Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sebastian Inlet Report


The north jetty is now open approximately 75%. The north jetty is open 24/7 again; please help us maintain this wonderful resource. If you like fishing on the north jetty, treat it and others with respect. DO NOT throw objects at boaters; NO EXCUSES. Boaters: please maintain a reasonable distance from the jetty to avoid tangling lines with the jetty anglers. 

The weekend was pretty blown out for fishing according to Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop. We didn't have a lot of people out fishing in the high winds. The variety of species is good this time of year if the weather cooperates. Black Drum, Sheepshead, Blues, Flounder, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Reds and Trout are some of the targeted fish this time of year. We still have two days before Snook season closes. The season closes December 15 through January 31st. Snook are strictly catch and release during that time. We've had an excellent season; the Snook fishery has rebounded nicely since the 2011 fish kill. Get out and enjoy the gorgeous day!
  Our photos today are courtesy of Robert Pumarada of Orlando. Robert fished the north jetty and reported a lot of Black Drum hitting shrimp. Robert landed a big 44" bull Red that made his heart pump and his biceps scream. He also landed the Black Drum and slot Red in photo one. It sounds like a wonderful day at the inlet. 
  Photo two features Robert Pumarada and Mr. Marcelino of the Philippines. The two men met on the north jetty and had a fun time fishing together. Robert holds a 17" Trout that made a delicious dinner and Mr. Marcelino has a Jack. 

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