Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I believe that fishing trips should be divided into two categories:



I feel that 90% of the recreational fisherman in Louisiana leave the docks only to look for the quick thrill. This is great and there’s nothing wrong with this, but I do believe that one should take time out to just learn. If not, their trip leans more on luck than it does actual skill.
Go down a new route. Fish a random shoreline. Stop and investigate things you normally wouldn’t stop for. When there is so much to see and do in the vast expanses of Louisiana marsh, why do we focus on one thing? I think that a learning trip would be an abstract exercise that could make you better at the first kind of trip.
The best fishing trips I’ve had were the ones where I did not care what we caught. I just immersed myself into the marsh and took time to be thoughtful.

This is starting to get a little philosophical, but consider that being able to make the mental decision that catching fish is not important when you leave the dock is that threshold one must cross to become a greater angler. Rather, what is important is the hunt, learning the fish. Once you are looking beyond the immediate satisfaction of reeling in a trout then you are in fact Fishing Smarter!
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