Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Scott @ Whites Tackle Ft Pierce

Inshore, trout would be the main topic.  There are plenty to 16-19" trout being caught both North and South of the bridges.  The larger trout have been in super skinny water mid-day.  We had several last week in the 8 pound range.  Red-fishing is still good but the larger schools have been beat on pretty hard and are getting wise to our tricks (thanks to several of our friends, you know who you are, LOL).  We have started to see some really nice over-sized reds intermingling with the slot fish, some in the 15 pound class.  D.O.A. bait busters have been working great on both the big trout and reds.  If your not getting bites out of the reds on shrimp and jerk baits try a fishy imitation.  The reds seem to be feeding more on mullet and baitfish then crustaceans right now.

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