Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From White's Tackle - Ft Pierce

Inshore, we are have received reports of jacks roaming the inlet and turning basin. When it comes to catching a jack crevalle not to much in the lagoon will give you a tussle better than a jack. They are a very aggressive bully that will hit just about anything you throw at them. The water in the inlet is very clear due to the drought conditions and with that,it usually brings the salinity levels up. Higher salinity levels can be a double edge sword as some species prefer a more brackish mix. The drought condition has been the norm for years in our spring time and it is a good idea to keep a log that you can refer back to for different conditions and what you caught on that trip.This is a good time of year to try and gig flounder if you can find a spot out of the wind. The northern part of St. Lucie county has been producing some good flounder, trout, snook and redfish. The eastern side of the lagoon will provide some shelter from the wind. Bluefish are still around the south side of the inlet and should hang around until our water temperatures warm up some.

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