Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Juno Pier is King right now

If you haven't been up to Juno Pier in a while you my want to give it a try

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierc

Mother nature has blessed us with some awesome weather lately. Mild temperatures and lots of sunshine around the Treasure Coast has been a welcome change from all the rainy months we have endured this year. Fall always brings us fantastic weather and the fishing is just as good around the area. Water temperatures are slowly cooling down as we continue to transition towards the winter months. You can still find lots of baitfish around the area and the fish are feeding heavily on them right now. We have enjoyed a variety of species on each adventure to keep the anglers having lots of fun.
The snook bite has been good around mangroves, docks and around the inlets. Those fishing at night are catching some big snook this time of year. Anglers are using live bait, feather jigs, top water lures or DOA Bait Busters for the snook. Redfish will hit live bait, DOA shrimp or CAL Paddle Tails this time of year. Most of our reds have come from under docks or mangroves. Sea trout have been hanging in two to five feet of water. Try DOA shrimp or top water lures for good results on the trout in November. You can find lots of snapper all over the river. The docks have provided us with some nice catches of keeper snapper. Bridges and channel edges are also great places to target snapper and sheepshead this time of year. Most anglers will be using live or dead shrimp.
The inlets have been full of jacks, blue runners, mackerel and ladyfish on the incoming tides. The macks have been good sized ones and great table fare. Small shiny lures have worked very well. Try the CAL shad tail in the 382 color on these fish. There have been some pompano showing up with the change in weather patterns. Try along the surf with sand fleas when you can find them. Watch for them in the river soon! October has been a very productive month for us and November should be even better! Have fun and get out fishing soon!

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a nice morning at the inlet. The humidity is lower and we have some cloud cover off and on, its fall in Florida! 

We received an update from inlet regular Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach. Mike fished the north jetty yesterday morning and reported another good Redfish bite. Dead shrimp and live mullet were the baits of choice. The finger mullet have started to thin out, but can still be found if you're willing to hunt for them. Black Drum have started to make their return and several were landed by Diane Buyce and "Granny" of Melbourne. Diane also landed the only Pompano that came over the rails yesterday morning. Chuck Fischer of Satellite Beach, Spiro Stathoupolos of Malabar, Tony Swiderski of Sebastian and Mike all landed slot Reds between 23" and 27". While fishing for Reds, Mangrove Snapper got interested in their baits and they landed Snapper between 13" - 14". Our first photo features Chuck, Mike, Spiro and Tony with their slot Reds from yesterday. 
Derrick Herborn is featured in our second photo today with a 27" slot Red he landed off the north jetty. 
Our third photo features Jason Wilton of Tucson, AZ who loves to visit and fish the inlet. Jason landed this undersized C/R Snook right after sunrise. He released it right after the photo and it was healthy and ready to slay more finger mullet! 
Our last photo is courtesy of Mike Ricciardi and features Eddie Dolan of Juneau Beach. Eddie landed this 32" C/R Red l off the north jetty. The Red was released unharmed after the photo. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

The inshore the  fishing has been good with some nice tourt back to the north around the power plant and the sailfish flats. The snook fishing has been good around the bridges trolling plugs and on jigs on the out going tide. The beach fishing has slowed down a little but there is still a little bait on the beach if you can find the bait you will find the fish, Do not forget about the seminar tonight with  Brad Fitzgerald On snook fishing at 6pm Good Luck! 

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have a breezy morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Northeast at 15 mph and gusting to 19. There is a moderate chop on the water. 

Fall fishing is here and there are a good variety of species being landed. The big attraction is Reds, oversized and slot fish. Live shrimp, greenies, mojarra and finger mullet work well and topwater plugs are a good choice for artificial bait. Snook have been scarce and slot Snook have been nearly impossible to find. Live bait works well for Snook but night time anglers will find that bucktails will work as well. We've seen some real big Jacks, good sized Spanish Mackerel, Margate, Lookdowns, a few Snapper are still in play and smaller Flounder on the flats. Please remember proper handling for catch and release species if you are photographing. Hold the fish horizontally, evenly distributing the weight. The internal structure of the fish can be damaged if it is held vertically. If you can, place the C/R fish in a net to lower it off the north jetty, it's a long drop. If no net is available, release the fish head first. We have the FWC guidelines on handling C/R fish posted at the top of this page along with guidelines for size restrictions and bag limits AND fishing etiquette. When the jetty starts getting crowded, it's a good time to look over those links.

Our first photo today features inlet regular Bill Hillman of Kissimmee. Bill landed this beautiful oversized 35" C/R Snook off the north jetty. Bill was free-lining live shrimp to land this beauty! 

Photo two features Luis Melara with a big Jack he landed off the north jetty. Luis and friends fish the inlet almost every weekend and reported the Jacks were hitting very well and they also landed a 24" Spanish Mackerel. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report



We have a stunning fall morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the East-Northeast at 9 mph and gusting to 12. The water has a light to moderate chop and the water temperature is starting to drop a little. 

We've had some real nice action with Redfish. Anglers using live mojarra, finger mullet, shrimp and some artificials like top water plugs are producing good results. Spanish Mackerel have started coming within casting range and a few good sized fish have been landed with greenies or gotcha lures. We are still seeing some Mangrove Snapper but the bite had slowed significantly. A few Pompano have been landed, some good sized Margate, Lookdowns and a lot of Jacks have been coming over the rails of the jetties. A few Flounder are being landed on the flats, but we've yet to see any real big fish.

Our first angler today is Joe Prete who landed this 23" slot Red off the north jetty using a Carolina rig and live shrimp.

Photo two features Angelo DelTedesco of Orlando with an oversized Red he landed off the north jetty on the outgoing tide using shrimp. The Red was released unharmed after the photo.

Our last photo today is of inlet regular Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach with a 14" Mangrove Snapper and a 24" slot Red. 

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Ft Pierce
Inshore the fishing has been great in the bait schools top water and soft baits have been producing well at first light with redfish, snook, and trout. The snook bite has been ok with some nice fish in the inlet and the bridges live bait has been the bait of choice. The beach fishing has slowed down a little with bait hard to find but if you find the bait you will find the fish. 

Inshore was very productive this weekend!  Good reports from Round Island all the way to Stuart Causeway!!!  The nights around sewalls point and rocky point like an orchestra of snook and trout popping mullet off the seawalls and lit docks!!! The flats on the west bank around Walton rd. and on the east side around middle cove produced good numbers of snook, redfish, and trout.  Top water in the first and last hours of light and then switch to the new DOA Airheads in the Arkansas glow color and green back colors.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

A Look at the New Widow Maker Weedless Keeper Jig

From Native Tackle - Sebastian

Fishing the docks this past week has been rewarding! Snook, mangrove snapper, whiting, sheepshead and black drum.  The redfish bite has been steady, fish the mangroves and flats. The trout bite has slowed but those determined have had great luck fishing around the spoil islands and fishing the mangroves, bridges and the flats early morning.  The jacks and blues are thick.      
Redfish, snookjacks, blues, mangrove snapper, lady fish, margate, spanish mackerel has been the catch this past week at the Inlet!  
Spanish mackerel, jacks, blues, shark and some pompano has been the bite in the surf this past week! 

Sebastian Inlet Report


TGIF Anglers!
The slight cool down in water temperature to 77 - 78 degrees has turned on many of the predators. Yesterday and today the Mackerel, Blues, Reds, Snook, Snapper and Jacks are swarming the jetties and inlet. Most are hitting lures. Silver spoons, jigs, and Gotcha lures seem to be working the best at fooling the fish. Those using finger mullet are also getting plenty of action. This is that special time of year fishing the inlet. 

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Get Your Yak On

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

  Inshore the fishing has been good south of the power plant on the west bank near midway and walton rd. Fish top waters like the skitter walk and zara spook in the mullet and bone colors at first light for snook, trout, and redfish.  With the tempatures cooling off the bite should be heating up.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Inshore the trout and red are steady down by the power plant and up around harbor branch. This cool weather should get the snook fired up in the inlet and around the bridges. The pompano bite should pick up with this cold weather to on the beach with sand fleas and shrimp.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have a little touch of fall in the air this morning and we should see milder temperatures through the weekend. This morning, winds are blowing out of the West-Northwest at 7 mph with gusts up to 16. The water remains calm with a light ripple on the surface.

A variety of species have been making their way in, out and around the inlet during their southern migration. The Mangrove Snapper bite was good for a long time, but looks as if it is starting to slow down. Oversized and slot Reds have been active for anglers using various baits. Finger mullet, shrimp, mojarra and artificials such as topwater plugs and gotcha lures have been effective. Slot sized Snook have been few and far between, but quite a few over and undersized have been landed. Spanish Mackerel are darting around just out of casting range. Large Tarpon are visible, an occasional Margate, Black Drum or Pompano will make an appearance as well. Flounder have been slow so far, but several have been landed on the flats. Once the water cools down, hopefully we will start seeing some doormats.
Our first photo today features Kristina Johnson of Royal Palm Beach. Kristina landed this nice 25" slot Red using live mullet. This was her first Redfish! 
Our second photo features Mike Williamson of Boca Raton. Mike landed this 12" Mangrove Snapper using live finger mullet.
Linda Jornadan of Miami is featured in our third photo. Linda and her fishing buddy were on the north jetty when she landed this slot sized Redfish using shrimp. Linda also landed a Black Drum and multiple Margate and Mangrove Snapper. 
Diane Buyce of Melbourne is featured in our last photo of the day. Diane landed this 25" slot Red using a greenie.

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Ft Pierce
 Inshore the trout fishing was good yesterday with reports of a bunch of fish around the power lines not big fish but fun to catch soft baits and live shrimp has been the bait of choice. The reds have been around towards Vero with a few trout and snook mixed in outgoing tide has been the best. The snook fishing has slowed down with this west wind and still no cool front hopefully this weekend it will pick up. The tarpon fishing has been good around the cove in Vero with some nice fish at first light.

Fishing Conditions are going to stir up activity all down our coast with this weekends front rolling thru!  Fishing the surf is going to a best bet with pompano, whiting, and bluefish on the list.  Use 10-14 foot surf rods with the Penn Spinfishers SSv with sand fleas,shrimp, or clam strips.  Use 8-9 foot rods withe 40 lbs braid to make long casts with  1-2 oz silver spoons at schools of spanish mackerel, jacks, and tarpon.   Inshore fishing remains good with snook busting mullet around seawalls and docks!  Fish the bridges at night with this front coming in with flare hawks and keep them on the bottom for your best results!!  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have a new format for our tide chart! The new format is easier to read, but remember to add approximately 2.5 hours to the time for Sebastian Inlet tides. 

Yesterday morning there was a good Redfish bite throughout the morning, according to Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach. More than 20 oversized Reds and a good number of slot fish came over the rails; most anglers were using finger mullet for bait, although at least one was landed on a gotcha lure. Mike landed his share of oversized and keeper Reds, he kept one that was 26 7/8". There were very few Mangrove Snapper and only a few Spanish Mackerel were landed. Some good sized Lookdowns were landed as well.
Our first photo features Tim Gentzlinger of Indian Harbour Beach. Tim landed this nice 27.5" Red using finger mullet. The Red was released unharmed right after the photo.
Photo two is of inlet regulars Jose Dore of Palm Bay with a 25" Red and Spiro Stathoupolos of Malabar with a 27" Red and a real healthy 17" Mangrove Snapper. The men landed their fish off the north jetty 
Satellite Beach resident and inlet regular Chuck Fischer is featured in our third photo. Chuck landed this 13" Pompano using live shrimp.
Mike Ricciardi landed the 24" Red and 13" and 15" Mangrove Snapper in our fourth photo using finger mullet.
Bill Hillman of Kissimmee is featured in our last photo today. Bill landed this 33" oversized Red using finger mullet. The Red was released unharmed after the photo. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Well anglers the mullet have slowed, not that there still not plenty but the runs have not been as long. Surf anglers fish early for the best selection Blues, Mac’s, Jacks and yes there is still Snook. Anglers are casting spoons, cut bait and plenty of DOA bait busters to find their fish. Blues and Mac’s are taking cut bait and spoons, if it flashes or dash's they are on it, cut bait use along shank hook to keep them from biting the rig off. But that is not the only rod bender in the surf, Jacks are my favorite they will eat any thing and then the Snook, a little more work but still there in good numbers again fish early. Today I heard the word Whiting used several times buy mid afternoon anglers, excellent table fare and there all day so do not forget the ice. Now about the Tarpon, getting late in their season still a few but not as many. These fish have been in and out throughout the day, live baits when in and plenty of big fish so pack a lunch.
                             photo courtesy of Rocky E.M. Fikki with Balls Deep Fishing Team

Indian river from county line road north it has been Red fish and more Reds, from low light through the day. Mid day catch that high tide using a smaller bait, small spoon, small paddle tail or a live shrimp all have had good results. Trout at the top of the slot from Herman's Bay north with a mix of Reds. Mullet have thin out, so that school of fish you see coming is either Blues or Jacks and you make the call do I or don’t I cast in their direction. Still plenty of Snook in the area, big fish well over the slot at the bridges, small and slot in the flats, live baits preferred. Tarpon early before sun up, pick a bridge.
Bridges have been hot with fish, fish feeding all day from Blues to Snook including Snapper and Drum, busy fishing at the bridges. 

Sebastian Inlet Report


It' s a beautiful morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 7 mph and gusting to 10. The wind is keeping the no see 'ums away, making it a particularly pleasant day. 

Over the weekend we saw quite a few Reds a few Snook, a few nice sized Spanish Mackerel, Snapper, Jacks and a few Blues. Finger mullet are schooling around the jetties according to Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop. 

Our first angler today is Angelo DelTedesco of Orlando. Angelo landed this nice 31" slot Snook at the start of the outgoing tide. He was using live shrimp to land this beauty. Angelo has landed and released 16 C/R Snook this season, so we have a big smile for the keeper!
Photo two features Paul Szoke of Barefoot Bay with a good sized Mangrove Snapper he landed off the north jetty using cut mojarra.

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Ft Pierce
The inshore fishing has been getting better with Snook, Trout and Redfish to the north around Queens cove. These fish have been caught on topwater at first light, also on any of the DOA jerk baits. 


Spanish mackerel were thick over the weekend, Pecks Lake will a very busy spot for the next month with anglers trying to catch these toothy critters.  Use gotcha jigs, spoons, or colored tinker tubing with a small piece #4 trace wire for these fish.  Anglers are still getting shots at Tarpon on the beach at first light.  Good numbers of dolphin are still being reported, along with sailfish.  The current has been slow and making bottom fishing difficult.  Inside around the dock lights and seawalls are yeilding lots of snook bites at night on the incoming tide, use flare hawks and diving lures for these first.  The redfish and trout bite has still been consistent up near the power plant and by middle cove!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bridge Hopping

From Native Tackle - Sebastian

                          photo courtesy of Jayson Arman That's R-MAN CHARTERS
The snook bite has remained good around the docks and mangroves.  The redfishhave been very active, a lot being under sized but still a great bite, fish the flats, mangroves and around the spoil island.  The trout bite has been outstanding as well, fish around the spoil islands, bridges and mangroves.  Mangrove and lane snapper have been keeping anglers busy around the docks and bridges with most being 10 - 14".  Along with the snapper action, anglers are having fun catchingsheepshead and black drum.  The jacks are still everywhere and hitting most anything you throw at them.  A few reports of grouper being caught along the channel edges.    
Redfish, snookjacks, blues, mangrove snapper, lady fish, sheepshead, tarpon, shark and some pompano and flounder has been the catch this past week at the Inlet!  If you are targeting the snook and reds, fish an outgoing and use large shrimp or pigfish.
Spanish mackerel, jacks, shark and some pompano has been the bite in the surf this past week! 

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

The beach is still the hot spot with mackerel, bluefish, tarpon, and pompano which have started to show up.  Inshore fishing has been decent toward the north around hermans bay and middle cove trout and redfish.  Fish the lighted docks at night around sailfish and swealls point for snook with lipped plugs or live mullet!

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a beautiful morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West-Northwest at 2 mph and there is a light chop on the water. The no see 'ums are relentless this morning, but sure to take insect repellent with you if you head to the inlet. The bugs will be gnawing on the anglers until the wind picks up. Some big Jacks are being landed along with a few Reds, Snook, Mangrove Snapper and Margate. Spanish Mackerel are darting around, just out of casting distance.Our first photo today features Ezekiel Bello who was fishing with his dad Isaac landed his first Red, a 29" C/R in the photo. Father and son landed five Black Drum using clams, one Sheepshead, one Jack, two Margate and a slot Red. 
Photo two features Kian M. of Sebring. Kian landed these two Flounder  while fishing at Longpoint Park. He landed all of three of his Flounder using live shrimp. 
Our third photo features Billy Brice of Palm Bay. Billy was using live shrimp to land this nice 25" Red, but the location will have to remain TOP SECRET! 
Our fourth photo is of inlet regular Chuck Fischer of Satellite Beach. Chuck landed this beautiful 31" slot Snook around daylight  while free-lining live shrimp. Not only did he land a slot Snook, he landed a 25" slot Red, thus the rare smile! 
Our last photo today features Charley Donley of Orlando with an oversized C/R Snook that weighed in at 16 lbs. The Snook was returned to the water unharmed. 

Jacob Johnson is featured in our First photo today with one of four Reds he landed last using a bucktail. The smallest, in the photo, was 27" and the largest was 44". All the oversized Reds were released unharmed.
Brothers Luke and James Vila of Kissimmee and their friend Eddie Sanchez fished the inlet rocks. The men landed a variety of fish including Reds, Snook and Mangrove Snapper which were all released unharmed. Photo three is of Luke Vila with a Mangrove Snapper.
Photo three is of Eddie Sanchez with an undersized C/R Snook and photo four is of Luke Vila with an undersized C/R Red. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

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       The word is a few have been caught around     

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierc

We have enjoyed some gorgeous fall weather this past week. Less rain chances and more sunshine has been the norm for us. Mild temperatures have arrived on the Treasure Coast and it's been very comfortable to enjoy fishing the area. Expect more of the same weather pattern in the coming weeks. Tides have been very high this week with the full moon approaching. We get these higher tides every year in the fall and they have been two to three feet above normal lately. The mullet run continues around the area and the fishing has been good for us. Fall is a wonderful time on the Treasure Coast!
Our trout have been caught on the grass flats in two to four feet of water. Deadly Combos, CAL shad tails and top water lures have worked to get some nice trout to bite. There are lots of juvenile redfish and snook along the mangroves to the north of Fort Pierce. Looks like a fantastic crop for next years fishing! CAL curly tails are great around the mangroves right now. Snapper have been just about everywhere lately. 

Mangroves, muttons and lanes can be found all over the river. The inlet and turning basin in Fort Pierce has been boiling some days with the mackerel, jacks, blue runners and ladyfish. The macks have been a good size and fun for anglers to catch. The mouth of the inlets have been good for snook and tarpon. You can find tarpon in the turning basin as well right now. Same goes for the surf when you can find the bait pods to fish along the beach. 

October has proved to be another great month of fishing along the Treasure Coast! Fall always brings out the best in fishing and weather for anglers. The rains have pretty much slowed now and you can enjoy the outdoors after a soggy, wet summer. Have fun and get out fishing!
        Seminar Line Up at Whites Tackle Stuart