Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

This weekend proved that if you wanted to put some pompano in the cooler you had to work for them . The south end of Hutchinson Island had a few beaches that had some pompano but some others held nothing . My son Paul Jr was in town and we ended up fishing 4 different beaches and we were lucky enough to put a bunch of nice pompano in the cooler. The beaches up towards Fort Pierce were definitely holding some fish but the sharks were making it difficult to get them to the beach . EZFlea Fishbites were once again the hot bait but we did catch some on Yellow Crab Fishbites also . The trend of being 50 to 60 yards off of the beach did not hold true for us as most of our fish were from 80 to 100 yards off . Mark Burford’s Over the Bar Rods once again proved to be the difference maker as reaching these fish was the difference between catching them or getting no bites . I have said repeatedly the Penn 6500 or 7500 Spinfisher Longcast combined with the 13 foot Over The Bar rod puts you in the game . The full moon phase was creating some current issue on a couple of beaches that we fished but the Sinker Guys 4 oz Sputniks held our baits on the bottom. The wind is forecast to back off tonight so hopefully we can get back up there tomorrow and find some pompano. 

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