Tuesday, July 23, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Build an Ark then the rain will part of the plan, one could troll from it.  Well the weather man has not slowed his revenge so I will try talking nice about him, no more attacks, for this week, Rain. Lets go to the beach, over cast sky’ can give surf caster more time on the beach and the fish will not disappear getting away from the bright sun. 
 Plenty of baits along with the Whiting and Croakers will keep the Snook and Tarpon up close and on the hunt.  Pay attention to bait size and try to match the profile, not to say they will not eat a big bait because they will and then there are those big Jack’s that will eat any thing they can get.  These fish will test your equipment, so do not bring a knife to the gun fight.  A piece of shrimp on a 4# size hook will find plenty of Whiting and Croaker to take home so do not forget the ice, they are there al day.
Inlet with its ugly water from the lake is still holding fish.  On the north jetty plenty of Drum, Sheephead and big Snapper will keep you busy. On the south jetty it is Snook, big Snook on live baits through most of the day?  These fish are the breeders so a quick catch and release is mandatory.  These fish go always back to the Cross Roads and that is where most of the big Tarpon are to found, low light for the Silver Kings, live baits preferred. Moving up  the Indian River on the east side, find a grass edge and you have found the Trout, early it is top water lures and as the sun rises use a bait that works below the surface and yes live shrimp if you can find them. On the west side from County Line Road north it is Red Fish, low light in two feet of water and there is more Flounder in the mix also. Plenty of Snook on both sides eating what ever you are presenting, yes the season is closed, yes they are here to spawn so a quick release is mandatory.  Early from the bridges it is Tarpon and Snook early 
and if clouds will give us a break the Big Snapper and Drum continue along with theLady Fish, Jacks and a few I let out, bridges have been busy fishing.
    May be this week we can stop construction of the Ark and get back to 

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