Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Big croaker were certainly the headliners on this weekends catch list along with some whiting, a few pompano, and a a big showing of tarpon. I fished with Randy on Saturday and we filled the cooler with whiting and croaker. The glass minnow schools were along the beach early Saturday and the the tarpon were all over them. The croaker bite on Saturday, Sunday , and again today was from 7 to about 10 am and then things really slowed down after the top of the tide. Small pieces of shrimp and the Bloodworm and Pink Shrimp Fishbites continue to produce all of the bites. The fish on Saturday and Sunday were in their usual location along the inside edge of the first trough. The reason I am making a point of this is because today, Monday, I do not think Marty Barlow and I caught 5 fish in close. If you are not getting any bites were they are supposed to be throw a bait out 20 yards and move it back in 6 inches at a time until you find the part of the trough they are favoring. The other tactic to try is to move up and down the beach in 10 yard intervals if you the spot you are fishing is coming up blank. We did that today when the bite slowed down and found them 20 yards from where we started. There were a handful of Pompano caught this weekend at Normandy, Tiger Shores , and Stuart beaches. I consider the summer surf fishing as " fun fishing" because of the light tackle and the amount of fish you can put in the cooler. The end result is table fare that is good as it gets. Conditions look good for the rest of the week so get your small Penn Fierce,Battle, or Spinfisher reels out , buy some whiting rigs and Pink Shrimp and Bloodworm Fishbites and have some fun. Good luck this week and catch em up.On a quick note I have received some inquiries about some fun fishing charters and if anyone has an interest or wants more info please call me at 609 903 8243. I am almost booked up through June so pick a date and give me a call.

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