Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Henry @ Snook Nook-Jensen Beach

Finally the weather man gave us a break, wind slowed the temps went up with the sun, perfect.  Off shore it has been two foot seas, surfs edge two ounces will hold and one could fish east or west side of the river, perfect.
                   >From the surf it has been Blues and more Blues, up close eating cut mullet, spoons, top water, and one would say if it moves they will bite. Plenty of big Whiting on shrimp and clams, if it is Pompano that is your target come on down.  Some accesses have been busy some not so busy but all report fish, best part is this is going all day.  At the Bath Tub is was an early bite for the Pompano and later for the Blues but you could switch times at different locations and come back to the Bath Tub later and find more Pompano.  Surf fishing has been out standing with the fish there all day, bring two rods and rig them for different species because as one leaves the others show, perfect, and don’t  forget the ice.
                  In the river it has been Blues, Pompano, Trout, Reds, big Sheep head and Drum, Flounder and I know I left out a few.  Trout and Reds, a good mix from north to south, fish a little later let the sun warm the river and cast a top water, slow retrieve and they will scoop it up.  9:am is plenty early,  if you have favored spot this is the week to visit, most Trout are over slot and the Reds are in the middle of the slot so bring the camera.  About an acre of Pompano tailing in the St. Lucie just north of Hells Gate and I am more than sure the Club Med area has just as many.  Strong runs at the Bridges and across the flats in the Indian River all using that Jig in an assortment of colors, plenty of Pompano and did mentions the Blues are fowling them.

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