Thursday, December 19, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

It looks like we are heading for another tough stretch of weather that is going to keep everyone off of the sand .The forecast calls for seas and surf to build to 10 feet through Thursday and stay at least 8 feet into Sunday. After looking at yesterdays 5 foot prediction I postponed another trip with Brian and Darcie from Darcizzle. I did take a ride up to the beach and found most accesses pretty empty of anglers. I threw the lines out and was able to hold the bottom with use of 5 ounce sputnik sinkers. Conditions were pretty challenging and after fishing a couple of hours the catch list was only 2 keeper pompano and a few whiting. I also threw back 4 or 5 undersized pompano . Reports from the Lagoon were pretty slow yesterday also for the folks jigging the goofy jigs. I am heading back to Tampa this morning and based on the forecast it doesn't look like I am going to miss much fishing time for the next couple of days. Tie some rigs, change some line, and pre cut some Fishbites so you will be ready to hit the surf when the next weather window opens up. 

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