Thursday, October 17, 2013

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierc

We have enjoyed some gorgeous fall weather this past week. Less rain chances and more sunshine has been the norm for us. Mild temperatures have arrived on the Treasure Coast and it's been very comfortable to enjoy fishing the area. Expect more of the same weather pattern in the coming weeks. Tides have been very high this week with the full moon approaching. We get these higher tides every year in the fall and they have been two to three feet above normal lately. The mullet run continues around the area and the fishing has been good for us. Fall is a wonderful time on the Treasure Coast!
Our trout have been caught on the grass flats in two to four feet of water. Deadly Combos, CAL shad tails and top water lures have worked to get some nice trout to bite. There are lots of juvenile redfish and snook along the mangroves to the north of Fort Pierce. Looks like a fantastic crop for next years fishing! CAL curly tails are great around the mangroves right now. Snapper have been just about everywhere lately. 

Mangroves, muttons and lanes can be found all over the river. The inlet and turning basin in Fort Pierce has been boiling some days with the mackerel, jacks, blue runners and ladyfish. The macks have been a good size and fun for anglers to catch. The mouth of the inlets have been good for snook and tarpon. You can find tarpon in the turning basin as well right now. Same goes for the surf when you can find the bait pods to fish along the beach. 

October has proved to be another great month of fishing along the Treasure Coast! Fall always brings out the best in fishing and weather for anglers. The rains have pretty much slowed now and you can enjoy the outdoors after a soggy, wet summer. Have fun and get out fishing!

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