Friday, March 20, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

In the midst of everything the Coronavirus situation is creating ,its nice to be able to put out a surf fishing report that just talks about catching some fish on the beach. I f anyone took a ride up to any of our beaches on Hutchinson Island this weekend it was obvious there was only one thing anyone had in mind- enjoying our fantastic weather. Beaches were packed all weekend from Santa Lucea to Fort Pierce Inlet . Surf fishing results were kind of mixed with some beaches like Waveland,Glasscock, and Little Mud that produced some decent pompano fishing but the accesses like Blue Heron, Middle Cove , and Normandy, that had been the spots to fish, slowed down considerably. I fished today up by Fort Pierce with my son Randy and friend , fellow worker, and the Treasure Coasts number one Fly Fishing expert, Jeff Smith. Jeff had never caught a pompano from the surf but by the end of the day he was dialed in and caught a nice bunch of big pompano. I know I keep highlighting and talking about Fishbites Yellow Crab bait but today I actually had an angler that was fishing next to us come up and ask if he could buy some from me!! We put 15 pompano in the cooler with the biggest tipping the scales at almost 4 pounds. The rods that we we fished with the stand alone Yellow Crab Scent produced 75% of the fish. The anglers fishing on either side of us did not have this Fishbite bait and they had a pretty tough day. When you find a color or a scent that is continually getting bites,switch a couple of your other rods over to that scent. Natural clam strips tipped with Clam Fishbites and Frozen Sand Fleas tipped with EZ Flea Fishbites did not produce many strikes today. Looking at the updated marine forecast it appears as if we are going to get seas back up to 5 feet through Friday so we will have to see how that affects our conditions. The Coronavirus situation is something that will pass and I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. 

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