Monday, March 31, 2014

Snook fishing Inlets

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Yes the wind is blowing, yes the water temps have gone down and yes the Blue Fish love it.  Talk with several anglers this morning that went to the surf and all said the same what’s with all the Blues”.  Had a few in that were talking about the Pompano, yes the
cooler water is what is needed to bring them in.   This is the time of the year when the bigger Blues show but I would still go early for the cooler water.  Cut bait, spoons and now you can use the big top water baits and yes I would go single barb hooks, lot easier to work with.  Pompano still no pattern but it seems to be more of them at different times of the day, and the Whiting continue
to keep anglers busy.
           This wind has given more than one angler an excuse to fish the North Fork and South Fork, plenty of Trout and Reds to be found and you have been protected from the wind, a few Pompano.
Fishing the Indian River has been a problem, wind, just about the time you find a sheltered area the weather man changes the wind and off you go again, North and South Fork look real good.
Trout and Reds very good all week, mix in the Blues and Jacks and you will have a busy day, just have to get out of the wind.  Wind, just depends on who you talk to, Snook anglers love this, the
more it blows the better the Snook bite, pick a bridge a big bait  and please do not bring a knife to a gun fight.  Plenty of Black Drum, Mac’s, Blue’s and a few I have forgotten at all the
bridges.  Fishing has been good but the conditions?

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have a cool, crisp morning at the inlet but we expect a beautiful day today. It will be a good day to get out and do some fishing, if you can! This morning winds are blowing out of the West-Northwest at 7 mph and gusting to 11; there is a moderate chop on the water. 

Over the weekend, fishing was good. A lot of Jacks, Blues, Sheepshead, some Black Drum (one that was 40 lbs.), Snook, Reds and Sea Trout were landed, according to Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop. Tommy reported a 10 lb. Sea Trout was landed around noon on Saturday off the sea wall on the north side, it was a beauty! Shrimp are still running at night. 

Our first photo today is courtesy of Larry Olmsted. Larry took this photo of fellow Minnesotan Snowbird Jim Klehn with a 32" Black Drum he landed using dead shrimp. Prior to this fish, Jim fought another that was much larger, but it proved to be too much fish for his tackle. 

Richard Doughman of Winter Springs landed and released this approximate 35 lb. Redfish. It was his 5th cast of the night using a 1.5 oz. bucktail with pink head and white feathers. It took some effort to get the bucktail out of its mouth, so he didn't bother to measure it, just a quick photo and back into the water. Richard wasn't rigged for anything that large, so he kept the drag loose and had an excellent fight with this big boy! 

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Catch 365

"Feedin by Feel"

In dirty water, low visibility, windy conditions, or at night; many gamefish rely solely on feel(vibration) to feed. In these situations choose lures that create a lot of vibration. This makes them easier for the fish to find, and EAT! 

Pictured is a ambitious little bass that crushed a chatterbait with a Gambler Lures Little EZ as a trailer. The combo puts out a crazy amount of vibration, and this largemouth had no problem tracking it down.

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

Ft Pierce
Inshore the snook fishing has been ok with live bait in the inlet and around the bridges. The trout fishing has been ok around bear point on soft baits with a few snook and reds up around the mangroves.

Snook have been hanging around the structure but have been picky on what they are choosing to eat. Trout and Redfish are being caught around the power plant still. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Catch 365

"Start Early/Finish Late"

Most fish species bite best as the sun comes up, and again as the sun sets. If possible plan to be fishing during these prime times. 

Go for quality over quantity. A few hours early or late in the day are much better than a lot of hours in the middle of the day!

Sebastian Inlet Repo


We have cloudy skies over the inlet this morning and good chance of rain during the day today and tomorrow, go prepared if you head to the inlet. Rain gear is a good idea even if it's not raining, with the high winds that sometimes send waves over the jetty rails. This morning winds are blowing out of the South-Southeast at 18 mph and gusting to 22. There is a small craft advisory in effect and inlet conditions are hazardous, particularly during the outgoing tides. 
 Our first photo today features Liz with a beautiful Sheepshead, which just happens to match with her bathing suit! Liz landed and released the Sheepshead using live shrimp. 
Photo two is of Mike with his 32" slot Snook and photo three is of Dave with his 31 3/4" slot Snook. 
Photo four is of Luke Vila of Kissimmee with a Sheepshead he landed on live shrimp.
Reminder: Tomorrow is the "Hook Kids on Fishing" program for youth from 5 - 16, along with their parents, at the Sebastian Riverview Park (at the fishing docks). There will be clinics on casting, conservation, fishing safety, knot tying and catch and release tactics. The Clinic will be from 8:30 - 12:30. Go and get some fishing tips from some of our local experts! FYI: Last year some registrants did not show up to claim their free rod and reel, so take a chance and get some good fishing instructions, if nothing else!


The wind and churned up water didn't do a lot for fishing yesterday, there were some big Blues, Jacks and Mackerel which were the prevalent catches, according to Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop. Tommy also said a few large Sheepshead and a couple of Pompano were landed. Rumor has it that the shrimp were running last night off the catwalks. So all you shrimpers out there, it's time to go for it, be sure to let us know how you do. 
 Our first photo today features Joseph with a beautiful 29" C/R Redfish he landed off the south beach.
Photo two is of Joseph's friend Cyril Cerbas with a 31" C/R Redfish he landed.
Photo three features inlet regular and early riser, Chuck Fischer of Satellite Beach. Chuck landed this big 42" C/R off the north jetty using live shrimp at 5:00 a.m.
Our fourth photo today, taken on the north jetty. This oversized Snook was landed by an angler named Mike using live shrimp and was returned to the water.
Our last photo today features Justin Mitchell of Kissimmee with a Jack he landed and released on live shrimp. Justin is strictly a catch and release angler.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Surf has been a mixed bag, Blues, Mac’s, Jacks and lots of Whiting and yes there has been a few Pompano. So what happened to the Pompano, it has just not been cool enough to bring them in, this winter we didn't have the cold snaps that lowered the water temps and so that is the reason. In the mix of Whiting is where most of them have come to be reported, up close. There has been a few runs of Pomps in the surf but not enough to set a pattern, in and out and no special time. Blues and mac for the early angler and lots
of Whiting for the rest of the day. River has been a hard call, had anglers talking about all the over slot Reds in the Bear Point area and the next angler was still looking. Trout were in three feet of water and most were at the top of slot and then I guess the anglers that were looking for the Reds even had a problem finding Trout and I am not going to talk about the Triple Tail, well did you look at the channel markers? It has been a fish week, lots of rod pullers for all types of fishing. Bridges had every body home with along list including Pompano, lots of rod pullers. It has been
Blues , Macs and Lady fish early and then on comes the Drum, Sheephead, and Snapper with Snook in the dark hour. Pompano were in and out with a very short bite time, no pattern, anglers, just had to be there.

Sebastian Inlet Report


The cool front that moved in yesterday brought us high winds out of the north. It's blowing about 23 mph and gusting to 28. The water is rough and there is a small craft advisory in effect through this evening. Even so, we still have some anglers out fishing the jetties and certain fish such as Snook and Reds get active when water gets churned up, or it could just mess things up just as the fish were getting used to the warmer water!

We received an update from Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop who reported that conditions are tough today but some good sized Blues are being landed along with Spanish Mackerel and Jacks, all of which are being caught on lures! Prior to the front, a few Snook, Reds, Black Drum and Sheepshead were brought over the rails. SISP Ranger Ed Perry also reported that he took a stroll out on the north jetty on Sunday and saw a lot of oversized Redfish, a nice 7 lb. Black Drum was landed and Mackerel were taking spoons and jigs. Ed also wanted us to let you know that FWC is there checking licenses. You must have a license on your person and ID while fishing off the jetties or in the Park, in the car is not acceptable. For more information on saltwater fishing licenses, go to www.
Our first photo is of Alora Bay at the cleaning table on the south side with a slot Flounder. 

Photo two is of Colby Colbert who fished the inlet and reported that Spinner Sharks and Spanish Mackerel were hitting everything! Colby landed and released this oversized Snook using a gotcha lure! 

Joe Collins sent in our third photo of Dan Gore of Orlando and landed this Black Margate which was released in grease! 

Ron Nonamaker is featured in our fourth photo with an 18" Sheepshead he landed off the north jetty using live shrimp.
Justin Werner of Palm Bay is featured in our last photo today. Justin landed his 31.5" Snook off the north jetty.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snook Fishing Catwalks and Bridges part 2

Chasing Large: Self Motivation and Dedication 

by Crazy Alberto Knie

I often get questions about chasing big fish and how my success is better than most.  Well, the truth of the matter is, I am not better than others and the key to my success lies in the motivation and dedication to the sport. As to the common follow-up question – they tell me they are too busy and can’t find the time. Well, that’s not good enough in my book.  We are all too busy and have priorities in life… but you must and really need to set priorities and set time for it. If you are really serious about it – it’s that simple! 
There shouldn’t be any excuses because my records shows, whenever I am not motivated or don’t dedicate my time to it (which are the ingredient for failure).  Believe me, I’ve been there and done that. My advice is to treat it like a business meeting and setting realistic goals. And that is to motivate and dedicate you for the big hunt. Obviously you’ve must have some skill sets but without motivation and dedication you are setting yourself to disappointments.  Moreover, anything less is setting you to “luck”, and that’s a different story altogether.  While we are on the topic of luck,  I’ve asked a few high rollers to shed some light on the word luck, and although they credit it to some “luck”… but most successful gamblers relies and put all in on their motivation and dedication! 

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From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Catch 365

"Smaller Swimbaits"

A small (shad style) swimbait is an excellent lure for covering  large amounts of new or unfamiliar waters.  Rigged on a jighead (as pictured) a small swimbait can be buzzed just below the surface, swam steadily at varying water depths, or hopped along the bottom.  These options make this lure one of the most versatile in the tackle box.

Most lure companies make a small shad style bait; but the DOA CAL and Gambler Lures Little EZ are two great choices.  More info on soft plastic baits coming soon...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Catch 365

"Steer em' out"

Ever find yourself in this situation...a snook inhales your lure and promptly finds himself wrapped up in a pile of mangrove roots or numerous dock pilings?  As soon as a snook, and many other species, feels the hook it is going to the first structure it can find.  To keep them from getting to that structure try these tricks.

1.  Try gradually steering the fish away from the structure.  The harder you pull against a snook the harder it pulls back.  BUT, "leading" a fish in the direction you want it to go by steering him with the rod can change his direction in a hurry. It takes a little practice, but over time it is easy to actually lead (not unlike walking a dog on a leash) the fish right around structure into open water.

2.  If the snook wins and gets into, and wrapped up, in structure first try putting the reel into freespool and/or backing off the pressure completely.  With no pressure often times the fish will swim back out the exact way it came in.  If it doesn't, it can often be slowly and easily lead back around and out of a tangled situation.  Just remember the harder you pull, the harder the fish pulls back off, ease up, and steer the fish out.   

Below is a little video of Capt. Eric ( using these tricks while fighting a snook

Monday, March 24, 2014

Part 2 snook fishing under bridges and docks /Chris Beachwalker

Capt.Eric - Freight Train Fishing Juno Beach


The big news the past few days has been the pompano.  Good numbers of pompano have been caught on the Juno Pier and the beaches to the South and North of the pier.  Look for a beach with clean water and a sandbar that is close to shore and cast past the sandbar.  Make sure you are using enough weight to hold the bottom.  4-6 oz pyramid sinkers have been the most popular the past few days.  Orange colored fishbites, clams, sand fleas, or shrimp on a pompano rig with a white float has been the hot rig according to the "Sultan of Sand Fleas" aka Rich Vidulich.  Rich is a commercial pompano fisherman and can be heard on ESPN Radio 106.3 on the Saturday morning fishing report.  He is also available for surf fishing charters if you're interested.

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Catch 365

"Soft Plastic Variety"

Soft plastic jerkbaits (like the DOA CAL Jerkbait Pictured) are a great inexpensive way to add a lot of variety to your tacklebox. By rigging them a few different ways a soft plastic jerkbait can be used to fish as a surface bait, mid-level lure, or for even bouncing along the bottom. (Upcoming Catch365 Video Tip on rigging soft plastic lures this week.)

Looking at a wall of lure colors can be a little bit perplexing and overwhelming. But, to start picking out lure colors is actually pretty simple. Start with a bag of pearl(white), rootbeer(or similar dark color), and a natural baitfish pattern (like DOA #419-Greenback). These colors will cover clear, murky, and dirty water situations (More on Lure color selection coming soon also).

Stay tuned for more info this week on rigging soft plastics, fishing methods, and picking out colors. As always feel free to come by JUNO BAIT for more info. Also, check out artificial lure expert Capt. Eric at The Freight Train Fishing Charters website for updates and tips on lure fishing (

Sebastian Inlet Report


Fishing has been good the last couple of days. Plenty of Blues, Jacks and Mackerel have been hitting spoons and lures. Sheepshead continue to take shrimp offerings. There are also the occasional Snook and Redfish showing up. Black Drum and Pompano seem to have slowed. Winds are predicted to pick up Tuesday night and Wednesday. Fishing patterns will most likely change mid-week.

Friday, March 21, 2014

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Snook Fishing Part 1 What You Need

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart

                                                                     Photo courtesy of Mark Naumovitz @ 

Snook and Trout have been plentiful as well.  The area around the power plant has had a good Trout bite and alot of smaller Snook.  Most reports of larger Snook are coming from the guys pitching live baits around the bridges and the docks.

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Catch 365

"Glow Over Gold"

Everyone would like to know that special color that catches fish everywhere every time! Unfortunately a "magic color" like that doesn't exist.

But, as Capt. Eric, from The Freight Train Fishing Charters, says "DOA's 'glow over gold' is pretty close to that perfect color." 

Available in the classic shrimp, cal shad/jerkbait, airhead, and other DOA lures "glow over gold" is a dynamite color to have in the tackle box!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE- Snook fishing has been good over the past week.  The jig bite at night around the bridges on an outgoing tide has been good.  Bright colored jigs are the ticket in dirty water; a pink or white jig is a good choice in clearer water.  A few nice spotted seatrout are still being caught around Munyon Island.  Live shrimp, DOA shrimp, or Vudu shrimp are all good choices on the Munyon Island flats.  

SURF/PIER- Pompano action has been very good over the past week, with Juno PIer finally producing some nice pompano catches.  Bait has been better than the Doc's Goofy Jigs, with clams and sandfleas being the hot baits.  Yellow has been the best color for the fish that are being caught on Goofy JIgs.  Spanish Mackerel have been hanging around Juno PIer and Jupiter Inlet.  Lots of jacks being caught around Jupiter Inlet.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great Event

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                          a way to get to some great spots and fish on foot

From Native Tackle - Sebastian Inlet

The pompano bite has been going with a Doc's goofy jig around the sand bar close to the inlet, back at the Wabasso bridge has been hit or miss but back in the Sebastian River just passed the railroad bridge in the sandy spots have been proven good recently. The trout bite has picked up, fish the edges of the flats, bridges and the spoil islands.  When the water temp is a little deeper and later.  Sheepshead, and black drum being caught around the docks, bridges and close to the inlet.  Fish the mangrove edges for redfish and snook Jacks andblues have been abundant, use a got-cha plug and/or silver spoon. 
Black drum, pompano, spanish mackerel, sheepshead, blues some redfish, trout,  whiting and snook has been the action at the inlet this past week!
Spanish mackerel, blues, jacks, pompano, shark and whiting was reported this week! 

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From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Well how about this weather, bright sunny days and yes a little wind starting early afternoon and depending on who you talk to the fishing has been pretty good.
       Talking to the bridge anglers they will tell you about all the Black Drum,  Blues and Macs they have been catching. Been an all day bite using shrimp and in the mix plenty of big Sheep head, Jacks and a few Trout not a bad days catch.  Plenty of Snook
for the evening angler, once that sun goes down play those light lines, Shrimp and Flair Hawks proffered, cast your bait up into the current and work it back slowly. Now about those Pompano, hate to say it but the weather has been to nice,not one cold snap, not even a short one.  Yes there has been some but the bite has been short and no pattern.  I would  say high in coming tide but they do not read the report, so this week at Stuart causeway  the water was low and no current and they were chewing, go figure.
       The east wind has kept most anglers on the east side of the river, so starting at County line Road and going north it has been top of the slot Red fish, all on the west side, another group that does not read this report. These fish are in two feet of water, water is turbid, watch for the splash as they pick over a bait school.  My favored bait is a small gold spoon or a live shrimp, something I can work very slow, they need to get on top of the bait.
Trout ahs been good but you have to be 3’ or 4’ of water and again these fish are deep. North side of Nettles Island and north from there, early bite and they will about any thing that moves. Pompano skipping in many locations, the only catch's has been those that skipped into the boat, Pompano?  In the mix has been Mac’s, Jack’s, Blue’s, even a few Flounder made the chart this week.
    Surf anglers report a good bite of Blue Fish early on spoons, top water and cut bait and you
can mix in the Mac’s and Jack’s but after that sun has been up for a short time these move to deeper water.  Plenty of big Whiting, best part is they are there all day eating any thing you
you have on your line.  Now about the Pompano, yes they are there but no pattern to call, sand fleas and clam are the favored bait, most have been caught buy anglers fishing for the Whiting.