Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scouting Around

Summer weather continues along the Treasure Coast.  Last year it was cold for us, but this has been the hottest year I can remember in 35 years in Florida.  It has been in the mid to high 80's again this week and appears to continue for a while longer.  Water temps have dropped into the mid 70's and that brings in the pompano, bluefish and mackerel to the area.  Winds have blown for several weeks now and that makes it a challenge to get out fishing.  Expect more of the same next week and be safe out there. 
The fish have been biting where you can find some shelter from the strong winds.   Look for a variety of fish around mangroves, docks and bridges,  Redfish, snook, snapper and many other species can be caught in spite of the windy days.
Conditions are gradually changing into winter patterns.       

                                      photo courtesy of Pompano Rich Vidulich
Look for more pompano, sheepshead, black drum and bluefish to filter into the area as water temps drop.  Slow down your lure retrieves as fish will get lethargic and slower moving to strike a lure.  DOA shrimp, CAL jerk baits and live bait will all work when presented properly to the fish.  DOA Bait Busters, feather jigs and live bait will work on snook around the inlet, docks and bridges.  Even though it is a challenge on most days, I love winter fishing action on the Treasure Coast.  With the huge variety of fish that move into the area, you can't help but catch fish. 

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