Thursday, February 21, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Although the big numbers of pompano were still pretty scarce on Monday morning, the local surf bite fishing can best be described from Ed Killers quote, " The whiting are biting!!". I fished at Blue Heron yesterday and the water was very off-colored but there was a hint of green about 75 yards from the beach. The bite was so good on the nice sized whiting that I eventually was only fishing 2 rods because keeping up with 4 rods was impossible. If you want to target the whiting stagger your casts at 50, 60 and 75 yards until you find what depth they are holding in. At this time of year the biggest whiting will be holding in the deeper water at most spots and once you figure out that distance from shore you can fill the cooler quickly. Unlike the pompano that will usually stay hooked after they take the bait, whiting and croaker stand a pretty good chance of throwing the hook if you don't put immediate pressure on them. Fishbites and clam strips were my bait choices and it only took a shortened day to fill the cooler. Looking at the webcam today, Tuesday, it looks like the water has cleaned up at a few spots but I have not heard from anyone who was out today . It looks like the wind is going to ramp up a bit for the next couple of days and then back off as we near the weekend.

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