The southwest wind is forecast for the next couple of days so if you want to put together a "Hutchinson Island Fish Fry " get your light rods and head to the surf. 

Snook Fishing with Lady Fish

Friday, August 2, 2019

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Snook fishing has been very good around the inlets.  Live croaker and sand perch will be the best bait for the snook during the day.  At night look for the snook to be biting around the bridges on flair hawk jigs and big swimbaits.  Mangrove snapper have also been biting around the bridges.  Live shrimp and small pilchards will be great bait choices for the mangroves.  

SURF/PIER-   The Juno Beach Pier has been good this week with a nice mixed bag of action.  Decent number of tarpon cruising by the pier, along with a few kingfish.  Rapala X-Raps will be a great lure choice for both.  Snook fishing has also been very good at the Juno Beach Pier.  Live croakers and sand perch are a great choice for the snook.  A few pompano are being caught north of Jupiter Inlet early in the morning.  It's early, but a few mullet are trickling down the beach.  Another month or so and it should be on! 

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Lets all hope that our local forecast holds true to a wind shift to the southwest this weekend. The constant Southeast and Easterly winds we have been getting this past week has kept conditions mostly unfishable due to the mats of weeds piling up at most spots. The water color has been pretty nice on the south end of Hutchinson Island so I look for the beaches from Jensen Beach to Stuart to be holding whiting, croaker, and catch and release snook. Participation has been at a minimum due to the weedy conditions but get some Fishbites and frozen shrimp and lets bend a rod this weekend. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County

  Along the beaches in the Jensen Beach area anglers are catching cubera snapper and a few mangrove snapper have started to show.
The snook fishing is still going off at the St. Lucie Inlet with a few nice fish starting to make their way back up into the river. They are mostly hitting live greenies and pilchards. 
The bass bite is still excellent! Working the Kissimmee grass and using white or shad-color swim jigs in the early morning for the first hour and a half after sunrise has been producing the best results. If there’s a breeze at all white spinner baits have worked well. After the sun is fully up it’s time to start pitchin’ and flippin’ the round reeds. The west side has been good from Indian Prairie towards Horse Island. Though the water is gin clear right now boaters should still use some caution as the level is low.
For panfish the best results are being had by anglers willing to wade as opposed to boat into an area. Working the west side around Uncle Joe’s and using beetle spins and crickets has been best.
report courtesy of The Palm Beach Post

Sebastian Inlet Report

Fishing at the inlet has been pretty good and we have been getting reports of a lot of offshore action lately.  At the inlet, the Mangrove Snapper have been running!  Live or frozen shrimp or little greenies will help you bring them in.  FWC Rules & Regulations require Mangrove Snapper to be 10 inches or bigger to keep, and each anglers limit is 5 per day.  Tommy at Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle has been seeing Reds, Barracuda, Jack Crevalle and Blue Runners too throughout the inlet.  Spanish Mackerel have been hitting lures, mostly spoons.  Early, late and incoming tide has been better. 

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Fishing in the Indian River has been pretty solid, with trout being caught both on the flats early, and along drop offs once the temps rise. Redfish continue to be active along the shorelines, with plenty being caught on flies and soft plastics such as DOA CAL jigs and Gulp Shrimp. Snook are also around in good numbers, haunting the mangroves and occasionally the flats, and with the recent influx of bait, they’ve mostly been caught on Pilchard looking plugs and flies. On the beaches, the recent swell has brought a bit of cloudier water, and some Sargassum sea weed, but much of that is piling up on the beach and out of the water. With conditions improving, Snook should get active again, as well as Spanish Mackerel.