Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Photo Of The Week

                                                  Looks  "FISHY"  To Me

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, the lagoon is holding a lot of small trout and every now and then a gator trout is caught. The bigger trout are usually caught early in the a.m. on top water lures. We also have received reports of some redfish and snook scattered around the lagoon. This can be a great time of the year to hone in on some fun catch and release action for snook on the flats and in the inlets at Sebastian, Ft.Pierce, St Lucie and Jupiter using live bait.

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds are blowing out of the West at 12 mph and the water is choppy. There is a swell but it's pretty sloppy. 

We still haven't seen a lot of action off the jetties or from the shore, the only thing biting in good numbers are Atlantic Spadefish and there has been a steady bite this morning, small Flounder, Bluerunners and Catfish have been making appearances as well. Some good sized Trout and Jacks
landed in the Indian River in the mornings and evenings. Night anglers have been landing catch and release Snook and c/r Reds, most of the Reds are oversized and Snook season won't reopen until Sept. 1st. 

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

May has been a wonderful month for both weather and fishing around the Treasure Coast.  Lots of great action on the flats and lots of fun out on the Indian River.  June should prove to be yet another fantastic fishing month around the area.  Have some fun and get out there fishing!
We had a mix of both redfish and trout the past week.  Most of our action has been north of Fort Pierce on the usual flats around Harbor Branch, Queen's Cove and Round Island.  We have had our best success with DOA shrimp and live bait for the trout and redfish.  Two colors we have recently added to our arsenal have been the 332 - red glitter/chartreuse and 408 - red/gold glitter.  Both have proved to be great colors for the trout.  
June Fishing Forecast
Summer has arrived and you can bet on hot afternoons and lots of great fishing action around the Treasure Coast during June. The mornings will be calm and it is certainly to your benefit to get out early to beat the afternoon heat. Being on the water at first light is worth the effort to watch the sun rise. Expect a chance of afternoon thunderstorms each day…we could sure use some rain around the area this year! It’s a fantastic month to fish.

Inshore will provide lots of redfish, snook and trout action on the flats. Get those top water lures cleaned up and plan an early morning to get some of that explosive action in the shallows. Switch to DOA shrimp or a CAL jerk bait as the sun warms up to continue your success. Watch for bait schools on the flats and you can be assured there are fish nearby. You can expect the fish to be feeding shallow early and move to the edges of the flats as the sun rises. Look for sand holes on the flats! Fish are traditionally lazy and love to sit in a sand hole and wait for the tide to bring the food for them to ambush.

You should be able to find plenty of redfish around the shallows. The population this year has been outstanding and they have been growing all spring. Lots of schools will be feeding on the flats, so be on the lookout for them. Most will be slot size to just over the slot. I love using a DOA shrimp while fishing for reds. Try along the mangroves as well. Lots of fish will move under the mangroves as the sun heats up for the day.
  Trout will be on the grassy flats and feeding on the same food out there. Move out to three to five feet of water as the day heats up to continue your action. A Deadly Combo can provide inexperienced anglers with lots of fun learning to fish artificials. Don’t forget to fish the docks around the river. Lots of big fish will be hanging around many of the docks along the Indian River. Live bait, TerrorEyz and DOA shrimp can find some exciting action in June. Harbor Branch, Queens Cove and Bear Point will all be hot spots for action all summer.
     Snook will provide lots of action around the bridges and jetties this month. Night anglers will be heading to the jetties for catch and release snook and maybe some tarpon action. Top water lures, feather jigs, TerrorEyz and Bait Busters can all get you in on some fantastic action. Handle the snook carefully and release them quickly and safely so that they will be there this fall. Jacks will also be hanging around the inlets and give you some rod bending activity.

Make sure you take plenty of water with you. It will be hot out there. Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and reduce the risk of heat stroke. Slather on lots of sunscreen! Sunburn isn’t a good feeling at the end of the good day of fishing. A little common sense and a few minutes can a big difference. Make that part of preparations for your adventures on the water. It will just make a great day even better!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


This morning winds where blowing out of the West at 9 mph and there is a moderate chop on the water. It's a real pretty day, get out and enjoy if you can!

Fishing is still on the slow side although we are starting to see a few more bites coming to the jetty anglers. Yesterday Mangrove Snapper made an appearance for those using shrimp. Atlantic Spade, Blues and Bluerunners were also biting. We are praying to the "fishing gods" to smile upon us and bring us some good fish for the shore based anglers, especially for the upcoming holiday weekend!! 

We did receive an update from night anglers that said the night bite has been really hot! They said the Reds have been thick and they have landed some enormous catch and release Snook. One angler had one that  busted off his line and said it was the biggest Snook he'd ever seen, all on jigs. 

From Mike @ Native Tackle Supply-Sebastian

New report same 'ole story as far as the Sea Trout are concerned.  Good sized fish are on just about any grass flat.  A fun way to catch these fish are on a top water plug with the top water bite lasting well into the early afternoon.  A Rapala Skitterwalk is a great option sure to produce.  We have had a lot of reports of Flounder from those fishing for trout using jigs with a slower retrieve.  They have been landing some nice sized fish in good numbers.  One of our favorite artificials in the shop is the DOA CAL Shad in Arkansas Glow and a 1/8-1/4 oz CAL Jig short shank.  The snook bite also continues to ramp up with good numbers of catches being reported everywhere from the inlet to the docks to the flats.  We have been favoring the afternoon bite prefering to get out and wade the docks when possible using the above mentioned DOA CAL Shad.

Looking Around

      I fished Boynton Beach Jetty (north side) the other night, some nice snapper, a big tarpon,  and a very, very nice Permit where caught. The last few nights I have been out there, permit have been hooked, but  I have only seen one put on the deck but it was a big one.  Bring the right gear....... Don't bring    A  KNIFE  TO A  GUN FIGHT

From Capt. Joe Ward in Ft. Pierce

INSHORE - The trout bite has been red hot first thing in the morning - from daylight to about 8am.  Try places like Bear Point, Herman's Bay and Queen's Cove.  The bait of choice seems to be pilchards or a top water bait.  After 8am a live shrimp fished under a popping cork is the way to go.  There are still plenty of redfish action around the docks along South Indian River Drive.  A live shrimp will be a good choice.  The snapper bite along the channel edges and around the local bridges has also picked up.  A mojarra or a live shrimp are the best baits to use.  The catch and release snook action remains steady in the Ft. Pierce Inlet for anglers using a live bait fished on the bottom.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's another glorious morning at the Sebastian Inlet! Winds are blowing out of the West at 5 mph and there is a light chop on the water.

Mangrove Snapper have started to move in and a couple of Flounder were landed yesterday. Mojara are moving in as well and that could be why we are starting to seeing more Snapper. Early mornings have produced a couple of occasional oversized Reds for the early risers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Photo Of The Week

                                            Jus Chill-N At The Jupiter Inlet

Sebastian Inlet Report

It's another beautiful day at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West at 5 mph and there is a light chop on the water. 

We have good news; most of the love bugs are gone, at least until September! Fishing remains slow though. Over the weekend we had a smattering of Blues, Bluerunners, and a few Flounder but we are still waiting for the bite to pick up. Offshore the Dolphin bite remains strong.

Catch and release species have strict rules on handling and photographing. If you have any questions, you can look at the top right corner of this page for FWCC guidelines. You will also find bag and size regulations there as well. Let's take care of our resources that we are so lucky to have! 

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce


Mother Nature has been good to us this month.  Lots of nice mornings to get out and enjoy the water.  Light winds have made it a wonderful time to watch the sun rise and have some fun on the Treasure Coast.  Plan your trips carefully and expect it to be hot and sunny each day.  Drinks lots of fluids and use plenty of sunscreen this time of year!
 The full moon and recent cold water influx into the river had changed things up on us, but we were able to find a good trout bite around the river.  The water temps are back to normal and the bite has improved since then.  

Trout continue to bite on DOA shrimp, CAL jerk baits and live baits.  We found trout both north and south of Fort Pierce, but our best bite was up to the north.  While looking for redfish, we found that the bluefish had moved into the flat and they were plenty of them around this past week.  We found fish hanging around the docks, but they just weren't about to come out from under them.  We had a number of strikes and several break offs this week.

Snook fishing at night around the bridges and jetties has continued to provide success to the nighttime anglers.  You can also find some big snook hanging under the docks around the area.  We missed several this week from under the docks.  The bridges are still holding some sheephead and snapper.  Lots of blue runners are cruising around the river along with big jacks.  It's a great time of year to fish the Treasure Coast!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner


Friday, May 20, 2011

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, trout fishing remains as strong as ever. Some good catches have been reported at the foot of the Citrus Avenue overpass. The dock line along Indian River Drive continues to produce good catches of snook and trout. Early in the morning and late afternoon has been best for fishing on the flats. The inlet at Ft. Pierce is still producing good catches of snook mostly on live bait.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Night Stalking

I fished the north side of the Boynton Beach jetty the other night, and did well with the Mangrove Snapper on cut bait. It’s still early for the ***BIG GROVERS***   to show up and was surprised when I got 5 real nice FAT fish 12 to 14inches and a snook. I also heard of a few grouper coming over the rails, the bait was on the south side but I got a few sardines and it was on. One Important thing,-- if you are going to fish at night  YOU  should park in the south parking lot because the north lot closes at  “8pm”, and bring some sort of light, I use one that you put on your cap, also you don’t need to lug a lot of stuff out there, I travel as light as I can, that way I can move around the jetty and don’t have to worry about my stuff in the dark. Keep it sample when fishing snapper---- I use a Carolina rig ,braided line to about 15 to 18 inch leader, no swivel, tided with a uni to uni knot (double the braid to make a little bigger knot so a 1/2  to 1 oz sinker won’t slip, but if it does you then have a knocker rig, which I will also use sometimes) then I use a #1 circle hook.  The trick to catch snapper is to wait, the peck bites are usually smaller fish, let them peck away, they will draw the bigger fish in. Wait until you get that steady pull then wind like crazy (remember circle hooks ). Your going to lose some, but that what its all about, it wouldn’t be any fun if there was no challenge. 

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

The river has been producing a good number of trout from County line road to Walton road, with a lot of big Snook hanging around the docks.  It’s that time of year, good showing of live bait in the river from mullet to pilchards to small sardines inside the inlet. Its summer time, yes you may have to be on the water a little earlier, but there’s nothing like the first hour of top water action on the flats.  A Rapala Skitterwalk in the black back or the ST color will produce explosive bites from Snook, trout, tarpon and redfish.  Once the sun gets up, I recommend suspension baits like the Mirrodine or the Catch Jr in the mirrolure, or a DOA avocado red glitter jerk shad. 
                Look for some tarpon and big jacks to show up on the beach here soon……There’s nothing like South Florida fishing!

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, one angler from Sebastian Fl told me that there has been a good inshore bite for flounder, mostly on live shrimp. The flounder in our lagoon have been plentiful. Live pilchards and live shrimp will get you some results on the flounder and snook. There does seem to be an abundance of snook in the lagoon right now and the numbers should only get better as we moved towards summer.

Sebastian Inlet Report

Wow, what a gorgeous morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the North Northeast at 5 mph and the water is calm.

We have good news and bad news today. The bad news is that the love bugs remain but seem to be thinning a bit. Remember, try not to wear white, they will still land on you no matter what color you are wearing, but not as much. Insect repellent does help to keep them at bay. The good news is that Mangrove Snapper are biting this morning. Spinning and light bait casting rigs are best when baited with live shrimp, minnows, fiddler crabs or cut bait. If using artificials, surface plugs, popping flies, jigs or streamers should do the trick.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From Capt. Joe Ward in Ft. Pierce

INSHORE – “The inshore fishing this week had been steady with good catches of speckled trout and redfish. The trout bite has been good both to the north and south in the river. The bait of choice has been a live shrimp fished under a popping cork in two to four feet of water or a small live white bait. A D.O.A. shrimp in a root beer or glow color will work just fine too. The redfish bite has been good around the docks along North Indian River Drive and around the Queen’s Cove area. A gold spoon or a live shrimp will get the job done. The flounder bite is slower than it has been but there were a few nice size fish caught at the South Jetty. A live shrimp on a trol-rite and make sure you fish it on the bottom. The catch and release snook bite remains steady for anglers fishing in the Ft. Pierce Inlet and using a live bait and fishing it on the bottom. The best time has been one hour before to 1 hour after the tide change. The snapper bite is getting better and better along the channel edges with fish to two pounds being reported. A small live shrimp has been the way to go,” reports Capt. Joe Ward of Capt. Joe’s River Charters (772-201-5770). www.captjoeward.com

My Photo Of The Week

Cranking It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sebastian Inlet Report

It's a beautiful morning at the inlet, winds are blowing at 5 mph out of the north at the water is calm.

There's not much to report today, land based anglers haven't been catching much, except love bugs! They were really thick out on the north jetty yesterday, if you head to the inlet today try not to wear white; they are attracted to everything white. 
Anglers landed two oversized Reds that were returned unharmed and a few Mangrove Snapper.

From Whites Tackle-Ft. Pierce

 Trout and redfish seem to be dominating the inshore reports these days which is a good thing. Anglers are still reporting good catch and release action for snook off the south jetty in Ft. Pierce and the Ft. Pierce inlet has been holding plenty of snook as well.

Monday, May 16, 2011

from Capt. Charlie-Fishing Center, Ft. Pierce

The trout action has picked up and the fish have been mostly right in the slot or over slot this week.  DOA shrimp, live shrimp and CAL jerk baits continue to produce some good trout on the grass flats.  We have fished mostly north of Fort Pierce lately and had good success up that direction.  Most trout have been taken in two to five feet of water in a number of usual trout haunts on the river.  Harbor Branch, Queen's Cove and Round Island have all been kind to us on the trout bite.

Redfish have been steadily holding in the shallow flats and we have encountered several nice schools around the river.  DOA shrimp, CAL paddle tails and live baits will all work to get you hooked up on a slot redfish.  It was enjoyable to watch Gwen, who is a young 85 years old, battle a 7 pound redfish on light tackle.  We have had some good fun this week.  There are also lots of bluefish still around the river.  We encountered some on our adventures again this week.

Snook fishing is improving around the Fort Pierce area.  Nighttime anglers have found a bite around the jetties and the docks around the river have also held snook.  Bait Busters, TerrorEyz and live bait have all worked on catch and release snook.  The bite will continue to improve as summer sets in on the area.  It's a great time of year to be fishing!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What A Day

Was up in Ft Pierce today>>>> What a mess, even though I got two nice flounder it was a rough day out there. They are working on restoring some parts of the inlet/beach I think so the water is real dirty from all the sand. The LOVE BUGS where out in  “F U L L  F O R C E”, they where all over the place and on everything. On the end of the jetty it wasn’t as bad, but when I was trying to put my gear back into the car it was   A LOVE BUG   Free-4-All,  ALL  over me (and I’m 6’5” **** thats a lot of love***) allover my cooler, on and in my tackle bag, ,and on my car then in it, even a few went up my nose.... Then the  winds and rain came but I had already started my trip back to Palm Beach with a few love bug going for the ride. 
   “Hay thats life”  and what you have to sometimes go through to do what you love. 
  When this wind and rain calms down the fishing should be great. My next trip up there I’ll be on the river, the water should be much cleaner, but I may still have the love bugs to deal with??????????

Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting It Together

Sorry for the reports being slow the past few days, I’m working on updating the the site, something that I have kind of put aside. Summers just around the corner and I must put the new info. in. Give me a little time and I’ll update everything.     Tony

From Whites Tackle-Ft. Pierce

Inshore,  reports of catches of some redfish between the bridges in Vero yesterday on Berkley Gulp lures. Reports of some excellent trout fishing in the lagoon continue to come from anglers wading the west side along Indian River Drive. There are plenty of snook in the lagoon and inlet areas for some good catch and release action.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Photo Of The Week

                                                       There's nothing like it..............

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another beautiful day at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Southeast at 8 mph and the water is calm.
 This morning a couple of keeper Reds were landed off the north catwalk and a few Blues and Spanish Mackerel came over the rails of the north jetty.Over the weekend the north jetty  saw a lot of Atlantic Spade, Snook, Reds, Blues, Pompano and Ladyfish. 

******ABOUT TIME*****

BOTH JETTIES at the Boynton inlet are “OPEN” they did a really nice job on the north side, but its going to take some time learning where all the little hot fishing spots are on the new jetty. They dumped a lot of rocks around the jetty, so you will lose some hooks and sinkers. The front will always be the best spot, but gets crowded fast. Its also a bite higher, so you may need to take a landing net for the bigger fish. I was out there last night **TONS** of bait, I saw a lot of good size ocean perch, snook, and a few snapper where caught. Its still early, wait a few weeks, its going to be a snapper hot spot. The north parking lot doesn’t have a lot of parking spots and for now closes at  8pm***  If you want to fish late night you have to park on the south side and walk across, there also are NO LIGHTS out there, so bring YOUR OWN 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


Winds are blowing out of the East at 10 mph this morning and the water is calm. 

Over the weekend there was a smattering of just about everything landed but nothing in large numbers. Fishing was definitely on the slow side but we saw Blues, Black Drum, Snook, Reds, Jacks, Sheepshead and a couple of Mangrove Snapper. It was gorgeous and we hope all of you that were lucky enough to get to the inlet this weekend, had a great time. The newly dredged tide pool is a huge hit for families and we are extremely happy with the way the project contractors and consultants got the job done not only on time, but ahead of schedule. 

For those of you who visit or fish the south side of the State Park, part of the parking lot is cordoned off as the old "L" Dock is being demolished and replaced with a new "T" Dock that will be larger and much sturdier. The old wooden pilings will be replaced with concrete pilings and will serve as a place for emergency vessels, Coast Guard vessels, police vessels and contractor's vessels to dock safely. 

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

It was a mixed week around the area with both weather and fishing.  We had great success early in the week, but the last front that moved in had slowed the fishing down for a day or two.  This week should provide us with super weather and fishing around the Treasure Coast.  The winds are just about gone now, so get out fishing soon.The trout bite should pick this week, the fish have so much bait around the river right now, they will be feeding heavily.  Try some lures to match the bait.  DOA Baitbusters, BFL lures and CAL jerk baits are all good lures for this time of year.  Try the Baitbuster as a top water lure while fishing the mullet schools around the flats.  A CAL jerk bait on a weedless hook will also work well as a top water presentation.  Fish around the bait schools for best results.Redfish have been hanging around the shallow flats most of the day.  Fish the edges on the lower ends of the tide and switch to the sand holes as the tide moves in on the grass flats.  CAL jerk baits, live baits and DOA shrimp are great lures on the flats.  You can also use live or cut baits as well.Now that the winds are settling down again, we will be fishing lots of docks for snook, jacks, redfish and trout.  Fishing lures up tide around the docks will allow the lures to stay under the docks and improve your chances at a hookup.  Lot of jacks are around the river chasing the bait schools.  You can also find quite a few bluefish around the flats as well.  It's a great time of year to fish!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Check Them Out

Stopped by Stingray Tackle shop up in Jupiter today, a really nice, sharp looking and well stocked shop. They aren't a bait shop but they  have some of everything else you could want. They carry a lot of brands that aren't in most shops, along with there own brand of fishing tackle and supplies. You can get fluorocarbon by the 50-100yd spool at a good price, custom rods, and lots clothing for men and women. So next time your looking for something new check them out.

From Todd @ Juno Bait & Tackle

INSHORE- Snook fishing has been very good as of late around lighted docks and bridges at night.  It may be catch and release till September, but it is still fun.  Stay down current of the fish, fire your lures up ahead of them, and let the current carry the baits or lures over top those always up-looking eyes.  Some time tested lures and baits for this are; DOA Shrimp, Live Shrimp, small pearl jigs, DOA Terror Eyez, and Small soft body swimbaits.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up, move often, and try lots of new docks on the way.  That is a key factor in finding those new hotspots!  With slightly warmer temps these days the mangrove snapper have started biting a little bit better inshore as well
SURF/PIER- Pompano fishing remains the big draw on the beach these days.  It is not on fire, but the bite is still pretty good.  Clams and sandfleas have been the top producing baits as of late

with shrimp nipping at their heals for the top spot.  The nice thing about the shrimp is it will also produce plenty of whiting, croaker, and other assorted bottom feeders (great bait choice if you have kids to take fishing).  Snook, tarpon, and big jacks are also showing up in the surf .  Large plugs, spoons, and diamond jigs should all draw some attention from these top predators.  Find the bait, and you will find the fish!

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, the trout and snook fishing has remained fairly consistent in the lagoon. Live bait has been productive in both directions from our inlet on snook and trout. Top water lures have been working well early in the morning and late in the afternoon. We have received some decent reports of trout and snook action along the docks on the west side of the lagoon south of the city marina. We are also hearing a few reports of some mangrove snapper catches along the channel edges on live shrimp.

Sebastian Inlet Report


What a pretty morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 9mph and there is a moderate chop on the water.

We have seen a pretty good variety of fish come over the rails this week, but nothing in huge numbers. Jacks, Reds, Blues, Sheepshead, Flounder and Ladyfish have been following schools of mullet that have been making their way in and out of the inlet. Night fishermen have seen good sized Reds and Snook and plenty of Ladyfish and Blues. A few Mangrove Snapper have started to show up but we're still waiting for the big schools to come in.

We've had a few complaints from boaters who have had jetty anglers intentionally throwing large, sharp jigs and weights at boats going in and out of the inlet. Please remember that the jetties are navigational jetties, not fishing jetties. The jetties belong to the Sebastian Inlet District not the State Park and just because you have paid an entry fee to the State Park, does not give you the right to abuse the boaters using the inlet. Sometimes the boaters may have to hug the jetties to be able to navigate safely through the currents and under the bridge. Please have respect for all that are enjoying the Sebastian Inlet.

If you need a net to bring a fish up onto the jetty, please use a net to lower it back into the water as the impact from a long drop can harm the fish. If no net is available, be sure there are no rocks below and release the fish head first. Catch and release species should be kept out of the water a minimum amount of time. When photographing a C/R species, please hold it with both hands, cradling the belly for good support, holding them vertically can damage their internal structure. Never hold a fish by the gill covers.

A 27" keeper Red.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

From Mike @ Native Tackle Supply Sebastian


Fishing continues to be steady at the Sebastian Inlet with a wide variety of species being brought in over the rails.  The highlights remain the redfish and snook being caught at dawn and dusk on the outgoing tide.  Live pinfish and select shrimp has been the bait of choice.  During the day bluefish has been the main catch with reports of big schools of blues everywhere from just inside the inlet to offshore in 300' of water.  Pompano, Black Drum, Spanish Mackeral, have also been reported in decent numbers with Mangrove Snapper starting to make an appearance. 


No problem with warm water in the river as the trout and snook bite has been spectacular.  Regular reports of over 20" trout have been coming in and there have even been reports of some big snook on the flats.    Those fishing trout have been happily suprised by some good sized flounder that have been mixed in. 

If you are after snook hit the docks and mangroves as the snook bite has really been on fire.  Our bait of choice has been a DOA CAL Shad in Arkansas Glow on a 1/4 jig head.  We like to put a little PRO-CURE scents on all our artificials.  Stop by and pick up a bottle and give it a shot and you too will be a believer.  Remember, snook is catch and release only.  Treat your catch with care in order to preserve the species. 

Back in the Sebastian River you may have heard of all the Bull Sharks that have been all over the news.  This is nothing unusual for this time of year as the Bull Sharks frequent the brackish water of the Sebastian River feeding on finger mullet and even a tarpon or two.  Speaking of tarpon there are plenty.  Look for the rollers and try throwing a DOA terroreyz as soon as you see a fish come up try and hit him in the nose with it for the best chance of hook up.   

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's windy at the inlet this morning but still very nice. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 17 mph, there is a moderate chop on the water and it seems to be cleaning up. Small craft should exercise caution. 
Yesterday a good variety came over the rails but again, not in huge numbers. Blues, Reds, Black Drum, Pompano and Sheepshead made appearances according to Tommy at the Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop.

From Todd @ Juno Bait & Tackle

Here is “Pompano” Rich with a nice permit caught off the beach yesterday(Tuesday 5/3/11) while pompano fishing.
It is a really good fish story.  He had one of his three rods go down with a very large fish, which turned out to be a very good size bonita on a sandflea of all things!  Halfway through the fight, a second rod went down with a fish.  Over an hour and a half later this great looking permit was on the beach.  Not a bad morning on the beach…and of course he had a handful of pompano to really complete the package!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

 Surf has settled as we speak and the catch list is a mix.  Good Blue fish bite and this may be the last, when they are not there the Whiting move in (great table fare) and throw in some Pompano for some excellent surf fishing.  Pompano have been south of the House of Refuge and on the Hobe
Sound beach sort of in and out but there, you just need to be there.  Casting Spoons in the morning for the Blues, fish are up close so bring the seven foot rod and cast a little north or south, take the barbs off the hooks.  Snook season is closed so please do not drag these fish in the sand, get your feet wet for a quick release.
            River anglers the Tarpon are in, North Fork, bridges, Cross roads, Power Plant all are chewing small baits.  That little Jigging Spoon that you used for the Pompano, Tarpon like them also.  DOA TerrorEyz in the medium size, root beer with the 3/8 head casted in front of them and let it fall is a sure bet or throw a crab and hang on these fish are about to let you know how old you are getting.  Reds are an early bite, if you can see them they have all ready seen you, be prepared for the long cast.  The cove south of Indian River Plantation, flat behind the Dolphin Grill, North of the boat ramp from the Jensen  Causeway and of course the Power Plant just a few locations. Plenty of Trout  and yes it about that time a Triple Tail from the channel marker north of the Stuart Causeway, yes summer is here.  From the bridges it is a mix of Black Drum, Sheephead and Snapper all on shrimp and the good thing is they have been there all day.  Snook season is closed and that means they will take what ever, just about when ever,I guess they know when September will arrive.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Photos Of The Week

    Im Thinking  SHARK BAIT

From Whites Tackle-Ft. Pierce

Inshore, yesterday anglers found some tough conditions early in the morning. Water temperatures in the lagoon were a little cool in the morning and warmed up a little as the the morning progressed. The late morning actually was a little better for trout cruising the flats and most fish were caught on live bait. Fishing for snook for some catch and release action early in the evening was good around the bridges on jigs last night.

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a real pretty morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 5 mph and there is a moderate chop on the water. We have a sunny day with temperatures in the mid 80's forecasted, it would be a great day to get out and enjoy the inlet. 

This morning we've had a few Reds taking shrimp off the north jetty but that's about it so far. We received an update from anglers who fished the inlet on Sunday and reported Reds, Permit, Blues, Jacks, Ladyfish and  got into some nice Grouper. Pufferfish were everywhere and there were a lot of Trout in the river. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting ** J A C K E D**

To add to the earlier post I did today about the bait.............. where
there's bait there soon will be fish and some big ones 

Looking Around

Bait fish are moving in at Juno Pier ----Big Menhadens, Big Greenies and Big Sardines

Sebastian Inlet Report

Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 12 mph this morning. There is a moderate chop on the water and there is a small craft advisory in effect.

Over the weekend we had a good variety of fish come over the rails of the jetties but not in huge numbers. Bluefish remain the dominate catch. Black Drum, Pompano, a few Spanish Mackerel and Reds were landed and Mangrove Snapper have started to make an appearance. 

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

Finally, the windy months of March and April are almost behind us and we can look forward to the great fishing weather that May has to offer us on the Treasure  Coast.  Other than the usual windy days, it has been a pretty mild winter and spring has arrived. Look for warmer temperatures and a little  less blustery days. As the water temperatures climb, the fishing will steadily improve on the river. It will provide fantastic mornings for top water and lazy afternoons to drift the flats. May is one of my favorite month on the water!

Redfish will be our main target throughout the month of May. The past several years have bought us schools of slot sized redfish along the Indian River. Most of the fish we have caught have been in the 18 to 30 inch range. They have been sunning on the flats and May gets their blood pumping and turns on the feeding. I always have three lures ready during May…DOA shrimp, CAL jerk baits and top water lures.  Gold spoons will also be a great addition to the arsenal when fishing for redfish. As the fish school up, look for them around the edges of the flats. Most of the river here on the Treasure Coast has been holding redfish and you should be able to find some on your favorite flats. I tend to enjoy the east side of the river, but we have found many on the west side as well.
Snook fishing in the early mornings will bring some rod bending action as they head up on the flats for an early morning or late evening meal.  Top water lures, Bait Busters and DOA shrimp are all great lures to tempt a snook into biting. Docks will also hold snook lurking around for an easy meal. Live shrimp is also a great bait to drift around the docks. In the inlet areas, try around the seawalls and bridges with live bait, feather jigs or deep diving plugs. I love early morning for great snook fishing opportunities!
Trout will continue to feed on top water at first light and live shrimp on popping corks during the day. As the sun rises, they will head off the shallows to deeper water in the two to four foot range. We have had some nice gator trout of late and should see some still in the river in May. I have had great success with CAL jerk baits, DOA shrimp and Deadly Combos this year in place of live shrimp. Both sides of the river have been productive in early mornings. Winter fishing for trout has been good this year and spring should continue to give you some great action.
Bridges will hold the usual Sheephead catch, while snapper will be moving into the river along with flounder. Jacks will be patrolling the areas and creating havoc all over the river. Beaches will produce whiting with still a few catches of Spanish mackerel and bluefish. Tarpon will begin their trek into the river and you can start looking for them in the St Lucie River, Big and Little Mud areas and into the channels of the river. May is a great month to fish the Treasure Coast….plan on a trip out on the river soon!