Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Here is a quick beach update . My sons Randy and Danny took all of the kids up to the beach yesterday and were treated to a National Geographic show!! Bait, birds, jacks, sharks, mackerel, and big tarpon and snook put on a show at Bathtub Beach. The greenies were so thick my grandkids were walking in the water and scooping them out with bait nets. The big tarpon had the bait pinned to the beach within 40 yards of the edge and the water just on the other side of the reef had mackerel skyrocketing out of the water. Lifeguards did call everyone out of the water at one point because the sharks got into the mix too. One of my neighbores reported the same type of action at Dolemans so there must be a pretty big spread of bait along Hutchinson Island. I w\am heading up this morning so I will try to post a report tonight. Looks like its time to to bring out the 500 and 600 sized Penn Battles and Spinfishers with some heavier action rods and have at it . 

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