Monday, September 25, 2017

Dev Goes Fishing... Spooltek Lures

SpoolTek lures are one of the newest and most innovative swim baits on the market and can be used to target a multitude of predatory game fish species. The SpoolTek comes equipped with a wheel shaped mechanism that retrieves your wire leader after it is deployed between fish. When you purchase one bait it also comes with one extra removable tail in the package. The SpoolTek is offered in 3 different sizes and a variation of color combos. the three sizes are 4 inch fatty 6 inch fatty and the 9 inch stretch each size bait can be used in many different applications and work very well. My favorite SpoolTek is the 6″ Fatty in AYU and Great Sardini.
A unique feature that SpoolTeck lures offers is each bait has an internal wire that deploys with your hookset allowing you to keep fish hooked which greatly reduces shake offs and thrown hooks by taking the extra weight way from the hook and the hole in the fishes mouth. Since the wire is much more abrasion resistant than the traditional monofilament and fluorocarbon leader materials, the wire cable can help you pull fish out of heavy structures.  The concealed wire leader also allows you to down size your leader when certain fish are finicky and leader shy.
Personally I have caught many large game fish species such as, Snook over 25 pounds and Tarpon over 100 pounds all on the same bait.  From my experience  the Spooltek is on my top three baits for targeting big fish and you can always find one tied on at least one of my rods in the arsenal. All in all, this a great and productive bait that not only produces numbers of fish but produces big fish, so tie on a SpoolTek you will not regret it!
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