Friday, June 7, 2024

From Todd @ Juno Bait Crew-Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Catch and release snook fishing remains good inshore.  The snook are getting into spawning mode; which has them headed towards the inlet and beach.  The snook will stop off at bridges and seawalls along the way.  Look for the snook to feed best on the top of the outgoing tide.  During the day the snook will be laid up under boat docks and along seawalls with some current.  A live mullet is a top bait choice for the snook during the day.  At night the snook are biting flair hawks and swimbaits well.  The tarpon have been hanging around Palm Beach Inlet in fair numbers.  A live shrimp is a top bait choice for the tarpon.  Other inshore action is a bit spotty.  The warmer weather should help get the mangrove snapper biting, though reports have been a bit slow on them this week.  A few scattered sand perch biting in the ICW.     

SURF/PIER-  A little slow overall on the beach and pier this week.  Catch and release snook fishing remains fair to good.  The Juno Beach Pier has been holding a bit more bait and that will get the snook more and more fired up.  Look for the snook to bite best early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  The tarpon have been pushing up the beach in good numbers.  Typically it's easiest to find the tarpon early in the morning in calm conditions.  A live pilchard or sardine is top bait choice for the tarpon.  If they are in the feeding mood a well presented fly or swimming plug will also get some bites.  A few scattered
 kingfish bites late in the afternoon at the Juno Beach Pier this week.  A good number of blue runners around this week.  Decent croaker fishing later in the afternoons as well this week.  Pieces of fresh shrimp is top bait choice for the croaker.    

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