Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Fish is Bigger than Him! - Fishing for Beach Monsters

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart / Vero Beach

 Conditions are improving, with diminishing winds and wave heights soon to make surf fishing more productive. The surf is still pretty dirty, with some seaweed thrown in for good measure, but calmer conditions to come should clean it up quickly. Before the winds there were good numbers of Snook, Tarpon, Spanish Mackerel, and other species were up and down the beaches, which should show up again, especially if the much anticipated mullet run begins. The inlets continue to produce Snook, but live bait has been more productive, and Mangrove Snapper have been caught on Pilchards in the Fort Pierce Inlet and nearby bridges as well. The Indian River is still fairly dirty overall, but decent numbers of Sea trout are being caught in some of the cleaner areas closer to the inlets on soft plastics, and Snook and baby Tarpon fishing in the early AM has still been productive as well. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Sebastian Inlet Report

Mangrove Snapper and Snook Season Countdown

 Mangrove Snapper are around to be had all day long.  They’ll hit on live shrimp and you’ll find them throughout the inlet system so try your hand at fishing from different spots.  There have been some Jacks and Spanish Mackerel coming over the rails on the jetties.  Jacks will hit on live shrimp and spoons, and break out your little spoons, jigs and Gotcha lures to target the Spanish Mackerel. We hear it seems to be better on the outgoing tide and Tommy recommends trying earlier or later in the day as your best bet. 

Some reports of Flounder, mostly West of the bridge and for anglers, the countdown is on to the start of Snook Season on September 1.  A friendly reminder of FWC size and bag limits; keepers must be between 28”-32” and the daily recreational bag limit is 1 per angler.

From Todd & Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Snook fishing remains the best bet on the inshore side of things.  With inlet snook fishing still good, a few early season trickles of mullet coming in, and enough rain to open up some have a wide variety of snook fishing options ahead!  The spillways have been producing a good number of fish when they are open.  A flair hawk jig or  SpoolTek have both been working good when the spillways are flowing.  The snook have also been stacked up around the bridges as well.  Look for the outgoing tide at night to be the best bet for the snook.  For all around action it's hard to beat a shrimp imitating lure floated through the shadow line.  For bigger snook a flair hawk or swimbait presented right along the bottom is a good bet.  Mixed in with the snook have been a handful of tarpon and a few jacks.  As we start to see more mullet flow through in the coming weeks, expect to see a real boost in inshore activity!  

SURF/PIER-  The Juno Beach Pier had a few kingfish around this week, along with a decent number of bonita.  A diamond jig or good casting swimming plug (X-Rap, SP Minnow, or Yo-Zuri Long Cast) are good lure options.  A few Spanish Mackerel around the Pier, but not in the numbers that the past few weeks saw.  While snook fishing has not been red hot at the pier, a decent number are still being caught.  Snook fishing along the beach remains good, especially early in the morning.  Best bet has been small lures in the 3-4" range resembling pilchards.  Good numbers of small baits around, and that is what the snook have been keyed in on.  Up to the nort,h the glass minnow schools are attracting a lot of attention from sharks, tarpon, snook, Spanish Mackerel, and even a early season bluefish or two.  No set spot for the glass minnow schools, just have to go looking for them.  Could be a handful of pompano around this weekend with some east winds in the forecast.      

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 Well here is the end of the day surf report . The catch list was lengthy but the numbers were not. Pompano, permit, bonefish, blue runners, jacks, and small croakers. The problem is the pompano count stayed at one and the blue runner count was in the twenties. I fished up north at Blue Heron this morning and caught my nice pompano hoping there were a few more moving down the beach to add to the catch. That did not happen and when dirty water started moving in I packed up and went south to Tiger Shores . Water color was pretty good and around noon time, which was when the tide changed , the blue runners started chewing. A more substantial bite and some drag pulling had my hopes up for another pompano but this nice fight turned out to be my bonefish. I put a new piece of EZ Flea Fishbite back on and after a couple of minutes the rod doubled over and my permit was on . After a great fight I landed my permit , had a beach goer who watched the fight take a picture, and got him revived for a great catch and release. EZ Flea Fishbites have caught at least 75% of all of the permit I have done battle with on the beach . The scent and color must be to their liking so if you want to hook this great gamefish from the sand , make sure you have some in your tackle bag. I prefer the larger pre cut baits when I target permit. It looks like we are going to get some wind from Laura but we can deal with that. Conditions might be fishable tomorrow morning but Monday and Tuesday do not look too promising. Clean off the pompano long rods as we approach the end of August as the surf fishing is going to heat up with the approaching mullet run and the first schools of pompano.

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Friday, August 14, 2020

From Todd & Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Fairly standard inshore report this week.  As usual best action will remain catch and release snook fishing, especially in/around the inlets.  Live croaker or sandperch are the top baits for the biggest snook.  In along the seawalls live mullet will be a top bait choice for the snook and jacks.  Should just be a few weeks away from the start of the fall mullet run.  Keep an eye on the weather...a north breeze will get them pointed south i a hurry.  Other inshore action is fairly slow.  Has been a good number of mangrove snapper inshore.  Small live pilchards and live shrimp are a good bet for the snapper.  

SURF/PIER-  Surf fishing, by summer time standards, has been very good this week.  The snook have been cruising the beach in good numbers, along with a few tarpon and big jacks.  Low light periods remain the best for the snook, though high sun can provide good sight fishing opportunities.   For those looking for good action; the croakers, sandperch, and even a pompano or two are biting pieces of shrimp on a bottom rig.  Fair scattering of summertime Spanish Mackerel around; though not in the same numbers we saw over the past week or two.  The Juno Beach Pier snook bite has been a bit off this week, so look for better chances along the beach or in the inlets. 

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County

Inshore fishing: 

The snook and tarpon fishing as been good at the Lake Worth Inlet and the nearby bridges and beaches. Flair Hawk jigs and bigger swimbaits are working great at night, while during the day downsizing your presentation to something like a Vudu Shrimp or a Hyperplastic Dartspin should work well. Big jack crevalle have been spotted cruising around the surf zone and the Lake Worth Inlet. Throw a big piece of metal like a Shimano Coltsniper jig or a big topwater lure to get into them.

Little by little, a few early season mullet have been showing up, which is an exciting sign for inshore guys because it means the bulk of them are not far behind. Spinner and blacktip sharks have been jumping along the edges of the flats and channels in the Intracoastal Waterway near the Boynton Inlet.

From the Snook Islands down to the Boynton Inlet, permit up to 15 pounds are being caught using both live shrimp and dead bait including shrimp, crabs or clams. Fish along sandy shorelines and around grassy flats.

Lake Okeechobee

The bluegill bite has been really good, not quite as on fire as the past few weeks, but still definitely worth the effort for some tasty panfish. Hot spots have been King’s Bar, Buckhead Ridge and the rim canal around Henry Creek. Worms and crickets are working as are beetle spins. The bass bite has been best in the early mornings and right before dark using moving baits including swim baits, Skinny Dippers and Horny Toads while working the outside grasslines. After that morning bite begins to slow down switch to flippin’ or live shiners.

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I did not have the opportunity to put much time in on the beach this past week but here is the report. I fished with Kai and Bryce Jackson on Saturday and although we did not have a banner day , the kids had a great time and put a few in the cooler. Alot of us are lucky enough to live here and fish the beach year round. It is definitely great to take some young people from out of the area and put big smiles on their faces every time the rod bends, no matter what size or species. It certainly makes you appreciate our year round fishing environment and what our local outdoors offer. We caught ladyfish, blue runners, palometas, and croakers and the kids had a ball. The key to our surf bite right now is to find the glass minnow schools as they are holding everything from 150 pound tarpon to tiny croakers. When the glass minnow schools moved out of our area the bite shut off and that has been the case since last week. If you find a school of minnows cast your Fishbite tipped rigs right into the center of the bait school and chances are your bite will be immediate. Randy and I fished this morning just south of Normandy Beach because that was the only stretch of beach that was holding glass minnows. We looked from Bathtub to Blue Heron and thats where they were. Tide can be pretty important to having a good croaker and whiting catch when you fish these bait schools because some of our local spots have very little water at low tide. That was the case today because we never had a touch up until the the time I had to leave for work at 10 am but Randy stayed and he hammered the big croaker. The bite started around two and a half hours after dead low and he put 40 nice fish in his cooler in an hour and forty five minutes. The tarpon were there in big numbers today and the ranged from 30 pounds to 150 lbs. The anglers that were targeting them hooked a couple but the show they were putting on in crashing the bait schools was spectacular. Weeds became an issue at certain locations during the week but they were somewhat scattered today. The key as we approach the weekend will be to finding the bait schools so look for the birds and surface activity at the beach access you want to fish and if it looks quiet, move on until you find them.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

From Todd & Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  A few early season trickles of mullet coming through...won't be long till we really see a good number showing up inshore.  Snook fishing remains the best bet inshore, with a handful of bruiser jacks and maybe a tarpon or two in the mix as well.   Snook fishing will be good with live baits (mullet or pilchards are good choices inshore) during the day in the Loxahatchee River around good current based points and boat docks.  Snook fishing has also been pretty good at night around the bridges.  Flair Hawks and Swimbaits remain the top choices for the snook.  They are keyed in on bigger baits, so don't be afraid to throw some larger lures at them.  Last of the incoming and first of the outgoing will be good tides to fish.  Mangrove snapper action has been fair inshore.  Small live pilchards and live shrimp are great bait choices for the snapper.     

SURF/PIER:  Catch and release snook fishing has been good along the beach, at the Juno Beach Pier, and in Jupiter and Palm Beach Inlets as well.  Look for the snook bite to be really good at night on the backside of the moon.  The inlet bite will be best on the tides; and heavily bait dependent.  For the inlet snook it's all about the croakers and sand perch.  The Spanish Mackerel have been biting well at the Juno Beach Pier.  Small Clark Spoons below a bobber rig are a great choice for the Macs, as is free-lining small live baits.  A handful of big jacks cruising the beach, along with a few tarpon.  The Juno Beach Pier has seen a few Bonita as well over the past week.  Jupiter Inlet is producing a few mangrove snapper.  Fair number of croaker and sand perch are biting small pieces of shrimp in the first trough.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The best thing I can say about today is the conditions are improving along the beach. Randy and I fished on the south end of Tiger Shores this morning and all we had to show for it was 3 big Threadfins, aka "clear noses" and 2 throw back Palometas. The water is starting to get some color back after the storm but there still is alot of suspended sand close to shore that is making the water off colored. As far as beach erosion is concerned the south end of Hutchinson Island is in much better condition than some of the accesses north of the Jensen traffic circle. I looked at Stuart, Tiger Shores, Beachwalk Pasley, and Bob Graham south of the circle and all of those locations did not have any major erosion or drop downs from the winds of the storm. Cart access is no issue at any of those spots. Going north I looked at Normandy, Dollmans, John Brooks and Blue Heron. Normandy has some erosion and a minor drop off and Dollmans was fine . The situation changes as you get closer to Fort Pierce Inlet as John Brooks and Blue Heron suffered some major erosion and the cliff or drop down at those two spots was 4 to 5 feet. The water was much dirtier the farther north I went also and new weeds were evident at Blue Heron.The one good condition that improved at most spots was the further push up to the dune line of the old piles of weeds from the past couple of weeks. We have been dealing with the weeds being pulled back into surf at high tide but with the winds and big surf that we experienced during Isaias these piles are way up on the beach and far from the surf line.It is probably going to be another day or two for the sand and sediment to settle and the water to really clean up. I will not be back out until the weekend but if you plan on trying for the whiting, croaker, threadfins, or catch and release snook, I would target the beaches on the south end of Hutchinson .Erosion was minimal and the water as of today was much cleaner than towards the noth end.

Scouting Around Palm Beach And Martin County

Inshore fishing:

Along the beaches in St. Lucie and Martin County there is still an excellent bite for whiting, croaker and a few mangrove snapper. Bloodworm-flavored Fishbites and shrimp worked in the first trough have been producing good results. There have also been plenty of snook and some tarpon cruising the beaches following schools of greenies and glass minnows.

In the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers with the summertime heat things have been a bit slow. That said, in the early morning from first light to around 8:30 anglers have been catching a few redfish, flounder, small snook and small tarpon.

Just north of the Juno Pier there has been some excellent snook action. Livetarget croaker swimbaits have been working extremely well.

At the Jupiter Inlet and along the beaches south there are also good numbers of snook. Though live bait has been good, if you’re able to get out before the sunrise a Red-Tail Hawk fished on the bottom has been fantastic.

Where the sargassum isn’t too thick, anglers at the beach on Singer Island are catching snook and the occasional tarpon working Livetarget Slow-Roll on a weighted hook.

Surf anglers working the beaches just south of the Boynton Inlet have been catching barracuda on tube lures and tarpon using 3.5 inch Yo-Zuri lures that mimic either pilchards or sardines.

At the Boynton Inlet there have been a few mangrove snapper caught as well as snook and tarpon on live baits.

Tarpon up to 100 pounds have been seen rolling in the channel in the Intracoastal Waterway between the Boynton Inlet and the Palm Beach Yacht Center. Anglers at the Lantana Bridge are catching some nice sheepshead on peeled shrimp and clam strips. Sand perch and small mangrove snappper are being caught at the bridge on live and peeled shrimp. Working the shadow lines of the bridge at night has produced a good bite for snook and tarpon.

Lake Okeechobee:

Out on the lake the past few days the artificial bite for bass has been a bit tough. Live shiners worked along the outside grassline in the early morning has been working best. If going with an artificial though, swim jigs have been effective. Hot spots have been King’s Bar, Tin House Cove and from Buckhead Ridge to Third Point.

There has been excellent action for peacock and largemouth bass along with snakehead for anglers working the canals west of Jog Road and along 441 and the conservation areas. They are mostly biting in the early mornings and late afternoons following thunderstorms and are hitting Livetarget frogs and chatter baits. Bright colors like chartreuse and white and green and white have been best. In the late afternoons, switching to Senkos in colors like rootbeer with goldflake has been working well.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias has headed north thank goodness, and now we can hopefully get back to some fishing. I do not know the extent of the beach erosion but I plan on heading up on Wednesday and will post a report when I get back. I am sure there are some bottom changes and trough fill-ins along with some new deep spots along our beaches so my advice is to head up during the low tide periods and take a look. The latest report I have is from Wednesday and Thursday last week. Randy and I fished Wednesday morning on the south end of Tiger Shores and filled a cooler with some nice whiting and croaker. Bloodworm Fishbites was the scent and color that produced all of the fish. I returned to fish the high tide late Thursday afternoon and caught the biggest croaker I have seen all summer. I only ended up with around 20 big croaker and whiting but my cooler was 3/4 filled just because of the size of the croaker. The biggest news the number of snook that were cruising the first trough. I saw more snook on Thursday evening than I've seen in a month and even played tug of war with a big girl for about five minutes that ate my fishbite. When she decided she had enough, down the trough she went and spit the rig. These fish have been spawning for the last couple of months in the inlet and weather it was the change of pressure from the approaching storm or the big numbers of croaker that were in the first trough, but they were present all evening. This is the time of the year that we have to respect the weather and we were lucky not to have not received hurricane force winds or crazy amounts of rain from this system. The impact of the Category 1 Hurricane/Topical Storm are going to be felt all the way up the eastern seaboard. As the week progresses the surf should clean up and conditions look favorable to get back to catching the whiting, croaker and catch-and-release snook. Good Luck and Catch um up!

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