Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

"Variety" is the best way to wrap up this weekend's surf fishing results. Weeds came back into play at some beaches like Tiger Shores, Santa Lucea, Bryn Mawr, and County Line today when I went looking this morning, so Randy and I decided to fish the high tide this afternoon at Middle Cove on the northern end of Hutchinson Island. This beach was was weed-free after the tide change and it proved to be a good choice. As I have said before, we are fortunate to have a number of beaches, bridge, and river access points in our immediate area or within a short driving distance - - and finding a fishable area can save the day. We decided to wipe the dust off a couple of the long rods that we put away after the end of the pompano season and send a couple of baits to the second trough 80 to100 yards off of the beach. The first trough produced some whiting and croaker as soon as we got there but that bite only lasted for 45 minutes. Randy managed to land a 50-pound nurse shark that ate the live croaker we put out for a snook or tarpon and the long rods provided all of the rest action. Blue Runners, jacks, and four bonefish rounded out the catch until we left once the rain squalls hit. The whiting and croaker bit as usual on the Orange Clam Fishbites and the jacks, blue runners, and bonefish all favored the EZ Flea scented Fishbites. Whiting and croaker for the table, jacks, blue runners, sharks, and bonefish for catch-and-release action made up for a great afternoon of fishing the beach. The mullet run gets closer day by day, but for those of you that want to bend a rod before that action explodes, there are some great opportunities for you sharpen your skills. The forecast is for some great conditions this week as the rain chances are going to diminish and winds should be favorable. Good luck and catch em up!

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