Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Although weeds and dirty water are keeping the catch rate down in our area, conditions should improve as the week goes on. Longtime friend, Joe Coveney (and I mean longtime - like 60 years) joined me and my family at Dollmans Beachside yesterday, and we managed to catch whiting, croaker, and one nice pompano in between the weed patches. As usual, Fishbites and cut shrimp accounted for all of the bites in the first trough. The hours around high tide is the time to be there, and as we approached the high tide mark yesterday afternoon the action increased. This upcoming week you will be able to fish early in the morning and later in the afternoon as times of high tide will be early morning and late afternoon. Keep your baits close -10 to 15 yards from the surfs edge and the whiting and croaker bites will happen. If the weeds disperse, fish a live croaker from a sandspike and take advantage of the last week of snook season when you can keep a slot fish. If you want to throw some artificial baits like a Live Target soft swimbait or YoZuri crystal minnow, fish early and late afternoon also. I would like to thank the great bunch of folks who attended my seminar ons Saturday and hope everyone took some information home that will make your next trip to the beach a successful one. 

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