Friday, April 21, 2023

Sebastian Inlet Report

 And now for our fishing report from the one and only “Snookman” Wayne Landry. Don’t blame him for the conditions. He’s just the messenger:

“Good morning, outdoor and fishing friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather was nice, but the fishing wasn't so nice. Thanks to last week’s big winds and swells, it had churned up the ocean all along our coast considerably, making the water rough, dirty and sandy. In addition, the seaweed was bad as well, so this is going to be another short report. Not a whole lot happening around the inlet overall. There were snook and redfish caught on live mojarras, but you had to spend time and fish really hard to find them. Also, with the water being so dirty and weedy, the mojarras were tough to find. Not much else is going on except a few bluefish and jack crevalles. It was dismal. That’s all I have until the weather calms. I would like to use this opportunity to share and educate folks on the rules for fishing that are posted on the signs leading out to the north jetty. These rules are in place for safety and to ensure that everyone has a good time fishing or just visiting the jetty. When I talk to people about the rules, a lot of them say they are unaware,  so I’ve listed them here for all to know. Fishing from the jetty is a privilege, and not a right, because the jetty is a navigational aid for the boaters’ safe passage through the inlet. If any of you see anything that shouldn't be, please feel free to call the north ranger station at 321-984-4852 and report it. With your help, we can do our best to keep the jetty a nice place to visit and fish. Thanks, everyone, and have a great week.” — Snookman.

1.) The jetty was built to aid boaters in navigation through the inlet and provide public access onto the deck. While using the fishing deck, please yield to boaters until they pass safely through the inlet. 

2.) Throwing or casting of objects at vessels, surfers and snorkelers/divers is prohibited.

3.) The painted yellow lines on the jetty designate a safe walkway. Only anglers and their 2 fishing poles are permitted in the area between the rails and yellow lines. Please place all carts, buckets, chairs, coolers and other accessories in the center of the jetty between the yellow lines. The yellow lines are painted to create a clear pathway in the case of a medical emergency.

4.) Anglers are allowed only 2 fishing poles in use, and you must be at the terminus end of both poles.

5.) Please do not attach anything to the rails, grates or structure. 

6.) No cast netting is permitted on the eastern portion of the deck. 

7.) All marine life not for harvest must be returned to the water without intentional harm, and in whole condition quickly and safely.

8.) Cast netters must return unused marine life back into the water as quickly as possible. This is one of the few jetties that allows netting. Please do not abuse this privilege. 

9.) No alcoholic beverages, glass containers, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or pets other than service animals are permitted on the jetty. 

10.) Jumping and diving from the deck and jetty is prohibited.

11.) No canopies or tents are allowed on the jetty. Umbrellas may be used, but cannot be attached to the railings, grates or the structure. 

12.) No open flames or grilles of any kind are allowed. 

13.) Please adapt fishing methods when birds are actively feeding to avoid catching or entangling them, and make every effort to release them unharmed if caught or entangled. 

14.) Targeting Goliath Grouper, a protected species, is prohibited on the jetty. 

15.) Exit the jetty during periods of inclement weather and storms. The seas can get rough and the jetty is a lightning strike area. 

16.) No loud music, profanity or rude behavior is allowed. 

17.) Failure to abide to these rules and regulations may result in the loss of fishing privileges.

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