Friday, December 31, 2010

From Scott@ White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, the redfishing fired off yesterday!!!  I spoke with Tony Vercillo last night.  Tony caught 30 nice redfish most mid to upper slot.  Gulp shrimp were working their magic.  There are giant trout laid up everywhere right now.   It has been tough to get them to eat, but most have been in the 5-10 pound range.  I haven't heard or seen too many pompano lately but they should continue to push in with the cold water.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Took a day trip up to Sebastian Inlet today. The day started overcast and cool, but the water was pretty clean   accept for  all the  CATFISH and BLUEFISH  they made it hard to get any bait out on the bottom. The sky got much better and warmer about the last 2 hours of low tide, people started catching drum, sheepshead a few reds, small permit 10-11inches, a lot more bluefish and MORE catfish on the south side. The north side had so many people we didn’t try to go over there to fish, but I’m sure they and the same catfish and blues we had. Right before high tide turned into low we got a few flounder 13-14inches on the south catwalk, but then the tide turned and the current was too strong to drag a shrimp or mud minnow on bottom. Mid January-February the flounder will be making there way “BACK” into the inlet from their spawn. I made some good contacts on this trip, and I’ll keep you posted on whats biting up there.......

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From Scott@ White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore has still been really good considering the extreme temperatures.  The red-fishing has been excellent and has produced double digits almost daily.  The big winter trout are schooled up in deep holes in the early and late hours, and are pushing up in the shallows during the heat of the day to warm up.  Gulp, mirror lure and Marsh Works soft plastics have been producing great results.  A super slow presentation is required to get the bite.  There are still some big redfish in the Ft. Pierce Inlet as well as plenty of bluefish, mackerel, and some nice flounder.
Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pomps move, so should you

“Looking for pompano” ?  Look at the beaches a little south, of Juno Pier, they are moving with the warmer water. There have been fish caught off of Singer Island’s Coral Reef Park, and down by the PB inlet. I would bet the next stop is going to be Boynton Beach (note you can’t fish the jetties yet--March, April maybe-- but the north and south side of the inlet you can). Park in the south parking lot and its a short walk to ether side , I would even bounce a Capt. Joe’s pompano jig tipped with a piece of shrimp, off the back sea wall of the parking lot, I’ve caught them there before. On the beach you may want to use a double hook pompano set up with a 2-4oz. sinker to get it out there around the sand bar. The pomp guys use clams and sand fleas as bait. Fleas are getting hard to find because of the cold, so go with the clams. You can get them from Publix or a fish market, shrimp will work but some of these guys fish pompano **EVERY DAY** they are using clams.  “They talk, I listen”. As the weather and water warms up again’ the pomps will find their way back north looking for a meal, and if you want to catch them you got to move with them.

From Capt. Charlie-Fishing Center, Ft. Pierce

January Fishing Forecast

Well, it appears that we just might be in for another cold winter here on the Treasure Coast.  Night temperatures have plummeted into the 20's and 30's once again and that will certainly keep the water colder than normal for this time of year.  Hopefully, we won't see the fish kills like last year around the state.  We will be fishing deeper water for some time now, but action can be exciting in some areas of the river in January.  Water temperature is very important in January for your success on the river.

January is typically a windy month.  You might enjoy one or two days a week that are calmer, but expect it to be windy.  Using the right ramps can make your day better.  There are many ramps around the area that allow you to launch depending on wind direction.  The river can be rough some days, but you can still fish most days if you plan your trips carefully.  It is a great month to fish in spite of weather conditions that might not be to your liking.

Bridges will continue to produce sheephead, black drum, croakers and bluefish.  Most of the anglers on the catwalks prefer live or frozen shrimp for these fish.  The inlet and turning basin will be full of bluefish, jacks and mackerel this month.  Live or dead bait on a jig head will give you plenty of action along with silver spoons or shiny lures.  Around seawalls, channel edges or deeper structure you can find grouper for catch and release action in January.  Snook action around the jetties and bridges will be active mostly at night for anglers using feather jigs, TerrorEyz and live bait.  Snook will remain closed this year until September.

Redfish can be found around docks and sitting on the flats on warm, sunny days.  DOA shrimp or CAL jerk baits work great for wintertime fishing.  Docks will be loaded with sheephead in January with nice sized fish.  Pompano fishing will depend on water temperatures for their location, but they will be in the area throughout the winter.  Surf anglers will be targeting these fish on days when the beach is fishable.  Flounder should be found around the jetties on the beach side and on sand flats around the inlet.  If you can find warmer water on the flats, you will most likely find trout feeding in those areas.  Last year, we were rewarded many days as the sun would warm up a patch of water and get the fish actively feeding.  CAL jerk baits were very successful on the trout.  Ladyfish will be all over the river for fun action for the little ones.

January Tips:  Dress for the weather.  We might get one or two days each week that might be warmer, but most days will be on the cooler side.  There can be a 30 degree swing in temperature on some days.  Dressing in layers can keep you comfortable throughout the day in January.  Once you become cold, it's hard to warm back up again.  Keep yourself comfortable and enjoy some good fishing in January.  Stay warm and safe and enjoy the winter!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

 Thanks and Good Fishing!
 Captain Charlie Conner

Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook-Jensen Beach

  Surf anglers found plenty of Blues using cut baits and spoons and any time was a good time, now if we could turn off the wind.  Had reports of Blue Fish all day, it is good that some species like the cooler temps because I don’t.  Pompano have been scattered, with all the Blues in I would scatter also, Tiger Shores and Virginia Forrest are the two access point that have held Pompano most of the day.  Whiting, a few but most are targeting the Blues and Pompano not much pressure on these fish.
            Red Fish have been in the Power Plant area, right up in the mangroves, shrimp on a jig head has been the preferred bait.  Because of the cooler water wait till the sun has been up, it will warm that skinny water and then the fish will move in.  Clear water make for sight fishing, problem, if you can see them they can see you, stay in the channel watch for activity then move in.  Trout season is still closed, pesky fish, but the first is right around the corner and then we will see.  Would like to have great report on Pompano but I would have to see some anglers and it has been less than polite, thank you weather man, they have to be there just that we don’t. 
           Till next week I will be praying for warm weather, “Happy New Year”……………………..Henry

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just a note

 “HAPPY HOLIDAY”   to all. I plan to do a lot of fishing this up coming week, hitting every spot I can to get some hands on, report updates . Hope everyone got all the new fishing toys they wanted.
Gone Fishing.......

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Juno Pier's end of the year run

This has been a fairly good month at the Juno Pier, a lot of macs, blue fish some kingfish a few reds and whiting the big watch has been for cobia. There have been a good number spotted and caught. There was 6 one day with 4 keepers, about a week ago. There was one caught today in the 20-25lb. range and a few others spotted, but the real story was a 71 lb. cobia caught Tue. of this week. caught on one of the many jigs that are made by the anglers.  Today the water looked perfect for pompano and macs, ***  the only thing was they didn’t know that. Monday was the day for pompano, a good number caught. There are more being caught off the beaches using sand fleas, and shrimp. Try to get your bait out pass were the waves are breaking closes to the beach, pomps hold up out there waiting for food to wash out to them. If you don’t get a bite at one spot move to another an another an another....a little further down the beach, remember you can’t be a pompano fisherman if you take a chair.

Monday, December 13, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook-Jensen Beach

 Cold and colder, not sure I like this but the Blue Fish don’t mind.  This is south
Florida and it is supposed to be warm but the weather man likes cold weather and so do the Mackerel, Blues, Pompano and yes the Sail fish.
On the surfs edge there were plenty of Blues most reports came from beaches south of the Jensen access, the fish were in and out all day.
Favored baits were cut baits to locate the fish then it was Spoons, a few runs to the north but it was definite to the south.  When the Blues weren’t there the Pompano move in taking clams and sand fleas but about the time you put a few on the sand in came the Macs and chewed everything off. Go have a bite then start over, Macs moved out and with a little luck in came the Pompano, with my luck it was more Blue Fish. All that being said with that west winds the beach was beautiful, beautiful blue water.
           River anglers it was a Red Fish week they like the cool water but it was cold, wait till mid morning then come on down, that sun warms the skinny water quick and they know it, have breakfast first.  Gold spoons top the bait list but a live shrimp was hard for them to turn down. From Midway Road south to Walton is was busy fishing. Pesky Trout, the season will open on the first then we will see how brazen you are, bring the camera, and now is when that big one will catch your hook. Pompano at the bridges, one day hot the next not so hot, not sure why have thought tides or sun or temps but none seem to add up to a limit catch, it is up to them.  One day in the Sail Fish Flats the next in Hells Gate, no pattern, no special time, they just show up.
Form the bridges that little Jigging Spoon, in the flats try putting some clam or a sand flea on a dead stick and cast a spoon with the other rod.  Snook they do not like the cold, they will go to the deeper water, fish the light lines around the bridges, slower then slow on the retrieve, dark hour preferred.
Lots of Black Drum from the bridges, big Drum favored baits have been crabs but shrimp and clam will get their attention.  Cold I thought I lived in south Florida, how many BTUs can I get from a Palm Tree.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

Alright, so winter has set in and it appears that we might be in for another cold season.  Well, let's hope not!  One cold front has passed and another is fast approaching the Treasure Coast.  As usual, they seem to hit us on the weekends and only allow a couple days a week to have a chance to get out on the water.  Better get those cold weather clothes out and ready!
The anglers who fished the past week found a good nighttime snook bite around the jetties and inlet.  Live bait, feather jigs and DOA TerrorEyz have been working best for snook anglers trying to get a slot fish before the season closed on December 15th.  There is only a few days left.
There has been a good redfish bite on the west shoreline both north of Fort Pierce around Harbor Branch and south around the docks.  Live bait, CAL jerk baits and DOA shrimp have all worked.  There has also been some good size reds taken around the jetties recently.  Trout are catch and release this month, but there have been trout taken on the deeper cuts of the flats on popping corks.
Pompano and whiting have been biting along the surf when fishable on shrimp, sand fleas and Doc's Goofy Jigs.  Sand perch, sheephead and black drum have been caught off the bridges and catwalks this week.  Dead shrimp is always the best bait choice in these spots.
It's gonna get cold again next week, so dress warm and plan on fishing in deeper water for the best results.  Afternoons can find fish moving up shallow to get warm and always a possibility of a redfish or trout in the shallows on a sunny afternoon.  Have fun out there!
Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

 Good Fishing!
 Captain Charlie Conner

Friday, December 10, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

Cooler temps mean cooler water and that means Blue Fish and more Blues, from the surf the rivers and if it is wet they are probably there too.  Mix in some Macs and Pompano and you might say are winter visitors are here.  Blues on the beach, in and out all day starting at sun rise, nice schools of three to five pound fish are there.  Blues are fun to catch they attack the bait they want it before one of the others gets it.  They will eat about any thing that moves, so weather it is a spoon or a lure even cut bait take the barbs off the hooks it makes for a fast release from you and for you also. When the Blues slow the Pompano and big Whiting will show, a piece of clam or shrimp will catch both and Blues will also bite, so you will know when they are back. Weather man told us all week about big seas and they never showed, looking for rod benders try the surf it has been an event.
           When the weather man calls for a turn in temperatures be at the causeways, the fish know, and the bite is on.  They need to eat, build up the energy; Friday it was Snook all day from early to late.  Flair hawks, Bombers, D.O.A. TerrorEyz, over slot, under and some in the slot but a lot of Snook. Water is cooling so slow those baits down and fish deeper water, Trout is still closed and Snook will close on the 15th but plenty of Reds, Blues and Pompano to keep busy with. If Reds are the target wait till mid morning and fish the shallow water that is the water that warms the quickest and they know it, stay deep and watch for the schools then move ahead and let them come to you. Did I mention the Jacks and Spanish Macs were every where?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Mac

Macs are GOING OFF at the Juno Pier  There was a early morning bite today and the same yesterday that had anglers filling there buckets and coolers full of big mackerel. They where biting everything, jigs, plugs, spoons, if it was thrown out there it got ate. There where few pompano even though the water looked perfect for them, maybe there will be a evening run. 
  Blue fish and Macs are being caught up at Hobe Sound, and other beaches up north.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sun. there were a number of cobia at Juno, What I was told, 7-8 with 4 keepers. One in the 40-50 pound range was lost while trying to bring it up on the pier *(when fishing bring  “your own”  bridge net  don’t think there is going to be one already on the pier)*. They where caught on jigs that a lot of the anglers make themselves,you might be able to buy a few from the guys ,but they are not cheap. They put a lot of work into these fish catching works of art. Very colorful with feathered tails. Cobia like that flash, and colors for some reason, but ha if it works go with it. One of the most important things about Cobia or any kind of fishing is give the other angler his or her room to fish,  Lets call it  “FISHING ETIQUETTE” something we ALL   should practice. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

 Want to bend a rod; the surf has been the spot.  For that early angler casting cut baits or lures it has been Blue Fish and more Blue Fish. Want to have breakfast first, mid morning, how about Whiting, Croaker, Mac’s and Blue fish with a mix of Pompano.  After lunch it is all about Pompano, Whiting, Croaker and Blue Fish.  After dinner it is Pompano, Blue Fish and you get the idea the fish are there all day depending on the time and location. If they are not there wait twenty minutes or so and some one will show, if you are fishing up close it could be any one of the above but the Pompano try a long cast and it is shrimp that is getting their attention.  Surf anglers have had a busy week, but the great thing about the week is pick a time and come on down and see who bends the rod, surf has been busy fishing.  Almost forgot to mention big Jacks, twenty pound class, serious Jack’s.
          Pompano has been the river target, weather you are fishing in the North Fork, Hells Gate, across the Sail Fish Flats or from the bridges they have been there a few times through out the day, enough for the lucky anglers to catch their limit.  Depending on who you talk to as to weather they bite on the incoming or out going but the bite is on morning, noon and evening, three pound fish.  That little jigging spoon is the bait, some tip it, some don’t, and some say it is the one with the fly on it but what ever that jigging spoon works.  Twenty pound leader is all you need, heavier and it effects the action or the fish see it so go lighter not heavier.  Good Red Fish bite north to the Power Plant if you can keep the “pesky” Trout off your bait and the Flounder keep coming, not a lot but every angler reports one or two, early seems best and then you can go chase the Pomp’s.  Plenty of Lady Fish, Jacks and Sheephead to keep busy while, waiting for the Pompano and the tide to turn.

Friday, December 3, 2010

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

Inshore Fishing:

Looks like winter has really decided to set in on the Treasure Coast.  Cold nights and windy days have been the norm lately and it appears that it will be here for a while longer.  That will certainly continue cooling off the water and make it challenging to fish this month.  Hopefully, it will warm back up soon and bring the water temps up to a normal level again.

Joe and Derrick joined me for a morning fishing just before the latest cold front invaded the area.  It was windy out, but we were able to find fish and have a good time out there on the river.  The father and son team found a variety of fish to catch, including black drum, sheephead and flounder among the other species out on the flats.  It was a fun morning!

Some of the better bites around the river has been black drum around docks and structure on live or dead shrimp.  Sheephead and sand perch around the bridges on the same baits.  Whiting and pompano along the beaches on shrimp, sand fleas and Doc's Goofy Jigs.  Trout have moved into deeper flats and you can find some catch and release action on Deadly Combos, CAL jerk baits and TerrorEyz.  Docks have held some redfish on the deeper docks around the river.  The snook bite at night has been good around the jetties, bridges and docks of the inlet.  There has also been some tarpon around the jetties at night.  Daytime on the inlet has produced bluefish, mackerel and jacks on shiny spoons and lures.  Some flounder has been taken around the inlet on the sandy bottoms.  It's a good time to fish....just plan on some cold days out there!

It takes a little more time to get ready for fishing adventures this time of year.  Dressing in layers to deal with cold temperatures in the early mornings and coping with a 20 plus degree swing in the thermometer as the sun comes up is an important part of preparing for the days fishing.  Being comfortable can make a trip much more enjoyable this time of year.  It's time to dig out the ol' long johns and coats.....winter has officially arrived on the Treasure Coast!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

 Good Fishing!
 Captain Charlie Conner

Thursday, November 25, 2010

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce


December Fishing Forecast:

Here it is December already and the Holidays are almost upon us. Where has this year gone? I must say it has been a great year for fishing all along the Treasure Coast. Both inshore and offshore has provided anglers with many great fishing adventures. We went from the coldest winter I can remember to the hottest summer I can think of.  Hopefully, this winter will be milder and the fishing great for everyone.

December brings on the winter months and changes fishing tactics on the river. The water temperatures continue to fall and your fishing must adjust to the weather. We will get many days of breezy winds that will hinder getting to some favorite spots out there. That's one of the reasons I love fishing in this can always find somewhere to fish! Not only does the cooler weather affect the fish, it also requires us to dig out the ol' winter fishing clothes. It can get pretty chilly some mornings!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook-Jensen Beach

  Surf anglers took the brunt of the forecast, one day excellent the next day impossible.  Blue Fish in the 5 to 8lb class for the early angler casting spoons with a mix of Mac’s.  Mackerel have a smaller mouth than the Blues and they will hit the spoon but not the hook.  You needed the bigger spoon that comes with the bigger hook to cast into the wind, you might try changing hook on that larger spoon and taking home a few of the Mac’s.  Pompano were there for the long cast, one needed to get over that white water and yes they do come into that white water but not when it is full of Blue Fish. 
            It was to the east side of the river this week, nice Red fish catches, if you could keep the pesky Trout away. From the power plant south anglers found Reds, Blues, Flounder and Jacks and in nice size schools of these fish, over cast days made for a day long bite. Pompano, in Hells Gate, the bottom of Sewall Point, Sail Fish flats, the Bridges one might say they are every where.  Good size and plenty of them, that little Jigging Spoon tops the list with colors changing from location to location.  Next time you are out and catching Pompano pay attention, is the tide coming in or going out, is it the flood of the high or half way into a low and yes they were in Herman’s Bay. Trout season is closed November and December so they also are every where, bring your camera, the really big Trout Know the season is closed, “pesky Trout”…………………………….HENRY

Friday, November 19, 2010

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce

Inshore Fishing:

Windy days and windy nights should be a country song!  Most days lately have been quite blustery and makes it a challenge to get out fishing on the river.  The ocean has been rough with a couple days that boats could venture out.  It looks like another windy weekend. but it should start to lay down in a few more days.

I was out with the Teen Anglers this month for their fishing tournament.  We had a great time in spite of the cooler water keeping most of the fish from biting.  Two of the kids did manage to catch a nice sheephead and they caught numerous jacks, ladyfish and even trout.  It was fun as always and I look forward to meeting up with the kids each month.  Anyone interested in volunteering your boat to take some of the kids fishing on a Sunday tournament should contact Cammie Ward at 772-201-5773.  We can always use some help and it's well worth your effort to show the kids a good time on the water.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 My son and myself took a short trip to the Skyway bridge fishing pier, on the west coast of Fla. We had planned to spend a few nights on the bridge, and do some night fishing. I’ve  heard a lot of good things about fishing there, but The COLD weather allowed us to only spend Fri. night on the bridge. We left West Palm Beach it was sunny and about 78 degrees. Skyway was in the 50s doing the day, and 40s at night with winds 15-20mph, we were in shock. Sat. finely warmed up to the 60s and sunny.
   We were told about a place called Fort Desoto, just a short drive away. What a “Wade Fishing Paradise”.........
By it being my first time there, I found the local bait and tackle shop --- “The Bait Bucket”--- One of the best tackle shops that I’ve ever been in, not because of their selection of merchandise, (they had everything you could ever want) but because of the people who work there.... Ms Jackie, Kevin, Joe, Les and the rest of the staff treated us like we had been coming there for years. They told us what was bitting, Hot spots and what to use them. We had a great fishing trip, we caught  grouper, flounder, redfish, and trout, (Good Eaten Slam), all  THANKS  to The Bait Bucket. I can’t wait to get back over there.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook

Well what can I say about the weather other than unpredictable, wind and waves do make a difference?  Our week started with a predication of eight foot seas and it did not happen, fishing was great all week until the end of the week then we felt the wrath of Mother Nature. We started the week surf fishing  and it was plenty of Blues on  cut bait and spoons, Mac’s, Jacks, and Snook kept most anglers busy taking the same. Whiting and Pompano were there also eating shrimp and clams and the bite was on, no mater the time there were fish and if you waited half an hour the what ever species was not there was back and a plenty.  Now the seas were forecast to be in the six foot area as they were for the whole week, but not until the week end did it blow and build, the week end.  I am not sure if you could get to blue water with a fourteen foot pole it was that big, sun was shining but the sea conditions were impossible. Monday, three to four foot waves and shrinking. 
   River anglers found plenty of fish, pesky Trout (season is closed), excellent Reds, plenty of Blues and the Pompano bite is on. Jigging Pompano from the bridges at the east end of the causeways, high out going seems to be the tide, these are fish are silver and the six is the bag.  Reds love the cooler weather, east or west side of the river and just about any thing you put in the water they would chew on.  From live baits to pieces of crab or mullet got their attention and those pesky Trout.  Flounder from many locations, don’t know if they were the target but quite a few went home with the anglers. Snook, the worst the weather the better the Snook fishing, pick a bridge, sun down, cast a Bomber plug or a Flair Hawk on the shadow lines and set the hook. So many Snook that anglers got to take one home, please do not bring a knife to the gun fight……………………HENRY

From Capt. Charlie-Fishing Center, Ft. Pierce

Inshore Fishing:

Continuing windy weather has blown out fishing on the ocean.  It has been rough both inshore and offshore this week.  Only a couple days were calm enough for anglers to venture out on the river.  The seas continue to build and it will be another rough weekend ahead for anglers.  The Teen Anglers Tournament is this Sunday and hopefully it will give us a break to get the kids out on the water to fish.

Snook fishing at night around the bridges and jetties have been productive again this week.  Those who braved the windy weather were rewarded with some slot fish and some oversized ones, too.  Live pinfish, DOA TerrorEyz, feather jigs and diving plugs all worked for anglers.  Some flounder have been caught around the sandy areas of the jetties.  The sand perch have began to invade the inlet and many anglers are out there fishing for them around the bridges and docks of the inlet.  Along the beach there have been pompano.  Most have been smaller, but it has been tough to fish the surf lately.  The trout bite remained good for catch and release fish on the grass flats.  Live pigfish, CAL jerk baits and live shrimp have all worked on the trout.  Once the wind settles down again the river will be productive on the flats and docks.

You should be able to find some pompano south of Fort Pierce on the deeper grass flats.  Use Doc's Goofy Jigs or sand fleas for bait.  The turning basin and inlet has been loaded with mackerel, bluefish and jacks.  Shiny lures will get you the most action.  The grouper should be around the inlet this time of year as the water cools down.  You can also find some black drum and sheephead around the catwalks.  There is plenty out there to fish for if the weather calms down.

Tip of the Week:

It's about that time of year to dig down deep into those corners of the closet and find some warm weather gear.  It gonna come in handy real soon.  The morning have been crisp and you will begin to layer on clothes to deal with the change in temperatures throughout the day.  I wore long johns too many days last winter, but they sure kept me from freezing!!  Mornings are going to be cool so dress for it and keep comfortable out there!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Ones Showing Up

 I was up at Lake Worth Pier today, some blues, macs and a few REALLY nice “pompanos”. There was one that had to be about 14-15” to the fork of the tail. I may need to go to Lake Worth more often. There was only two guys fishing for pomps using fleas that they caught the evening before.

A Quick Look Around

If your out for a good fight there has been a lot of “GOOD SIZE”  macs and bluefish, at Juno Pier and on the beaches up that way. They seem to be hitting everything in sight. Whiting, Pompano and a few Cobs there to. I had a nice flounder on at the pier, while  fishing live shrimp for the snapper that have been hanging around.( I did say flounder and “HAD” it on ). I was so surprised to see it I set the hook, forgetting I had a circle hook on and the flounder let go about 5ft out of the water.
   For you “ NIGHT OWLS ”   Juno Pier is open 24hrs, threw the middle of Feb. I will check out the night action and let you know whats going on there.......... 
   There have been a lot of big drum at the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart, a hunk of crab or shrimp should do the trick. Snook are still being caught there to, some big ones I’ve been told. The Roosevelt is also a good place for sheepshead fishing, they should be showing up soon.
  There has been snook caught at the Flagler and Lantana bridges at night on live mullet. Take a jacket, it’s been a little chilly out there, also check the tide chart out, snook like moving water.
I should have more info. on whats going on down south in a day or so........

Monday, November 8, 2010

from Capt. Charlie-Fishing Center, Ft. Pierce

Cooler weather and lots of windy days along the Treasure Coast have made it a challenge to fish many days this week.  Let's hope that this isn't a warning of another cold winter that is fast approaching.  If you can get out of the wind, it's pretty nice out there and the fish have been biting most days.  I guess it's time to find where I stowed the winter clothes!!

I was out with Ron, Mike and Tephanie mid-week on a windy day.  We found both trout and black drum willing to eat.  Once we found the trout, there was lots of action on the flats.  Live shrimp and Deadly Combos are great on the flats for catch and release trout.  We found our drum hanging along the mangroves.  It will continue to be difficult  to get out and deal with the winds, but worth it when the fish are biting.  DON'T FORGET THAT TROUT SEASON IS CLOSED NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER...

We had our best luck on the east shoreline.  Queen's Cove continues to be productive for us.  Harbor Branch and Round Island can also be great areas to fish.  I haven't been south for a while due to the windy days.  Black drum and sheephead have been holding around the bridges, docks and structure along the river.  Bluefish, jacks and mackerel have been feeding around the inlet and turning basin this month.  Night anglers have been enjoying a good nighttime snook bite in this weather lately.  A number of slot fish have been reported.
Flounder have been taken around the jetties and sand flats of the inlet.  The surf has held whiting and pompano.  Most of the pomps have been smaller, but there are some good sized ones out there as well.

From Henry @ Snook Nook

 Bah, humbug, I want to be warm not cold.  Yes, I know it is good for the Sail fish, Pompano, Blues and Mac’s but I live in south Florida.
This week it was weather, north wind bringing in fifty degrees and six foot seas, great for surfing but I want to fish. All this cooler weather had effects on the anglers but not the fish, the bite was on.  In shore and off if you could get bait in the water you had a fish.  These cooler temps tell the fish it is time to put on some weight for winter now you just have to be there to feed them.
          Off shore the bite was close but as the week move on so did the wave heights of course it will lay down and you need to be there.  King in 20’, lots of nice fish, plenty in the 20lb class eating any thing that comes their way.  Sail fish were at the 100’ mark and there was plenty, boats were going four for ten or six for eight, trolling ballyhoo a really good push following these cooler days.  Dolphin were in between, fish in the fifteen to twenty pound class and you guessed it, Ballyhoo was the bait of choice.  Then as quickly as it turned on the weather man turn on that wind weapon, now the fish are still there just that we have to wait till we can get there.  Mutton snapper bit was outstanding from forty feet to sixty, now if we can just figure out how to anchor in six foot seas, and yes the Spanish Mac’s are back.
           >From the surf it was Blues and Mac’s, Pompano, Whiting and Snook, that was early in the week, those cooler temps move a lot of fish in.
Wind did slow some anglers but most found it work able till the week end then the waves were just too much. Kast Master makes a spoon that is designed to cast into the wind, two shapes and plenty of differing weights for wind and equipment sizes and they work, that is the cool thing. Blues, Mac’s and Snook top catch list biting all day, Pompano and whiting moved in when the above moved out the cycle worked all day.  Now I am more than sure they are still there when the seas settle.  Spoons or cut bait for the fish with teeth, shrimp, clams and sand fleas for every body else and I will sit here and wait for the weather man to turn off the wind weapon.
          The worst the weather the better the Snook fishing leave the boat home and come on down to the bridge, any bridge.  Anglers found to many fish, how about multiple hooks up and many were in the slot Red Tails Hawks top the list and if you are going take several because you are going to loose a few.  This bite out lasted the anglers but it will change as the weather gets back to normal.  Pompano are arriving, the area just north of Sail Fish and the bridges have had some excellent runs, and pesky Trout are every where. Good Red Fish bite and then the wind came and no anglers to take advantage of these poor fish. More and more Flounder on the catch list, oh no winter must be here, change of seasons. Plenty of Blues, Jacks and Mac’s to make you crazy, just that north wind keeps on blowing, look to the flat water.  So I guess we will just have to Snook Fish under a bridge, don’t you just hate when this happens, see you there………………………………………………………..HENRY

Monday, November 1, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook

Starting at the beach, it has been a great week with a long catch list and the best part is any time you showed up there was fish. Plenty of Blues, Whiting, Croaker, Pompano, Mac’s and a few more were there and this was all day.  Blues were there through out the day, spoons and cut bait top the bait list and the Mac’s and Jacks were there if the Blues missed the bait.  Anglers that preferred the Whiting and Croaker found plenty at their toes, the Blues kept them on the edge most of the day.  With all the sand fleas on the beach you know the Pompano would be there. We reported lots of small Pompano over the past few weeks and now here come the keepers, do not forget the ice. Most interesting was the time, any time, depending on your location at some point they would be there, lots of fish all week and a seven foot rod kept you in the game.
                                    In shore the Trout season is closed, so they will be hitting any thing thrown.  November and all of December the Trout will get a break, one can still catch but you can not keep, time to take the barbs off the hooks because you and I both know it will be all big Trout, have your camera ready.  Red fish, slot Snook and Flounder will be the target if you can keep the pesky Trout away.  Red Fish just seem to like the west side of the Indian River, yes you catch them on the east side but the west, around the docks is their favored location, along with some slot size Snook, early is the prime time into mid morning, top water, gold spoons, live shrimp and soft rubber will find them if you can keep those pesky Trout away.  Flounder anywhere you find a hole in the grass or the drop of a channel edge, fish the drop, almost to the rise.  Shrimp on a jig head, just slide your bait across the bottom, they hit hard so do not loose you grip.
                This week end in Ft Pierce is the SKA nationals, lots of boats, lots going on, stop up………………………..Henry 

from Capt. Charlie-Fishing Center, Ft. Pierce

Warm fall weather has been the norm lately along the Treasure Coast. Windy conditions have made it a challenge for anglers to enjoy the great fishing action around the Indian River. Lots of baitfish all over the river this time of year makes it a fantastic time to fish. There is some great action all over the area, so plan on a fishing adventure soon!

November Forecast:

This month we will continue to see the conditions changing to the winter weather.  Cooler nights and nice sunny days will make for great days of fishing the Treasure Coast. Tarpon continue to feed the inlet at night. The bluefish are along the jetties and invading the river for their share of the spoils. Spanish mackerel are spreading around the river and the turning basin will soon provide some great action for anglers. Pompano are along the surf and lots of fish are being caught south of Fort Pierce on the deeper flats. Redfish are being caught around the docks in the river. Bridge anglers are eagerly awaiting that first sign of the sand perch bite. There is action all over the river, so get out fishing soon!

As the water temperatures continue to drop, look to the deeper flats and cuts for trout, snook and other species to be feeding.  Tidal cuts are a great way to find fish.  Work them with the tides and let your bait or lures drift across the cuts.  Fish will be sitting along the edges waiting for the tides to bring the food to them.  Try deep docks and seawalls for snook this month.  Redfish, black drum and sheephead will also use these areas to feed.  I love using a TerrorEyz or DOA shrimp under the docks.  On the flats, try a Deadly Combo for a variety of fish.

The surf will hold whiting, pompano, bluefish and jacks.  Bridges are home to black drum, sheephead and soon the sand perch will move in.  Snook fishing around the jetties and bridges at night will be productive all month.  Diving plugs, live bait, top water and Bait Busters will all work on catching snook.

Tip of the Week:

Just a reminder that trout season is closed November and December each year. Everyone is always attuned to snook season, but many forget about the closing of trout season. Catch and release is very important to trout. A de-hooker can reduce handling the fish for a quick release. The season will re-open on January 1st. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse to possess an illegal fish.

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From: The Snook-Nook

North east wind, south east wind all hard on the surf anglers, not on the fish.  Plenty of Blues, Mac’s, small Pompano, Whiting and a few slot size Snook made the list.  Lots of weeds in differing area, strong surf every where and fish, go figure.  Anglers were long casting spoons, cast masters, wind cheaters and cut baits.  One had to get beyond the weeds and then get your fish through the weeds, which can test your equipment and your nerves.
Lots of small Pompano and lots of sand fleas on the beach now would be a good time to get some fleas for those months when they are hard to come by.  Lots of Whiting so do not forget the ice, any time you can would be a good time to visit the surf, lots of fish.
                 The excellent catch list is from the early part of the week, Trout, Reds, Snook, Flounder and then the wind,  lots of fish on the east side of the Indian River, who cares  about the wind. Look for the flat water, that is where the bait is and so are the fish.  Trout was limited to the early anglers but if you were looking to bend a rod there were plenty of takers.  Blue Fish, Jack’s and Lady Fish kept most busy, the Black Drum at the bridges has thinned but the Snook love these conditions. The more blustery the wind, couple that with our full moon and you have perfect weather for big Snook, most over the slot so please do not bring a knife to the gun fight, heavy equipment.  When the conditions are like this we have the North Fork of the St. Lucie, an area that is protected from the wind.  Plenty of fish that way, you just need to scout that area on the nice days, oxbows, structure, deep, shallow and it is all out of the wind.
                    If you are and anglers or just some one that loves the water we have it all, how lucky we are…………………………..Henry

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get the Jump on Jupiter

Jupiter/Juno has been loaded with whiting on the pier and beaches,with perch filling in. You can get fresh shrimp at Fishing Headquarters, Juno Bait & Tackle and Lott Bros. Small redfish have been in the surf at the pier, most have been in the 12 to 16 inch range but there have been 1or 2 keepers. If they stay and grow up it would be a nice, they put on a great fight on light tackle. Some snook are still around the pier, not like it was a few weeks ago, but this is Oct., They are being caught on some of the weirdest stuff, but that’s fall snook fishing. The inlet jetty and in the back country may be where you want to be if looking for snook. Live shrimp is the ticket, I’ve got 10 in one morning at the jetty using live shrimp on a hook up jig. Toss it out, let it sink down and reel in really slow, wait for that thump and hold on, there are a lot of shorts but keep at it and you’ll get that keeper. 
Fish of the “Toothy” kind have been all around the pier, macs, blue fish and some jacks have been the big catch. It has been hard to catch live bait, it comes and goes. Most anglers have been throwing gotcha jigs — if you got it ,go for it and fill your cooler. We are waiting for the “BIGGER” pompano to arrive. There have been A LOT of mini pompanos, but I know the BIGGIES are coming just a matter of time........

Has It All * Jensen Beach *

Down in the Jensen Bech area, there have been some  B-I-G  trout. I saw one of the biggest ones that I’ve ever seen come off the SE seawall of the causeway. It seems they are feeding on everything that comes by them. (Nov.-Dec. closed season). Redfish and some Pompano are also being caught, especially in the Intracostal. I’ve been told by Capt. Joe himself (Capt. Joe Pomp jigs) about  flounder honey holes, just a little south of Snook Nook, after I catch a few I  MAY  give up that location  : - }


Flounder are starting to show up in the Ft Pierce area, but we still need some colder weather to really turn them on. Fishing with live shrimp (Fishing Center & Shrimp Spot), finger mullet and DOAs right on the bottom where they live is the way to go. Pin a live shrimp on a weighted head hook or use a carolina rig with a short leader (5 to 6 inches **see tips page**) when using a live fish for bait. There still have been snapper around the jetty and bridges. Using live free-lined shrimp with split shots to get it down, I’ve been using a small circle hook to let the snapper think it’s got a treat. Pompano have been around the jetty, on the beach and in the river. Use a Capt. Joe’s pomp jig alone, or like I do with a piece of shrimp to add a little scent along with the bright colored jigs. Also you can use the jigs flounder fishing, hooking bait to it and dragging the bottom. Snook are around, but seem to be heading back to the back country as it starts to cool off. This time of year I almost always use shrimp, the cooler water makes them lazy. Shrimp move slower and they won’t turn down a quick snack.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From The Snook Nook

Cool mornings, no for me they are cold mornings makes me want to bring out my winter shorts.  Surf anglers love this weather because it means more species on the beach.  Cooler water will bring in plenty of Blues and Mac’s and with the warmer late mornings every other species will stay, I just like the warm not the cold.  North and north east wind has put some weed up on the beach, but it has been spotty so if your location is questionable move north of south to the next access and fish.  Tarpon fans the mullet are thinning, now is the time to play because the Big Boys will follow the bait, we always have resident Tarpon just not the numbers that are here now. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby It's Hot Outside 

General guidelines to help you from heat related illness........

Drink plenty of fluids before & during outdoor activities, especially on those hot Florida days. Drinks of choice WATER and SPORTS DRINKS; stay away from alcohol and drinks with caffeine (coffee, tea and colas) they can lead to dehydration.
Dress in LIGHT-COLORED, LIGHTWEIGHT, LOOSE-FITTING clothing on those hot days.
Take rest,water breaks and wet yourself down in cool shady areas, avoid becoming overheated.
Use a SPORTS SUNSCREEN that is at least SPF 15 and over.
Never rely on thirst. Thirst is a poor indicator of hydration status. When a person feels thirsty they may already be starting to dehydrate.