Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From: The Snook-Nook

North east wind, south east wind all hard on the surf anglers, not on the fish.  Plenty of Blues, Mac’s, small Pompano, Whiting and a few slot size Snook made the list.  Lots of weeds in differing area, strong surf every where and fish, go figure.  Anglers were long casting spoons, cast masters, wind cheaters and cut baits.  One had to get beyond the weeds and then get your fish through the weeds, which can test your equipment and your nerves.
Lots of small Pompano and lots of sand fleas on the beach now would be a good time to get some fleas for those months when they are hard to come by.  Lots of Whiting so do not forget the ice, any time you can would be a good time to visit the surf, lots of fish.
                 The excellent catch list is from the early part of the week, Trout, Reds, Snook, Flounder and then the wind,  lots of fish on the east side of the Indian River, who cares  about the wind. Look for the flat water, that is where the bait is and so are the fish.  Trout was limited to the early anglers but if you were looking to bend a rod there were plenty of takers.  Blue Fish, Jack’s and Lady Fish kept most busy, the Black Drum at the bridges has thinned but the Snook love these conditions. The more blustery the wind, couple that with our full moon and you have perfect weather for big Snook, most over the slot so please do not bring a knife to the gun fight, heavy equipment.  When the conditions are like this we have the North Fork of the St. Lucie, an area that is protected from the wind.  Plenty of fish that way, you just need to scout that area on the nice days, oxbows, structure, deep, shallow and it is all out of the wind.
                    If you are and anglers or just some one that loves the water we have it all, how lucky we are…………………………..Henry

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get the Jump on Jupiter

Jupiter/Juno has been loaded with whiting on the pier and beaches,with perch filling in. You can get fresh shrimp at Fishing Headquarters, Juno Bait & Tackle and Lott Bros. Small redfish have been in the surf at the pier, most have been in the 12 to 16 inch range but there have been 1or 2 keepers. If they stay and grow up it would be a nice, they put on a great fight on light tackle. Some snook are still around the pier, not like it was a few weeks ago, but this is Oct., They are being caught on some of the weirdest stuff, but that’s fall snook fishing. The inlet jetty and in the back country may be where you want to be if looking for snook. Live shrimp is the ticket, I’ve got 10 in one morning at the jetty using live shrimp on a hook up jig. Toss it out, let it sink down and reel in really slow, wait for that thump and hold on, there are a lot of shorts but keep at it and you’ll get that keeper. 
Fish of the “Toothy” kind have been all around the pier, macs, blue fish and some jacks have been the big catch. It has been hard to catch live bait, it comes and goes. Most anglers have been throwing gotcha jigs — if you got it ,go for it and fill your cooler. We are waiting for the “BIGGER” pompano to arrive. There have been A LOT of mini pompanos, but I know the BIGGIES are coming just a matter of time........

Has It All * Jensen Beach *

Down in the Jensen Bech area, there have been some  B-I-G  trout. I saw one of the biggest ones that I’ve ever seen come off the SE seawall of the causeway. It seems they are feeding on everything that comes by them. (Nov.-Dec. closed season). Redfish and some Pompano are also being caught, especially in the Intracostal. I’ve been told by Capt. Joe himself (Capt. Joe Pomp jigs) about  flounder honey holes, just a little south of Snook Nook, after I catch a few I  MAY  give up that location  : - }


Flounder are starting to show up in the Ft Pierce area, but we still need some colder weather to really turn them on. Fishing with live shrimp (Fishing Center & Shrimp Spot), finger mullet and DOAs right on the bottom where they live is the way to go. Pin a live shrimp on a weighted head hook or use a carolina rig with a short leader (5 to 6 inches **see tips page**) when using a live fish for bait. There still have been snapper around the jetty and bridges. Using live free-lined shrimp with split shots to get it down, I’ve been using a small circle hook to let the snapper think it’s got a treat. Pompano have been around the jetty, on the beach and in the river. Use a Capt. Joe’s pomp jig alone, or like I do with a piece of shrimp to add a little scent along with the bright colored jigs. Also you can use the jigs flounder fishing, hooking bait to it and dragging the bottom. Snook are around, but seem to be heading back to the back country as it starts to cool off. This time of year I almost always use shrimp, the cooler water makes them lazy. Shrimp move slower and they won’t turn down a quick snack.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From The Snook Nook

Cool mornings, no for me they are cold mornings makes me want to bring out my winter shorts.  Surf anglers love this weather because it means more species on the beach.  Cooler water will bring in plenty of Blues and Mac’s and with the warmer late mornings every other species will stay, I just like the warm not the cold.  North and north east wind has put some weed up on the beach, but it has been spotty so if your location is questionable move north of south to the next access and fish.  Tarpon fans the mullet are thinning, now is the time to play because the Big Boys will follow the bait, we always have resident Tarpon just not the numbers that are here now.