Monday, July 15, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Rain, rain go away come back again next year. Finally the wind slowed and now it is the rain, beautiful mornings moving to over cast sky's then rain, revenge of the weather man. But we had a pretty good week of fishing, inshore or off, even the surf yielded some nice fish, I know the fish are all ready wet. 
Lets start on the beach, quite a list from Croaker to Whiting with plenty of Snook, Tarpon and Jacks to test equipment. Fishing early for numbers, plenty of baits on the edge brought plenty of Snook and Jacks so close you would wait to see one fall out. 
Smaller baits were the secret x-rap 8#, small Krystal minnows, jigs with a dressed hook and that DOA bait buster all small in size but must look taste to the fish, lots of hookups. The Tarpon were a little way off but still cast able, again that smaller bait caught their attention, lots of sighting, not much on the hook up. Whiting and croaker there all day, up close in the trough. do not forget the ice. Snook Bite is out of control, it seems they are every where, live baits, jigs or hard baits these fish are chewing. Yes there are plenty in the inlet but anglers have to be careful, please the jetty rocks, Bridges, piers and channels are busy with Tarpon, Snook and big Jacks, low light has been busy with multiple hook ups. Bring the big equipment, do not take a knife to gun fight, live baits 
preferred.Over cast sky's have given anglers a little more 
time in the river with some quality Trout on the east side of the river and Reds on the west, plenty of Snook, Lady fish and Jacks to keep you busy. Drum, Sheephead, Snapper, and more Snook for the bridge anglers and you are not limited to time, all day bite it has the shade for their comfort zone.
Go easy with the Snook they are here to spawn that is the reason for the closed season, handle as little and as quickly as possible to the release, hold your breath when you need to breath so does the fish.........have a great week.......Henry

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