Friday, June 28, 2013

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Sebastian Inlet Report


It's beautiful at the inlet this morning. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 5 mph and the water is clean and calm. We've had some real nice catches of Spanish Mackerel this week, thanks to the greenies that continue to swarm around the jetties. Mangrove Snapper are starting to come in, but there have been quite a few shorts in the mix. Of course Snook are hungry as they are spawning, it is best not to target them but it's hard to keep them off the line at this time of year. If you land a C/R Snook, please handle it (as with any other C/R fish) with extreme care and keep it out of the water the shortest amount of time possible. Handle with wet hands so that you don't rub the "slime" off their bodies. If photographing, make it quick. Hold the fish horizontally under the jaw and belly to support the weight of the fish, holding them vertically can damage their internal structure. We've also seen Jacks, Blue Runners and a smattering of other species come over the rails of the jetties, including some real nice Permit. Anglers fishing the beaches have had good luck with Whiting and a few Pompano

Our first photo today is of a unidentified 
 angler, This huge Permit was 41" and very heavy! It almost spooled the guy's big reel. It was thought it may have been a Shark at the rate it was stripping the man's line and pulling his drag all the way out! Arden who took the picture helped the angler net this beauty, but in the excitement, forgot to get his name. 

Our second photo features Laura Weinberger had some nice luck with Spanish Mackerel, as you can see in our photo! 

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce/Stuart

                              Photo courtesy of Chris "Beachwalker" Sharp
The inshore fishing has been good with some nice redfish and trout to the north of north bridge. The snook fishing continues to be good under the dock lights at night and in the inlet. The south jetty has had a good redfish bite in the mornings on the outgoing tide with a few snook mixed in. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Snook Fishing

New Flavor

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From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierce

We enjoyed another fun filled week on the Treasure Coast this week.  The summer weather has let us enjoy some beautiful mornings and rainy afternoons in the area.  Expect lots of the same weather patterns in the weeks ahead.  Some of those storms can become pretty nasty, so watch things on the water when you are out there.  The water clarity has been great to the south of Fort Pierce, but not so good to the north as Taylor Creek water continues to be pushed that direction with the tides.  The Saint Lucie River has it's own ugly issues as dirty water continues to be released into it.
Trout fishing slowed down this week with the full moon going on. Look for trout in two to four feet of water on the grass flats.  DOA shrimp works great!  The bite should pick up now that the full moon effects are about over.  Snook have been around the jetties, sea walls and mangroves on the river.  We have caught our snook on DOA shrimp and CAL jerk baits.  The redfish bite should pick back up soon.  They are starting to school up so keep a look out for them.  It should be a good summer bite this year.  You can still find snapper around docks, bridges and channel edges.  Mackerel and jacks are slowly filling up the turning basin as the glass minnows begin to flood into the river.  We have found some nice size bluefish south of the bridges hitting DOA shrimp or Mirrolures.  Have fun and get out fishing soon!

From Native Tackle - Sebastian

The redfish bite has been outstanding.... fish the flats, mangroves and the spoil islands just South of the Wabasso bridge early morning and early evening.  C/Rsnook have been caught around the docks, use live bait or a top water plug for best results.  The black drum, and mangrove snapper have been prominent around the docks still.  Use live or dead shrimp and squid. 
Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, jacks, blue runners, permit, bonita, a few permit, barracuda and c/r snook  has been the catch this week.  
Anglers fishing the surf are having great luck w/whiting, blues, scattered pompano, spanish mackerel, tarpon and shark. 

Sebastian Inlet Report

It's another gorgeous morning at the inlet. Winds are "blowing" out of the West at 3 mph. Be sure to take insect repellent if you head to the inlet today, no see 'ums are usually an issue when there is very little wind. 

The Spanish Mackerel bite remains strong. Yesterday the Barracuda stayed away and many were landed by inlet regulars. We received an update from Chuck Fischer of Satellite Beach who reported other than the Mackerel, a few Mangrove Snapper, Jacks and Blue Runners came over the rails. Chuck was gracious enough to send in our first photo today of Diane Buyce with 2 of the 8 Mackerel she landed yesterday morning using Gotcha lures. These beauties were 22" and 28".
Diane also landed a 27" slot Red after the camera man had left the jetty, so no photo of that one
Tommy Turowski of the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported that fishing the beach for Whiting has been pretty productive and a few Pompano have been in the mix. 
Our second photo today features Luke Vila of Kissimmee with a Black Drum he landed using live shrimp. We haven't seen many of those around lately! Luke released the fish after the photo. 
Gilbert Ortiz of Kissimmee is featured in our third photo today. Gilbert landed the C/R Snook off the north jetty . Gilbert released the Snook unharmed right after the photo. 
Photo four features Bill Weinberger with a C/R Redfish he landed. The Red was released unharmed after the photo. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wade The Waters

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Sebastian Inlet Report



We have a beautiful morning at the inlet, although the forecast is calling for a chance of rain today. Winds are blowing out of the South at 4 mph and there is a light chop on the water. The water temperature is starting to creep up a little; it's hovering around 80 degrees now. Go to the inlet prepared for anything in the summer months, lots of sunscreen, water, insect repellent and rain gear all come in handy this time of year. 

The Spanish Mackerel bite continues to be the big draw at the inlet, at least until the Barracuda show up and frighten them away. That's been happening the past few mornings. A nice variety of fish have been coming over the rails including Blue Runners, Mangrove Snapper, Jacks, Reds, C/R Snook and a Sheepshead or two have been in the mix.

Our first photo today is of Matt Scripter of Palm Bay with a huge C/R Snook he landed at night using a lure. There were a lot of bait fish swimming around the south jetty  and he and his buddy had it all to themselves! The Snook was released right after the photo.
Our second photo today features Paul Danko of Sebastian with a Mangrove Snapper he landed  using live shrimp. 
Our last photo today is of "Q". waiting for the bite to start at the beach.

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce/Stuart

 Inshore the trout fishing has been steady around the power plant on soft baits and live shrimp and the snook fishing has been great at first light on top water. The beach fishing was great yesterday with the glass minnows around with some big snook and tarpon in them the Yo-Zuri 3D Crystal minnow in the Glass Ghost is the plug of choice.

From Dave -Sebastian Area

Well it's finally happened my friends, summer has come and the fishing has been as hot as the weather! The last several day's of fishing at Sebastian inlet have been absolutely outstanding. The beach and jetty are both blacked out with pilchards and small goggle eyes, two baits much preferred by spanish mackerel and mangrove snapper, both of which have been caught in abundance lately. The north jetty has been on fire on both tides for the macks but the snapper have been feeding primarily on the incoming tide. For the mackerel, use gotchas or live bait suspended under a float or simply free lined with a 1/0 long shank hook.Fish for the grovers along the pilings of the north jetty or from the T Dock on the interior of the south side with live pilchards, mojarra or shrimp. Keep your weight and leader light for the line shy snapper, the clear water makes them a bit fussy.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report

This morning winds are blowing out of the Southeast at 6 mph and there is a moderate chop on the water. We received several updates yesterday. Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach reported a good Mackerel bite in the early morning hours, lots of greenies were swarming the jetty and the Macks were gobbling them up, until Barracuda showed up and scared them away. Mike landed 10 before he left the north jetty at 11:00. Mangrove Snapper were also showing up but a lot of shorts were in the mix and returned to the water. A few Jacks and Blue Runners came over the rails as well. Tony Swiderski of Sebastian and Diane Buyce of Melbourne both landed C/R Snook while fishing for Mackerel. Thanks for the update Mike!

Arden Romanillos of Kissimmee fished the north jetty on Sunday and reported a great day of fishing. Many catches of Spanish Mackerel, C/R Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Lookdowns, Bonito and 2 huge Permit came over the rails. Over the weekend we saw some nice schools of fish come through the inlet. Spanish Mackerel were the big draw with Mangrove Snapper coming in second. We've seen Reds, Sheepshead, Blue Runners, Jacks, Bonito and a couple of Permit. Tommy Turowski of the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported a young man put a crab on the line and threw it out; on the first cast he landed a 40 lb. Permit! 

Photo one features Arden Romanillos of Kissimmee with a big Bonito he landed off the north jetty.
Photo  two is of Liz R. of Kissimmee with a Mangrove Snapper she landed using live shrimp. Liz returned the Snapper to the water after the photo.
Photo three features Ryan Wood of Melbourne with a huge Snook he landed off the south jetty fishing at night using a lure that was recovered by snorkeling around the inlet a few weeks earlier. The Snook was released right after the photo.

Sunday morning SISP Ranger counted 15 Loggerhead nests and 5 false crawls. One Loggerhead was just coming to shore to lay her eggs when Ranger Perry arrived to perform the nest survey at 6:00 a.m. Although no tracks of Leatherbacks or Green Turtles were seen, two mating Green Turtles were in the water, just off the beach. Ranger Perry relayed that it was already very humid and he was soaked with sweat by the end of the survey, but a passing shower cleaned him up and a nice rainbow ended the survey. 
Our next four photos are courtesy of SISP Ranger Ed Perry. Photo shows Momma Loggerhead coming out of the ocean to lay her eggs, a close up of her face,digging her nest and the last photo shows her return to the water.

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Sun shine, heat and a little breeze just make one want to sit and do what ever tomorrow, I love south Florida. It seems the fish live like I do, time , date nothing seems to matter or so it seems. Depends on who you talk to weather the fish are biting or what area, how deep, yes it is summer. 
Surf anglers had a lot to say about weeds but not all anglers, just depends on where you were fishing. If you go to an access go look before you take you equipment to the edge, if there is weeds go to the next because not every angler had this problem. Plenty of Whiting and Croaker with big Jacks on the edge, few Snook and Tarpon made the list again depends on you location. 
                                                                     photo courtesy of Chris Keyes
Tarpon and Snook were south of Stuart Beech, best bite was early but had reports of fish all day, some on live and just as many on artificial. If you are fishing the surf please a hat, unglasses and sun screen are mandatory, "oh well it is summer". River is warm, you have to fish early or late, low light is the key. If you are in the water after the sun comes up you need to be in deep water or at least shaded water. When the sun goes down will be the next time they will travel to the shallows, so plan you times and you will find fish, it is summer. The shallow water from the north end of Herman's Bay north to Bear Point is the location, that is the east side of the Indian River. Trout, Reds plenty of Jacks with a mix of Blue ish will keep you busy. After sun up go to the channels, the bridges, the Piers because that is where they will be, it is summer. St. Lucie river is out of the question, South Florida Water Management has made the decision to allow back pumping into the lake and we are to be the blunt end of their drain system. Their excuse is jobs so what they are saying Ag is more important than "YOU"......and we can thank our elected officials. Keep in mind S.F.W.M is appointed not voted on and AG gives more to their reelection funds than we do........ummmmmmmmm.......angry would be a good term. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Looking Around

I fished Boynton Beach Inlet the other night some good baits and the snapper are starting to show up lots of small fish but some nice keepers in the mix.......

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another beautiful morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the North-Northeast at 4 mph and the water is clean and calm. Today is the first day of summer and we have temperatures forecasted for the high 80's this weekend, so get out to the inlet and enjoy it!

Fishing has been hit or miss, earlier in the week we had some beautiful catches of Spanish Mackerel, keeper Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead, Flounder, Permit, Blue Runners and Jacks, but yesterday was a slow one. Yesterday morning there were a few moments of excitement, but otherwise it was "livelier at the morgue" to quote our friend Danny Waite. The Spanish Mackerel disappeared although there were lots of greenies in the water. Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach was on the north jetty and photographed Paul Danko of Sebastian land a 50" Barracuda in the 30 - 40 lb. range. Paul put a long, rubber-like, tube lure with a wire leader and the Barracuda grabbed it. There must have been more than one out there, because things were still slow after the big guy was out of the water. Paul also landed a nice Mangrove Snapper. Mike landed a 22" juvenile Greater Amberjack using a dead greenie on the bottom, which is very unusual for jetty fishing. Amberjacks are almost always landed offshore near reefs and wrecks. Mike returned the fish to the water after the photo as it was undersized and out of season. Regulations call for no less than 28" to the fork and the season is closed from June 1st to July 31st. What a nice catch Mike! Thanks for the photos. 

We spoke to a gentleman in the parking lot on his way out who relayed that he fished the beach Wednesday evening and caught quite a few Whiting and some Pompano on frozen clams.

Photo one features Paul Danko of Sebastian with the 50" Barracuda he landed yesterday morning. Photo two is of the Barracuda's mouth. 

Our third photo is of Mike Ricciardi's juvenile Greater Amberjack. Wow, unusual catch!!

Photo four features Earl Truman of Vero Beach has been having great success with Permit lately; he went to the north jetty in the evening after 5:00 and landed this 17 lb. Permit! They are still out there!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

SWC just got in some New Skinny for your Head


From Native Tackle - Sebastian

The trout bite has picked up a bit.... fish the flats and the mangroves early morning and early evening.  C/R snook have been caught around the docks and mangroves.  The 
black drumsheepshead and mangrove snapper have been prominent around the docks.  Use live or dead shrimp and squid for best results. Some anglers fishing the ledges of the channel and the channel markers are having luck with triple tail and grouper.
Redfish are being caught on an outgoing tide and along with the reds, the c/rsnook and permit are also biting better on an outgoing tide.  Spanish mackerel, jacks, blue runners, sheepsheadmangrove snapper, lookdowns and someflounder have been the catch this week.  
Whiting, blues, scattered pompano, snook, tarpon, shark  and we received several reports of bone fish being caught. 

Sebastian Inlet Report



It's another beautiful morning at the Sebastian Inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 4 mph and there is a light ripple on the surface of the water. When there's very little wind, we usually see the no see 'ums come out in force, be sure to take insect repellent if you head to the inlet today.

Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners, Reds, C/R Snook, Jacks, Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead and Flounder have all made appearances this week, the most prevalent species being Spanish Mackerel.

Our first photo today features Kevin Bucchio of Melbourne. Kevin landed his 30"C/R Red. Kevin landed his first Red, a 28" C/R, and the 30" using a double dropper leader and with shrimp on the end of the north jetty. Kevin also landed a Lookdown earlier in the day. Kevin released the Red right after the photo. 
Our second photo features Daniel McGrath of Delray Beach. Daniel landed this 28" C/R Red using live shrimp, he also landed a C/R Snook. Daniel!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierce

Lots of sunshine and warm weather this week around the Treasure Coast had boaters and anglers on the water this week.  Summer has taken over and you can look for more warm days and chances of afternoon thunderstorms each day.  Getting out early can keep you out of the heat of the day and increase your fishing opportunities as well.  Have fun this summer and enjoy the fishing!

                           photo courtesy of Steve Burst and Balls Deep Fishing Team

We have found our sea trout on the grass flats in two to four feet of water using DOA shrimp, top water lures or live baits.  Still getting some big trout up to 26" this past week, so the gators are still around.  Redfish were a little slower for us this week.  I didn't get up on the shallow flats much with the low tides, but will be back out this week for them.  We have been fishing docks quite a bit this week with some very nice results.  Snook anglers are still getting a good bite at the mouth of the jetties on live baits.  You can find plenty of snapper around the river.  Docks, channel edges and bridges have accounted for lots of mangroves this month.  The mackerel, jacks and bonito have begun showing up around the inlet this week.  It should go crazy with them as the glass minnows show up in force.  It's lots of fun and action when they are in a feeding frenzy!  

                                                                                    Photo courtesy of Rocky Fikki

The beach should be active with jacks, snook and bluefish this month along with the usual whiting.  Jacks and
 bluefish have been feeding around the mouth of the Fort Pierce Inlet.